Frugal Fanatic is dedicated to helping you gain control of your finances by learning how to use a budget that fits with your lifestyle.


Hey, I’m Addi!

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I am the creator/editor of Frugal Fanatic, and entrepreneur, mom of three boys, wife to my amazing husband and I try live a frugal lifestyle.

I started this site because I was incapable of going to the grocery store and spending under $200. When I learned how to strategically shop and save more than 75% I became addicted! I was never taught how to shop! I am now able to stretch a dollar MUCH farther, so that I can spend our money on what we enjoy.

This blog is dedicated to showing others how to save money and live a frugal lifestyle. Saving money is my passion! I also enjoy writing about ways to make money, and show people how they can supplement their income to build a savings account.

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About Frugal Fanatic:

Are you trying to save money? It can be difficult finding ways to increase your savings while still enjoying life. Frugal Fanatic is a site that I started in 2011 to help people learn how to live a frugal lifestyle. If you want to start saving money today then print my Free Monthly Budget Template to get your finances under control.

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