Help Your Child Get a Smart Start

Help your child get a smart start with the preschool parent guide app.

In a few short weeks I will have one child in Kindergarten and another in Preschool. It will be a big year of firsts for both of my boys and we are excited to take on this new journey in their lives. As a parent, I worry about making sure they are receiving enough educational experiences throughout these summer months. Just recently we sat down to practice the alphabet and I was shocked to find … [Read more...]

Free Baby Proofing Checklist Printable

Keeping Your Baby Safe At Your Home

Do you have a baby? Are you worried about their safety? Use our free printable baby proofing checklist. This list will help you go through each room in your house to make sure you have properly taken the right steps to keep your child safe. It can be difficult to foresee the potential dangers around your home. You can also take a look at our Baby Safety Tips Series: Keeping Your Baby Safe In … [Read more...]

Smart Ways to Save Money & Be Debt Free

Do you want to live debt free? Now is the time to gain control of your finances. Read these 5 smart ways to save money and be debt free.

Are you looking for smart ways to save money and be debt free? A lot of people that I talk to do not think it is possible to be debt free, but there are steps that you can take to help you reach your financial goals. In the process of trying to become and remain debt free I have done a lot of research on ways to save money. There were a few things that stuck out to me over and over again. I … [Read more...]

Check Out this Deal & Stop Wasting Time Re-Washing Your Dishes

Check Out this Deal & Stop Wasting Time Re-Washing Your Dishes

As a family of five we always have dirty dishes. Add our weekly extended family dinners, and entertaining, to the mix and the dishes are overflowing out of the sink. If there is one chore that I hate, besides doing the laundry, it is washing dishes. As soon as I have a clean sink it is filled right back up again. I hate having to soak, wash and then dry the dishes. I am lucky that we have a … [Read more...]

Make Money Selling Your Clothes Online

Want to clean out your closet and make money? Check out these sites where you can make money online selling your used clothing.

We all have clothes laying around that we hold onto thinking we may wear again. Or have bins full of kids clothing that they have outgrown. Rather than holding onto these items why not make money selling them. In this article I am going to show you how you can make money selling your clothes online. Recently, I made the mistake of taking some of the baby clothing that we had to a local … [Read more...]

10 Budget-Friendly Ground Beef Recipes

10 Ground Beef Recipes that will not break your budget

Looking for budget-friendly ground beef recipes? Check out these 10 awesome ground beef recipes that won't break your budget. I am always looking to try new recipes that are not only delicious, but do not require me to spend a lot of money. Normally, I am able to make ground beef go a long way. You can always cutback on the amount the recipe calls for without sacrificing taste. When it … [Read more...]

7 Things Thrifty People Will NOT Do

Do you consider yourself thrifty? Check out this list of 7 things a thrifty person will NOT do.

Is your goal to live a more thrifty lifestyle? It can be hard to figure out ways to save money without having to make a lot of sacrifices everyday. Throughout my own journey to live a thrifty life I have found that there are certain similar characteristics between myself and other people who are thrifty. There are just particular things that I would NOT do. Even though being thrifty can take on a … [Read more...]

Side Job Finder: Unique Places to Snag a Second Job

Are you looking to make some extra cash? Want to find a side job? Finding a second job or even a side hustle may seem difficult, but check out this side job finder with unique places that you can find extra work.

There comes a time in most of our lives when we realize that our income is just not cutting it. You decide that you need another income, but you just don't have the time to commit to the set schedule of a regular job. But what else can you do? Well, you can get a side job. Having a side job is a great way to add some extra income to what you currently make without having to work a set schedule … [Read more...]

Roll Into Your Summer Vacation With a Safe & Reliable Vehicle

Cooper Tires

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cooper Tires . All opinions are 100% mine. Do you have summer travel plans? My family and I are anxiously awaiting our vacation at the end of this month. Normally, we head to the beach with my extended family, but this year we are going to try out a new vacation spot. Even though I am sad that we will not be visiting a beach, I am excited to … [Read more...]

9 Tips for Saving Money & Energy In Your Home this Summer

Tips for saving time and money in your home this summer

The summer months can cause your electricity bill to climb, especially if you live somewhere very warm. The good news is, no matter where you live, you can benefit from some easy but effective ways to save money this summer, potentially leaving more to spend on fun things rather than utility bills   1. Adjust Your Thermostat Get into a habit where you set your thermostat to 78 … [Read more...]

Do You Stay Connected on Vacation?

Do you unplug when you are on vacation? Find out how you can stay connected with Straight Talk's smart and efficient nationwide plans.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine. Be honest, do you unplug when you take a vacation? I am embarrassed to admit that I have become dependent on the Internet and my cell phone. As a blogger, part of my daily tasks is to stay connected and be available through email and social media. Whether it is through a smartphone, tablet, or even laptop I am … [Read more...]

Host a BBQ on a Budget

Do you love entertaining and hosting BBQ's but are afraid of blowing your budget? Find out how you can still have a fun party for your friends and family without spending a ton of money!

  What do you think of when you hear BBQ? Good food, friends and family and lots of fun! But, if you are like me then you mind may wander over to the costs of hosting a BBQ. It can get expensive to host a backyard party at your house. Today, I am sharing my tips for hosting a BBQ on a Budget over at my friend Sarah's blog.   "One of my all time favorite things to do in the summer … [Read more...]