Kids Summer Activities

Kids Summer Activities

Below you will find 15 fun kids Summer activities. Are your kids bored already? Make them happy by keeping them busy with these kids summer activities! It can be difficult coming up with new activities for your kids to enjoy while they are out of school. My kids LOVE making our own Washable Sidewalk Paint. Simple outdoor activities will help to beat Summer boredom. Kids Summer … [Read more...]

15 Side Jobs That Kids Can Do

Are you trying to teach your child the value of the dollar? Check out this list of 15 side jobs that kids can do to earn some extra cash.

Even though my kids are young, my husband and I are always trying to teach them the value of a dollar. It is hard for a child to understand the concept of money, but it is important for them to learn  about earning money to work towards a goal. Many kids are eager to do work to make money for items they want to purchase like new toys or clothes, but they are too young to get an actual … [Read more...]

The Shocking Truth About Why You Are Broke

Are you broke? Trying to find ways to cutback and save? Find out the shocking truth about why you are broke!

Most people who are broke don't understand why. They say they stick to their budget (usually) and are really careful about what they buy (for the most part), but find themselves broke each week and just can't figure out what they are doing wrong. Well, most people are doing quite a few things wrong and don't even realize it. Here is the shocking truth about why you are broke. Do you see … [Read more...]

5 Frugal Fun Ideas for Spring

Trying to find fun and inexpensive ideas for Spring that the whole family will enjoy? Take a look at these 5 ideas that your family will love!

Trying to find fun and inexpensive ideas for Spring that the whole family will enjoy? Take a look at these 5 frugal fun ideas for Spring that your family will love! Now that Spring is here, it is time to have some warm weather fun! The days are longer, the sun is shining, and everything just seems brighter and more alive. You probably want to spend more time outdoors with your family and I … [Read more...]

My BIG Secret Revealed!


If you are one of my awesome newsletter subscribers than you already know this, but the BIG secret that I have been working on for months now is …….I wrote a book!! Ahhhh!! It is crazy to write this and I get extremely nervous to share this project that I have been working on for quite some time. Since I started my blog, Frugal Fanatic, a few years ago I was constantly getting questions from my … [Read more...]

EASY Stovetop Smores Cookies Recipe

Enjoy these tasty treats indoors. Your kids will love making these fun and yummy stovetop S'more Cookies!

Your kids {and you!} will love this EASY stovetop Smores Cookies!   I love making simple recipes with my kids that are both fun to do and yummy to eat! My boys love making a pretend camp site in our house, so we always need to have snacks while we are camping! These Smores Cookies are the perfect treat to make with my kids because they only require 2 ingredients and you make them … [Read more...]

Free Pitch Perfect 2 Movie Ticket

Free Pitch Perfect 2 Movie ticket

Have you seen the trailer for Pitch Perfect 2 yet? I was seriously just laughing out loud watching Rebel Wilson slide down the staircase. This sequel is hitting theaters this month and I cannot wait to see it. Pitch Perfect 2 will make the perfect girls night out movie. I rarely ever have a girls night, but a few of my friends and I are planning dinner and a movie. This will be the perfect time to … [Read more...]

Do You Need Help Saving Money on Your Mortgage?

Do you need help saving money on your mortgage? Read these 5 tips to take years of the life of your loan.

Do you need help saving money on your mortgage? If you are like most Americans, you answered yes to this question. You live on a budget, you follow it as closely as possible, but your mortgage is probably the largest expense you have each month. You can cut down on other costs, like dining out and entertainment but is it possible to save money on your mortgage? Here are five tips that you can … [Read more...]

Reading Strategies to Keep your Kids Reading this Summer

reading, reading strategies, summer reading

Find out below 10 reading strategies to help you keep your kids reading this Summer. I absolutely LOVE reading, but I was not always this way. I used to dread having to read a book when I was in school. Some kids just are not into reading as much especially during the summer.  It is even harder to get them interested in reading when there are other fun activities. Here are a 10 ways to … [Read more...]

My Morning Beauty Routine with St. Ives®

Whats your morning beauty routine?

  Most of you know that I have three young boys, so if I want to have any chance of getting ready for the day than I have to wake up before they do. Even though my mornings start bright and early, I love having some time to myself. Having a daily routine is the only thing that I can rely on each day. My boys keep me on the move and you never know how our day is going to turn out. My … [Read more...]

My New Blog: Simply Blogging Along

SBA Button

I am very excited to announce that I have finally launched me new blog Simply Blogging Along. It has been a long time in the making, but for awhile I kept putting it off. Blogging is my passion and I really wanted to share my journey with all of you.   Whenever I started Frugal Fanatic I had no idea what I was doing. I would have loved to have found resources for each new step that … [Read more...]

Free Monthly Budget Template

Free printable monthly budget

  Print our FREE monthly budget template to help your family get a better grasp on your finances and grow your savings. You will be able to easily track your income and expenses each month to see where you can cut back to increase your savings. I have recently updated this post to include a different color style. Now you can choose which you like best and print to get started! Just click on … [Read more...]

Savings Tips for Single Moms

Are you looking to save money, but afraid that it cannot be done on one income. Here are 5 savings tips for single moms that you can try out.

Thank you Chrissy for the wonderful guest post about Savings Tips for Single Moms. Raising children is expensive even in a two parent home, but when you are a single mom it’s even tougher. You don’t have a partner to help take on the financial burdens but you don’t want your children to go without a single thing,so you sacrifice something that you need or want for your kids to be happy and have … [Read more...]