DIY Fabric Refresher & Wrinkle Releaser


If you are looking for an at home solution for a fabric refresher and wrinkle releaser you need to try our DIY recipe! This was submitted by a Frugal Fanatic reader and is so easy to make!

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Homemade Fabric Refresher & Wrinkle Releaser

Cleaning products can be very expensive. I get so frustrated when I purchase a new cleaner that does not actually work! Here are 2 great DIY projects that you can make to help save yourself money on cleaning products! I love being able to make cleaners with ingredients that I have around the house. Let us know if you try these two.


DIY Fabric Refresher

Febreze at around $5 a bottle can get expensive,so I have come up with a homemade version that will save you some money.I use a lot of fabric refresher to get rid of pet odors on my furniture and rugs,so I have started using my own and I have found that it works just as good as Febreze and the best part is that you can create your own scent.

Here’s what you’ll need:



1/2 C vinegar

1/2 C water

1/4 C fabric softener


Directions: Just mix all of the ingredients together  into a spray bottle using a funnel to prevent spilling. Shake the bottle to mix the ingredients before you start spraying.


Choose a fabric softener scent that you enjoy(I personally love Downy). The smell of the vinegar will disappear after it evaporates.


DIY Wrinkle Releaser

Making your own wrinkle releaser is quite easy and just makes more sense than spending money on a bottle.Not only are you removing wrinkles from your clothing,but you can also freshen up your clothing with this easy to make recipe.



1 C water

1 tsp fabric softener(any scent or brand)


Directions: Add them to a spray bottle or reuse an empty wrinkle releaser bottle. I love using Downy in mine because it makes my clothes smell so good.


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This article was written by a Frugal Fanatic reader: Trisha from Bay City, MI. Thanks for the great savings tips Trisha!

Do you make your own Fabric Refresher, please share!


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