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The Pryz Manor Review


I recently had the opportunity to play the beta version of the FREE mobile game The Pryz Manor. This game allows players to win real prizes for playing! Not only will you have fun playing this game, but you have the chance to win cool prizes and gift cards.

The Pryz Manor is a new android app that allows you to earn points, which are called Bloons, that can be used for prizes. You can earn Bloons for playing games within in the app and answering questions.

I normally do not play a lot of games, but I honestly could not stop playing this game. Right now the game has a couple different mini games that will either award you prizes or Bloons to redeem for gift cards. You can explore the rooms in the Pryz Manor.

The Pryz Manor Review


The Pryz Manor is made up of mini games like Name Dropper and Slice of Life. One game within in the app has you vote for specific items like you can see in the picture below. You can try to predict how other people will vote and if you are close to the exact totals you can earn more Bloons or prizes.

The Pryz Manor Review

It will show you how close you actually were in guessing the split and if you won a prize.


The Pryz Manor Review


One of my favorite parts of this game is the fact that you can challenge your friends or family to play against you. The Pryz Manor allows you the opportunity to play with another person or you can play against the computer. It is always fun to be able to play against someone you know rather than always playing against the computer. Two of my brothers played this game against each other and had a great time trying to beat the other one. You are given a particular time frame to play several rounds in which one player has to give clues while the other player tries to guess the word based upon the clues given. You are also able to switch to the next if you are stuck on a word. The winner is given more Bloons to save to use toward prizes.


The Pryz Manor Review

Your name will then be shown on the leader board if you have a high score!

The Pryz Manor Review

I definitely recommend trying out this game. This is a fun way to try to earn prizes and gift cards that you could use for the holidays. The Pryz Manor is available in the Google Play store and you must have an android device to play.


Disclosure: I received compensation for playing and reviewing this game, but all opinions are 100% mine.

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