My Family’s Plan to Cut Down on Food Costs

My Family’s Plan To Cut Down On Food Costs

As a family of 5 {well 7 if you count our 2 dogs, which I do!}, one of our largest monthly expenses is our grocery bills. Spending a ridiculously high amount of money on food each month is what led me to start using coupons a few years ago.  The amount of money we started paying for food was out of control. At the time I knew our family was…

7 Things Thrifty People Will NOT Do

7 Things Thrifty People Will NOT Do

Is your goal to live a more thrifty lifestyle? It can be hard to figure out ways to save money without having to make a lot of sacrifices everyday. Throughout my own journey to live a thrifty life I have found that there are certain similar characteristics between other thrifty people and myself. There are just particular things that I will NOT do. Even though being thrifty can take on…

5 Ways to Save Money on Utilities

5 Ways To Save Money On Utilities

With the constant rise of inflation it can be a daunting task to try to save money each month. I am always trying to come up with new ways to cut costs and save money. It's not easy, but the benefits are worth it. My new focus has been trying to find simple ways to save money on utilities. I have realized a few things along my journey to save. While…

How Can Schools Save Money? Learn What You Can Do To Help

How Can Schools Save Money? Learn What You Can Do To Help

How can schools save money? With many schools struggling to afford all their expenses it is hard for them to find ways to save money themselves. Often times teachers are spending their own money to make sure their students have what they need and in some schools students are even sharing text books because the school can't afford enough to go around. It is a sad situation but it can be…

15 Budget Hacks & Methods of Saving Money

15 Budget Hacks & Methods Of Saving Money

I love finding new methods of saving money. Whether it is at home, on our monthly bills or even finding ways to get cash back. You may not realize all the different methods of saving money that you can do every single day. I have found some really great budget hacks for you to try to help increase your savings account this year. Every little bit helps!   15 Budget…

A Few Simple Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance

A Few Simple Ways To Save Money On Car Insurance

This is a compensated sponsored post. If you're willing to think outside of the box, it's more than possible to reduce your monthly auto insurance bill by a significant amount. Sadly, few car owners explore their options in this arena. Here are just a few fruitful ideas worth investigating that can lower your total insurance expenses over time. Self-Insure to the Max Monthly premiums can be greatly reduced by avoiding…

How to Save Money in Your Home

How To Save Money In Your Home

  If you are searching for ideas on how to save money in your home then you have come to the right place. I love finding small ways that I can save money in our home that add up to make a big difference. It is very satisfying to know that I can save a few bucks here and there doing little tasks around our home. With the rising costs…

Want to Save Money? Simple Changes that WILL Help your Holiday Budget

Want To Save Money? Simple Changes That WILL Help Your Holiday Budget

  Want to save money on the holidays this year? Sick of blowing your budget at the last minute? The holidays should not be a time when you get into debt or have to use a credit card to pay for gifts. Most people fall into these spending traps and it is not fun to still be paying for the holidays the following year. Take a look at these 3…

How to Save Money Everyday

How To Save Money Everyday

I frequently get asked the question from my readers on "how to save money everyday?" With the rising cost of living it may seem impossible to save money from day to day. Prices are constantly increasing on food, home goods, gas for your car, and every other daily expense. First, I would suggest that you take a look at what you do every day. It may even be helpful to…

How to Save Money for a House & Increase your Downpayment

How To Save Money For A House & Increase Your Downpayment

If buying a house is one of your goals, you need to starting saving money now. With the cost of living and your regular expenses it may seem impossible to save enough money, but there are ways that you can make it happen. It will take some sacrifice and hard work, but it is possible. Below you will find my tips on how to save money for a house. Even…

Save Money Shopping Online: Amazon Prime

Save Money Shopping Online: Amazon Prime

If you are an online shopper like me then I am sure you are always looking for ways to save money shopping online. I have one answer for you: Amazon Prime. I honestly have an addiction to Amazon. Not only do they have great prices, but I can get my items shipped to me within 2 days with Amazon Prime and save money. If you regularly shop online, you need…

How to Save Money on Electric Bills

How To Save Money On Electric Bills

Do you want to know how to save money on electric bills? Read below to find out 10 tips to help you save money. Saving money can be difficult so you want to cut costs wherever possible to increase your savings. Lowering your electric bill can save a few dollars each month which adds up to extra money in your pocket. But how can we cut our electric bill without…

Save Money On Your Bills

Save Money On Your Bills

Are you looking for ways to save money on your bills? Below you will find a great list of tips and tricks to help you save money each month. Ways to Save Money On Your Bills Shopping can be hard to resist. Knowing when and where to cut back on your spending is crucial. Bills are a huge part of our expenses each month. Anything we do now cost money: water,…

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