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If you are a tea lover then you will definitely want to read about our Teatulia Tea review. This is a great company that provides fabulous tasting tea and gives back to the community.

teatulia tea review


Teatulia Tea Review


Choosing the perfect tea can be difficult. Not only do you want to find one that tastes good, but you also want to focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle with your tea. Teatulia is a company that believes in sustainability and provides a range of organic teas. All of their packaging is made from compostable canisters and recycled paper. Teatulia grows all of their teas in a single USDA-certified organic garden in Northern Bangladesh, and what they have done for the people in that area is amazing. Not only did they focus on growing tea but they also wanted to provide jobs in the area.

Teatulia is a socially responsible company that has helped the surrounding villages in Bangladesh by creating a bartering program to help the impoverished area. I was sent their Green Tea and their Jasmine Green Tea to try. They offer a nice selection of other products that you can choose from as well.

teatulia tea review teatulia tea review


Fresher than Fresh. Single-Garden Direct
Teatulia organic tea comes directly to you from our organic tea garden. There is no middle man, no long-term warehouse storage and no waiting around to be put into just the right blend as defined by a third-party blender. What does this mean for you? You get to enjoy some of the freshest certified organic tea in the world, and you know exactly where it came from.

Teatulia Tea Review: What they offer

  • Black Teas
  • Green Teas
  • Herbal Infusions
  • Specialty Products

They also offer sampler packs so that you can pick out your favorite flavors without having to purchase a large quantity.

teatulia tea review

Teatulia Tea Review: What did I think?

Although I am not a big tea drinker, I can honestly say that I did enjoy the 2 flavors that we were sent to try. I had never even tried a green tea before doing this review. I do like to drink Iced Tea so I made a few cups of iced tea with both the Green Tea and the Jasmine Green Tea that they sent. One thing that I loved about their teas was the aroma that it carried throughout our kitchen. It was such a refreshing scent. I also like the fact that this tea is organic and the health benefits of drinking it.

You can find some really great tea recipes on Teatulia’s site including entrees, beverages and desserts. I had no idea you could make food using tea! Not only did we like trying the products that Teatulia offered but I really love that this company that gives back to the community and cares about the land that they are using for their tea.

Make sure you checkout their site and you can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter. Teatulia is being featured in our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide, which means you will have a chance to win some of their delicious tea!

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