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Teespring – Create & Sell Custom T-shirts

with NO Upfront Costs

Are you looking for a way to raise money for a fundraiser or charity. Teespring is a crowdfunded platform for any type of group, cause of community who is looking to design and sell custom apparel to make money. Anyone is able to design a shirt through Teespsring and keep the profit. Even if you know if a cool design that you think your friends and family are interested in you can use their site!

Here is example of a Teespring campaign that was made to raise money for Boston Relief. This t-shirt raised over $85,000 for The One Fun Boston to help victims that were affected in Boston

Teespring Shirt



Teespring Information:

  • Design your t-shirt and set a goal of how much you want to reach and the amount of time you would like to accomplish this goal. You have to reach that specific goal for your t-shirt to be made/sold.
  • Choose a price for your t-shirt. There are no upfront costs to you.
  • You can then share your campaign through all of your social networks to create awareness and collect pre-orders. No one will be charged until you have met your goal.
  • Once your goal has been met,  all of your orders will be charged and filled. You are still able to run your campaign after the goal has been met and Teespring will handle all of the printing and shipping.

It is honestly that easy! You can set up a FREE campaign today. Here is a cool video that will show you how you can design your own t-shirt through Teespring.

Try it out today and see how much money you can profit or raise for a charity! Come back and let us know what you thought about Teespring


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