The Frugal Fanatic Coupon Binder is HERE!! AND it comes FULLY ASSEMBLED and ORGANIZED!

I have tried several ways of organizing my coupons from using an envelope, to a storage box, and even an accordion, but could never stay organized! Those methods may work for you, but I needed something that would allow me to take my coupons to the store with me while I shop, and be able to hold ALL of my coupons! I love organization, so I have created an exclusive Frugal Fanatic Coupon Binder. It is a combination of all of my methods and couponing tactics in one. I have had many people ask me where I bought my binder and how they love the functionality of it, so I thought why not share my binder with all of you! So HERE it is:

Each Frugal Fanatic Coupon Binder includes:


  • 1 Binder – The binder is a sturdy 2 inch, 3 ring zipper binder with a carrying handle. It comes FULLY ASSEMBLED and ORGANIZED!!  You can choose between red or pink! It is a fabric binder with exterior and interior multi-storage pockets that can hold everything you use for couponing! I have tried other binder in the past, and this is by far the best one so far.
  • Introduction Guide – This will show you how to use your binder and everything that is included. I explain each section of the binder. There is also a coupon category cheat sheet on the back with suggestions on what you can file in each category.
  • 1 Binder ID Sheet – Every binder comes with an ID sheet so that you can write in who it belongs to and contact information just in case you would lose it.
  • 1 Coupon Lingo Sheet – Your binder will come with a lingo sheet with all of the terms you will come across in couponing along with their abbreviations.
  • Price Tracker Sheet – These sheets will be double-sided and will help you in determining what are the best prices for the items you buy most often. These sheets will help you to learn when an item is at a good stock-up price
  • Shopping Organizer/Savings Sheet – These will help you keep track of the purchases you make at particular stores along with the coupons you used. This will allow you to calculate the amount before and after coupons!
  • 1 Pencil Pouch – It zippers closed to keep your calculator, pens and scissors in.
  • 18 Labeled Divider Coupon Categories – Each of these will come pre-labeled with a coupon category like baby, laundry, pet, etc. There is also a 9-slot top loading coupon page behind each category to organize all of your clipped coupons.
  • 5 Insertable 2-Pocket Dividers – Label each of these dividers with the stores that you shop at most. The pockets are great to hold the stores’ ads and coupons. I also include 3-slot coupon page behind it which works great for Catalina coupons! These can also be used to hold other types of coupons for restaurants or retail stores. You could even file whole inserts here.
  • 5 Whole Sheet Protectors – Use these for unclipped inserts, store coupon policies or coupons that still need to be organized.
  • 30 Coupon Pages – Each binder will come with a total of (20) 9-slot top loading coupon pages and (10) 3-slot coupon pages

Ordering Information:

Each binder is hand assembled by me, so please allow 3 business days before shipment. I do my best to get them shipped as soon as possible. All binders will be shipped with USPS using priority shipping: 3-5 business days which is $11.35. Will ONLY ship orders within the US. I will also send you an email confirming that your order has been shipped. Choose which color you would like to purchase for your exclusive Frugal Fanatic coupon binder below and click Add To Cart!


*****OUT OF STOCK*****



*****OUT OF STOCK*****




Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or problems ordering your binder. Unfortunately, I cannot issue ANY refunds for errors in the ordering process. If you do have a problem with your binder I will do my best to make it right. I will replace any defective binder within 3 weeks of the shipping date as long as the defective binder is shipped back to me. Before returning, please understand that I do not manufacture the binders, so I am not responsible for the craftsmanship. I have not had a single problem with mine yet.


  1. vicky turgeon says

    I order a binder this am and after I paid with paypal it said “this web page could not be found”any please let me know if the order and the payment went through correctly thanks Vicky

  2. Jacqui Odell says

    You should do a giveaway with this. Because of certain situations our money has gotten extreamly tight, so I started couponing..this would help out alot. But can’t afford it right now.

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