10 Frugal Valentines Day Gifts Under $10

Valentines day gifts can be expensive, but there are still ways that you can enjoy the holiday without spending a lot of money. Last year I put together some really great inexpensive gift ideas and thought I should carry on with the tradition. It is surprising to see some awesome gift ideas that you can get for $10 or less. Even though Valentines Day is more about ‘the thought that counts’ it is still nice to snag great deals on items you know your loved one will enjoy receiving.

10 Frugal Valentines Day Gift Ideas under $10


Many of the items listed below have free shipping for Amazon Prime members. If you are not a part of their prime program you can check out all the benefits of being a member. They even offer a FREE 30-day trial. I have Amazon Prime and I absolutely LOVE it!


10 Frugal Valentines Day Gifts $10 {or less}:

10 Frugal Valentines Day Gifts Under $10

1. The Notebook  $4.99 + Free Shipping {Prime} This is a classic and a great way to snuggle up with a loved one on Valentines Day and enjoy a lovey dovey movie!

Heart Necklace

2.Heart Necklace $9.25 + Free Shipping {Prime} Show that special someone how much you are with this beautiful heart necklace.


Infinity Scarf

3. Infinity Scarf $4.20 + Free Shipping I love this infinity scarf. It comes in over 20 colors to choose from and this one would be perfect for Valentines Day!


10 Frugal Valentines Day Gifts Under $10

4. Swiss+Tech Multi-Function Pocket Tool $9.49 + Free Shipping {Prime} I put this one on the list because it is a fun gift to get for the main your life. This multi-tool is packed full of different options that you can fit perfectly in your pocket.


Leather money clip

5. Leather Money Clip $9.58 + Free Shipping {Prime} The man in your life will love this genuine leather money clip. It even comes in a nice gift package so that you do not have to spend money on wrapping it!


10 Frugal Valentines Day Gifts Under $10

6. A Charlie Brown Valentine $9.79 + Free Shipping {Prime} I know my boys love watching Charlie Brown holiday movies and this one is less than $10!

10 Frugal Valentines Day Gifts Under $10

7. iLuv Hardshell Case iPhone $4.99 + Free Shipping {Prime} This is a great gift because it can be used my anyone. Its pretty neat how it has iLuv on the back. Perfect way to say I Love You without spending a ton of money.


valentines day socks

8. Valentines Day Socks $7.99 + Free Shipping {Prime} This is a nice idea for a friend, teenager or wife. You get 6 different patterns in this pack!


Magic Scratch Color Heart

9. Magic Color Scratch Hearts  $9.99 + Free Shipping {Prime} I love this craft idea for kids. It is the perfect way to spend some time making a cute Valentines Day themed project with your kids. They will LOVE this magic coloring heart.


Giant Chocolate lips

10. Be My Valentine (Giant Milk Chocolate Lips) $7.99 + Free Shipping {Prime} You cannot forget about the chocolate for Valentines Day! Anyone will love to get these giant red chocolate lips.


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I also have a ton of DIY Valentines Day gift ideas along with some fun Valentines Day recipes on my pinterest board. Be sure to follow me there and share in the comments below any inexpensive or frugal Valentines Day gift ideas you have.


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