10 Online Selling Sites to Earn Extra Cash

Looking for online selling sites to earn extra money? I have compiled a list of 10 places you can sell your items to earn cash. Depending on what you sell and your preference there are lots of different online selling sites to choose from.

Take a look at these 10 online selling sites to help you earn extra money.

You can sell on one site or many, it is up to you and how much money you are trying to make. What items do you have around your house that you can sell? Old books? Gently worn clothes? Small electronics?

Before rushing into any sale online take the time to do some research. Look at similar items and figure out what they have to offer and what the price is set for the item. You want to be competitively priced while still making a profit. There is even a site listed below for homemade items if you are crafty or love DIY projects.

Whether you are looking to replace a full time income or just make some extra money on the side of your regular job, here are 10 online selling sites to get you started.


10 Online Selling Sites:

1. eBay.com – You can sell used or new item on eBay using auctions or buy it now. It’s pretty simple and straight forward to get started and list items for sale. There are a ton of different tutorials online that teach you tips and tricks for being successful on eBay.

2. Etsy.com – This is a site for selling handmade items, anything from jewelry to soaps, candles and lip balm. It has become very popular and can be a great place to showcase your talent. I love purchasing handmade items from etsy. For my son’s 1st Birthday party I purchased a bunch of cute printables and sock monkey invitations.

3. Amazon.com – You probably already shop on the Amazon website, but you can also apply to become an Amazon seller. It’s a bit more detailed than Ebay but still pretty easy to follow. Here is a great post about becoming an Amazon Seller and how to make money.

4. Craigslist.com – This is a nice site to use to sell your items locally. A great part about using Craigslist is you do not have to pay for shipping costs, but you will need to meet face to face to sell your stuff. Use caution when planning to meet someone, bring someone else with you if possible. Meet only in public places with a lot of traffic.

5. Sell.com – They help advertise and sell for you. They also offer the first 30 days free to sell. Even though there are fees related with this site it a nice way to reach a lot of people.

6. Squareup.com – You can start your own online store for free. The seller’s fees are pretty reasonable, but be sure to read through it all before signing up.

7. Bonanza.com – You can list items for free. Most people list used items on this site and their fees are relatively low.

8. eCrater.com – You can sell your items online completely free! There are no fees at all. This is a nice place to start since there are no costs involved.

9. Webstore.com – This site is also completely free. You can run auctions or regular sales. I love how they offer the option to have an auction like eBay offers on their site. This could potentially increase the amount of money you make from your sales.

10. Auctionfire.com – There is a one time $3 fee to start selling on this site. You can run auctions or offer buy it now items. Since it is a low fee it is worth checking out if you have some nice items to sell online.


You might be familiar with some of these online selling sites and some may be completely new to you. Take a look at each one and decide which one would be best for you to try. Many people sell on multiple sites once they are comfortable with the process. You can also make a pretty decent income by selling items online, so take a look at these 10 online selling sites and sell, sell, sell!


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Take a look at these 10 online selling sites to help you earn extra money.

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