10 Printable Halloween Decorations

Printable Halloween Decorations not only make for a fun kids activity but they are a great way to save money on Halloween. Below you will find some spooky printable decorations that you can use for the holiday.

printable halloween decorations

Printable Halloween Decorations


Making your own Halloween decorations is a great way to cut back on holiday expenses. Not only are they cheap and simple but all you need is a printer and you can get started.


10 Printable Halloween Decorations:

Bat Decorations: These are easy-to-make and can be put up anywhere. A great way to use these decorations is to attach a string and hang them for your ceiling and walls.


Vampires, Witches Pumpkins and More for Walls: Do you want to spook guests by your wall decorations? Print out number of scary looking Vampires, Witches and Cats.


Scary Halloween Masks: Print out Dracula or Frankenstein masks and use a simple string to make masks with eye holes or mount them on sticks to make scary masks.


Treat Bowl Signs: Print a cute sign to leave next to your Halloween candy.


Halloween Flash Light Covers: Cover the top of the flashlights with frightful and scary looking cut up version of printable. When you switch the flashlight on during the party it will give rise to scary shadows! Simple but terrifying!


Coffin Boxes as Candy Boxes: Print out coffin boxes and fill them with candy. These make great Halloween party favors or treat boxes for kids school Halloween events.


Halloween Drink Labels: These are great for Halloween parties and kids will love them too.


Halloween Joke Cards: Anyone would appreciate jokes! Print up cards containing Halloween jokes and slip them into candy bags of guests and kids which can make them laugh. These are also perfect for kids lunch boxes.


Disney Pumpkin Carving Patterns: There are a ton of different Disney characters to choose from that your kids will enjoy when carving pumpkins.


Outdoor Sidewalk Skulls: These are a great way to save money on outdoor Halloween Decorations. I love that you can line your walkway for trick-or-treaters!

Get ready to scare people using these simple but effective decorations!!

Also, check out these FREE Disney Pumpkin Carving patternsNick Jr. pumpkin carving patterns, celebrity pumpkin carving templates and other scary templates! Make sure you checkout the Frugal Fanatic Facebook page and follow us on Pinterest for even more DIY projects, recipes, saving money tips and more.

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