10 Things Moms Of Boys MUST Know


 10 Things Moms of Boys MUST Know


Having three boys has become somewhat of a joke in our family. “You only make boys!” Obviously, it is a true statement because we have 3 young boys.

Whether you have one son or multiple you will realize how much they change who you are {not in a bad way}. Being a parent to boys brings its own challenges {and rewards}. You just adjust to it and realize that it is a part of your like — forever. I know a lot of these items below seem stereotypical and many girls probably do the same thing, but these are all example from our everyday lives.

If you are a parent of a boy or expecting to have a boy then read our handy list of useful information that Moms of Boys MUST Know.

1. You must know that being grossed out about bodily fluids and noises is a thing of the past. Get used to farts, nose picking and constant pee on the floor of the bathroom. You may think that it is ‘awesome’ once they become potty trained, but let me tell you it is definitely overrated. You will then sit in pee, step in pee, touch pee… anywhere there is a surface in the bathroom has a potential to have pee on it… beware. Boys will always find farts to be funny and find the most inappropriate place to let one out. Be prepared.

2. You must know that your house will ALWAYS be dirty. No matter how hard you try to clean it, it is useless. Boys are messy. You will spend your entire day trying to tell them to clean it up and then they walk inside and track dirt and footprints everywhere. There are little handprints on every single one of the walls inside of our house. As soon as there is silence in your house you know something HUGE is happening, hence…


10 Things Moms of Boys MUST Know

Boys somehow make a mess within seconds, but hey have you ever had it snow in your playroom??

3.You must know that your son will be dirty. I swear my boys just attract dirt. My kids walk outside and are filthy immediately. Which brings me to #4…

4. You must know that your bathtub will become your new best friend. Bath night becomes EVERY night, unless you want to have stinky, smelly, dirty kids EVERY single day. Yes, bath time is a huge production, your bathroom will be soaking wet and somehow all of your towels will be dirty and used.

5. You must know that it is normal for boys to wrestle ALL day EVERY day. They tackle, kick, punch, slap, jump, smash, pound, pummel {I think you get the idea} each other constantly.

6. You must know that your son will push your buttons daily. Boys like to climb as high as they can, eat food they find on the floor at a restaurant, jump off of everything, etc. I am the Mom that everyone looks at and thinks is crazy because their son is on top of the swing set instead of just sliding down the slide. You no longer stress about all the little things like sanitizing all the time and realize you cannot be the mom who freaks out over every little fall a boy has because it is numerous times a day. {tip: have lots of band-aids}.

10 Things Moms of Boys MUST Know

7. You must know that you will forever be telling your son to get his hands out of his pants. Although it is done innocently it is something boys do every chance they get. It doesn’t matter if you are in public or not. My oldest has actually pulled his pants down and said “Look how big it is Mom,” when we were outside! {He’s 4}. I am sure this is just the beginning…

8. You must know that the word quiet no longer exists. Boys are LOUD. No matter what they are doing they are just loud. I am sure my neighbors think we are crazy because our house sounds like a playground all the time. I say please lower your voice no less than 100 times EVERY day.

9. You must know that boys will take apart everything. Hopefully you are not too attached to that bracelet that has been passed down for two generations?!? Anything they can get their little hands on will be in pieces just because they are curious to see how it comes apart. I am very grateful for duck tape.

10 Things Moms of Boys MUST Know

10. You must know that boys will use any opportunity they have to be naked. If you have read this far and do not already think me and my family are strange, well now you will… A couple years ago my boys made up the word SABY for when they took their clothes off. I have no idea where that came from, but it is now a normal part of our day. My boys strip down to nothing and run around the house yelling SABY {extremely loud}.

But, even after pointing out all the thing things you must know as a Mom of boys, I would NOT change it for the world. My three boys are amazing. They teach me more than I can ever possibly teach them. I cherish each and every day that have with them!!

After I have a CRAZY day with my kids I definitely use my stress away essential oils to relax and relieve stress from the day. When my boys are in bed I definitely need to unwind and take a little break so I love using oils to just relax and think about how I am going to start the next day.

Are you a boy Mom? Please share in the comments below other things that Mom’s of boys MUST know!


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10 Things Moms of Boys MUST Know



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  1. Haha! That is hilarious. I can relate to so much of it. Definitely explains a LOT! My son has been taking apart his own mattress! I couldn’t figure it out. Like why would someone do that?!?! As for the bathroom, thank the LORD, the kids have their own! I never set foot in it. They clean it and everything; it’s their mess! lol. I am pretty blessed in that my son never pushes my buttons on purpose. He is saved and wants to be a Pastor, so he’s not antagonistic like his sister. She pushes the buttons for the whole family!
    Sarah Titus recently posted..Why You Should Never Shop Walmart or Dollar StoresMy Profile

      1. Every single point I can relate too, having 2 boys. It is just so comforting to know that it’s just a boy thing and not just my boys!!!! They are adorable little beasts!! Cuddles and love make it all worth it xxxx

    1. Are you seriously saying that your daughter is worse than your son because she’s not “saved”? If it is what you’re saying, I think you need to take a look at your bible and please remember that being a follower of christ doesn’t mean you’re better than anyone, including your daughter. Obviously she’s not the only one who needs help. If you’re not saying that, then why mention in the first place that your son doesn’t press your buttons on purpose because he is saved and wants to be a pastor. Also, pushing your religion onto your daughter and telling her that she needs to be saved will only push her further away from God and you. Take it from a daughter like yours.

  2. I can SOOOOOOOOOO relate since I am mom to 4 boys…age 14,12,6,and 3. They are crazy messy….pee everywhere… naked (which I thought they became self-conscience at some point…lol). The noises are crazy and there’s never a dull moment.

    But I wouldn’t ask for anything different. 1~ I wouldn’t know what to do with a girl now…lol. 2~ They are my lil boys forever 🙂
    I wouldn’t know what to do if there WAS a dull moment…lol.

    1. My boys are 13,12, 6 and 2! Yes to all of the things above. When we had our last child, my only wish, granted by my husband, was this: my own bathroom. A mother of four boys’ best friend. Also know that boys are very honest and sweet, righteous and fair. The rule “whoever cut it up doesn’t get to choose” will get you a long way… Keep up the good work!

      1. A bathroom all to myself!?!! EXCELLENT idea!!! I have 3 boys (13, 8 & 3) so being the only female between 4 males….a bathroom only for ME would be heaven
        Also, in and all around my house there is always balls lying around – all sizes and colours and forms!!! And the LOUDNESS….when they’re in bed, I just sit around and appreciate the SILENCE LOL!!!

  3. There is not one single dvd in our collection that was chosen according to my taste…..I think my taste has adjusted. Now I am an expert on all action, superhero and sci-fi movies. My skin has grown thick. Boys make very honest observations without taking their moms feelings into account. Like “Dad makes the best pasta”. Teasing never ends, and as they get older they team up against the only girl in the house….Mom. So, be brave and do not give them the satisfaction for one moment. Outwit them at their own game. Lastly, be prepared for questions about all EXTREMES. Who is the fastest tree climber? Which car accelerates the quickest? Who can hold their breath the longest? It. Never. Ends. I have 2 boys, one 7 years older than the other.

        1. I’m a mom of 3 boys as well.

          My oldest boy decided early on that he was the savior of all stray creatures, big and small – he’d seen “The BeastMaster” and SWORE he could talk to the animals in their very own language. At any given moment we could have a wild turtle, rabbit, cat or slug as a new “pet”. Imagine his devastation when he tried to insist the slug would find a lovely home inside the fish tank, and the big fish ate it… He cried for days and every time he walked by the fish tank he’d smack the tank saying, “Stupid fish!!”

          My middle son declared he was the next wizard apprentice to Gandalf, and upon finding a ring you get from a gumball machine, insisted it was too heavy for him, and made me take it with us EVERYWHERE we went. We’d be ready to go to church and he’d yell from the back seat, “WAIT!!! MOM!!! Do you have the ring?” And with slumped shoulders, I’d head back into the house to retrieve it from my jewelry box, where he insisted I keep it (along with my grandmother’s engagement ring… – I was so afraid he’d get them mixed up one day!!)

          My youngest son (at 5 years of age) came home from kindergarten so proud of the Mother’s Day card he had made in school. It was a booklet entitled, “All About My Mom,” with little flowers and puppies on the cover.
          The first page read, “My mom’s favorite food is….” and he’d drawn a picture of a blob and written “pizza” under it. Awwwww, cute.
          Next page…
          My mom’s favorite drink is… picture of a yellow cup – …. BEER.

          I DON’T EVEN DRINK!!!!!!!!
          I was mortified! His teacher must have thought I was an alcoholic or something!!

          Stay on your toes and hang on to your hearts, ladies. It only gets fantastically worse!!
          It’s hard to fathom someone who can irritate you to the ends of the earth can crush your heart into a thousand tiny pieces the minute they leave home.

          My boys are now, 25, 21 and 19, and in every way possible, they each are my heart and soul…. and I thank God above I never had a girl!

          1. Thank you so much for sharing all of that Kimberly! I loved hearing the stories you shared. And yes, I will be crushed when those days come!

  4. As a mom of three little men, I can relate to all of these!! One thing I found with my boys is they will fight with one another, and I don’t mean bicker, they will physically take each other down in an old fashioned brawl over simple things! At first I was worried that this wasn’t normal, but then I noticed how they took up for one another against anybody who tried to hurt one of their brothers. One afternoon my oldest hit my middle son in the arm for climbing up the slide he was trying to go down. Then my oldest sons friend hit my middle son in the other arm. Just as I was about to scold the friend my oldest yelled at him, “hey, nobody hits my brother!” So, even though they will fuss and fight on a daily basis, I’m not worried, because I know that nobody will ever mess with any of my boys.

  5. I have 3 boys as well. I thought I was in the clear for the drama that follows girls….. I was very wrong. Pre-teen boys are as dramatic as any pre-teen girl!!

  6. I am a mom of 2 boys and my sister has 3 boys! Five boys ages 7,6,5,4, and 2 are nonstop when we get together. My sister and I constantly complain about never seeing the floor in our house because of the forts, toys, books, etc. They definitely argue, are loud and move every part of their bodies until they fall asleep. We sometimes envy our girl-mom friends because the girls seem to sit quietly and color for what seems like a long time. They do make us crazy sometimes but I can’t imagine them any other way. Someday the floor will be clean and the house won’t smell like dirty clothes. We may miss the days of chaos just a little.

  7. After a pretty hard going week of the school hols with my 2&4 yr old I was fed up today and wondered what was wrong with my boys or my parenting.. Constant crazy battling, challenging, behaviour really got to me today. Then this popped up in my newsfeed.. Thank you!

  8. As the mom of Six sons (ages 6 to 24) … I can attest to everything everyone above has had to say.. There will always be contests between the boys.. there will always be pee on the floor.. there will always be wrestling, punching, fighting.. and magic penises. The best thing a momma can do is hold her own.. laugh… and find a way to go have girl time so you can maintain your sanity..btw.. I have one other secret weapon.. I pray regularly for those same boys to have 2 sons and a daughter of their own one day.. 😉

  9. My brothers are 8 and 10 years older than me. I THOUGHT I knew what it was like to live with boys……….nope! Now that I have 3 boys ages 4, 6, and 8, I have learned many new things! Many of which you mentioned above. I tell my boys if they are wrestling/messing around: just don’t do it in front of Grandma and Grandpa! If I knew I was having 3 boys after my daughter, I would have dressed her in a lot more bows and pretty dresses when she was a baby. Thanks for the laugh Adeline. It’s good to know that I am not alone. 🙂

  10. I can totally relate! Especially to the clean house! I don’t know why the toys can’t be picked up…I’m told it’s because they (hubby and son, I only have 1 son, but 2 boys) will play with it again tomorrow and tomorrow. You see where that goes!
    But as much as there is noise, and mess, and dirt, and every acorn needing to come in the house, I love having a boy. He is the most affectionate, loving, caring little man. I hope it continues to his teenage years (he’s 6). I don’t know if a daughter would be as affectionate.

    1. Lol, I only have one boy and can agree with most of these…I must have a weird little boy though cause he hates getting dirty and actually likes to clean. He’s 3 and throws stuff away, put laundry in the hamper, and cleans up spills (once he even cleaned up cat barf and was happy to do it.) Not sure how that happened…Otherwise he’s a little monster.

  11. Wow. Can totally relate. I always say my 4 yr old son is way to honest and needs a filter on his mouth. My 12 yr son bores me constantly about facts relating to guns. I now have an extensive knowledge on assault rifles and now know that my bum is big and crossfit is not working. But wouldn’t have it any other way. Love my boys and how much they gross and embarrass their 16 yr old sister. Love them all to bits

  12. Lol I can definitely relate. I am a mom of 6. 5 of the 6 are boys! 🙂 13, 10, 8, 7 and 3. And then my 21 yr old daughter:) Wow I was so amazed with how different it is raising a girl vs raising boys!!! This describes my everyday life:) But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. God has given me the tools i need to raise these boys!!:) LOTS OF PATIENCE, LOVE AND A STRONG STOMACH!!:) LOL!:)

  13. I only have one boy and can related to all. My son walks around naked like it’s nothing. I’m always telling him to lower his voice. And he doesn’t like taking nightly baths because it washes away his “manly musk”.

  14. With boys 4 and 9 I will say this is right on! Will add that you will never get the urine smell out of the bathroom 🙁 and that it does not matter how “cold” it is outside, they will go and play in the water/mud with just their underwear in December (grant you we live in Metro Phoenix but it was still in the low 50’s on the 26th!).

  15. My boys call hitting each other in their privates “cheap shots.” I have no idea where it came from. Also, when they wrestle, they usually have to have their shirts off.

  16. I a blessed with two boys, 11 and 13. I swear they were born yesterday and now one I’d take than me, and my youngest is almost as tall. They will always be my babies though. They went through a lot with me in life. And they did a lot of three things listed, that is for sure. But, if you have boys, be ready to have 24/7 body Gaius also. It’s adorable when they stand up for me, or believe that they cab take on a grown man got hitting on me in a crude way. Basically, they are the biggest most AMAZING blessings in the universe! No matter what they get into or do, our year up, it is a million times worth it every second.

  17. You must know they are the most loving and cuddle and will look after you later in life and some are fiercely protective or you your whole life. I’m the mum of 4 beautiful boys.

  18. My first boy (and child) will be here in a few months. At least I’ll know to look forward to pee everywhere and will have time to to say goodbye to my clean house. Coming from a family of three girls, the world of little boys will be brand new to me!

  19. I am a mom of two boys and they are always naked. As soon as I come in the house they take off their clothes at 3 and 20 months. They are also complete snuggle hugs and I would not change any of it. Even the pee on the seat.

  20. i have 2 boys (2 and 9) and i think they plan things to push my buttons. They are amazing and i do laugh more than I yell, but they definitely are two hands full.

  21. I guess I could write a book. I have raised four sons, and only sons, now ages 19-29.. and have survived it. Explaining to my daughter-in-law’s mother, of only three girls, that being the mother of four boys is a vastly different world of motherhood than being the mother of daughters, well, was like speaking Greek! My explanation of the lack of tea parties, home decorating.. or cleaning.. Saturdays, ballet lessons, or even wedding planning or plans of being in the birthing room when my grandchild is born, well, it can change the character of a mom! It is true that I have missed all of the mother/ daughter experiences and opportunities, though have birthed and cherished, nursed and comforted my precious baby boys. I have realized that we all have a calling in our lives, and mine was to be the mom of four incredible men. I would not exchange one moment of time, and laughter, with my boys for any number of fine china tea parties in all of the world. Reality is that I am a very blessed mom of sons, and I am so thankful! Thank you for sharing your experience… Moms of all boys are a rare breed and we definitely understand each other.

  22. OMG you have opened my eyes i only have 2 boys (4 and 2). The oldest things hes a teenager and the youngest thinks hes the same age as his brother. Both are into superheros, meaning everything has to be jumped on or off, beaten up. Basically you name it they are doing it. But now i know im not the only one going through this stage of boyhood lol

  23. Boys eat….like they eat and they eat and they eat….and when they have finished eating they eat again. Daily conversations with my 3 year old, “Whats the matter?” Oh, I just want something to eat. “Where are you going?” Oh I show you, in the cupboard. “Do you need something?” Yeh just something to eat….hes 12 days away from his 3rd birthday he already eats more than I do and and I have 2 boys…and a husband…

  24. I got remarried 4 yrs ago and all i had were girls.. he had 2 boys and a girl.. only one boy lives with us and my youngest daughter now but i was in for all of the adjustments because i had never had a boy but we both grew up in large familys so i thought no big deal… wrong … every child is so different and in the last 4 years he has changed just about everything about how i do things… my girls were so easy to do stuff.. he is never still..always on the go..always into something..and it is not his fault.. he pulled a ninja one night and snuck 9 donuts out of 12… but i would not change a moment of it..he came into my life at 18 months old and he is 6 1/2 now.

  25. lol I just laughed and laughed at this while getting my hair pulled by a little boy using me as a ladder i have twin 2 yr old boys and you have crushed my dreams of one day not having pee on the floor and them keeping their clothes on

  26. The biggest key to boys is secret words…like my son knows the word “swiper” means to let go of his business…this way you can yell this across a baseball field and not be embarrassed and the Hand comes out of the pants! Presto like magic….boys like magic! Also speak different languages to them randomly if you need them to stop…say stop in French or Spanish…they stop cause they are confused at what you said and they want to learn the words too!

  27. Lets not forget that you better like bugs or learn to like them!! Your son will flash one in your face at any given time lol!! I’m pretty sure I’d be lost if I had to raise a little girl. A boys bond and love for his mother is such a tremendously special thing <3

  28. Well a mom of four boys and i guess a referee for life. Its like im always trying to no good ofcourse to intervene in arguments and fights which ofcourse i end up getting the punch in. Neighbours often ask me you had guests yestrday oh dear Noisy is an understatement!

  29. My son’s are now 27 and 30. I miss the hugs and that feeling when they are fresh and clean right out of the tub when they crawl up into your lap and wrap their sweet little arms around your neck.

  30. I have 3 boys (18, 17 & 15) and one girl (13). They still put their hands down their pants, but now it is to “adjust”. Mine never ran around naked too much, but they have no problem walking around in only their boxer shorts. But they would be mortified if my daughter or I walked around in our undies.

    Also, one thing you left out was that boys will instinctively turn anything into a gun. Even if you are against guns and don’t have toy ones around, they’ll use their fingers, a stick,a golf club, an empty cardboard roll, anything.

  31. Thank you for share this information now I know my boy is perfectly normal, he do everything in this list and another’s thinks make me laught and learn boys are unique. I love my boy.

  32. I have two. 26 and 24. The youngest will still walk naked from room to bathroom or wherever he needs to go when he’s back home. Only difference is now he yells “mom, I’m naked” so I can avert my eyes! Always wanted boys

  33. so…I am the mother of 3 boys…ages 19, 22 and 60. Yes, that’s right. 60! I count my husband in the group as he can be just as bad and instigate the boys as they do themselves! Guess what I’m saying is boys don’t necessarily grow out of those 10 things you listed…lol…my sons still wrestle with each other ( which drives me crazy as I’m afraid one of them will get hurt…and yes, that’s happened before!) The 3 of them still watch crazy movies they think are “funny” and I think are just “dumb”….lol…and yes…they STILL manage to pee on the floor! (although not as much as when they were small! 🙂 But all in all, we love each other and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  34. We can not forget the constant bugs or critters that just happen to be our newest pet. I live in the middle of nowhere nc so this is a very common thing for us. I swear I do not know how my husband can hunt for hours and see nothing but my son goes outside alone for 10 mins and brings a baby deer in the house. When he was 3.

  35. Haha, I’m also a mum of 3 boys (14, 8 and 5) dressing like a superhero is the norm in our house, aswell as the hands down the pants, running about naked, mess in the bathroom, constant fighting over the computer consoles, but like you all I would definitely not change a thing, my husband thinks it’s hilarious that I’m out numbered as even our dog is a boy, watching anything I’m remotely interested on to has become a thing of the past, unless however I want to sit on my own in another room and let’s face it why would I want to separate from the madness that has become my life, haha love this post and all the comments xx

  36. As mom to two boys (8 & 12) and the aunt of seven more (8, 7, 5, 3, 2, 2 and 6 months) because “we only make boys”, this sounds like my house and their houses too. But as rotten as boys can be, they are MY terrible little monsters and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Boys do love their mamas!!!!

  37. I have 2 girls and my youngest (who’s 4) is a boy and I was starting to think he is out of control because he is so destructive and loud! I’ve seriously been questioning my parenting lately lol so I’m glad to read this so I can know he is completely normal! It’s so different raising a boy vs a girl but oh how he melts my heart when he tells me “Mom your beautiful”. I just love him to pieces!

  38. Im a mom of 5 boys, ages 9,6,5,4,3……yup, pretty crazy. I could definitely say yes, what i read is part of my everyday normal life, plus I can add a few more…. 😉 I love boys…

  39. I agree with all of these and I only have two boys (3 with daddy) three and eleven I have realized that there is no such thing as privacy or hiding goodies for myself… I love them all but some days I find myself trying to figure out why I am washing hot wheels and why there is army men floating in the dogs water and trying to figure out where all the food went I bought three days ago… Its never ending but I wouldn’t trade it for anything

  40. I can relate to all of this. 1 thing i think you should add to the list is: if you are the mother if boys … always but ALWAYS wear shoes in the house. Lego is so very small but it hurts so very much to step on!! 🙂

  41. I have one boy who is 5 and i can relate to everything, but i would not change it for anything. I think my son’s favorite thing to do is strip down to his underwear and run around the house. It could be freezing and he still strips down. I wouldn’t want it any different. I love my son very much and i dont regret having my son.

  42. Know that boys will have your heart forever and that the older they get, the more they appreciate, protect and love you as their mom. I have two grown sons that I raised as a single mom, and I could not be more proud of the young men they’ve become. Boys are so special ❤️

  43. Great essay, it’s funny because it’s true. I used to be so judgemental of my nephews because there was always pee all over my sister’s bathroom. Now I have 2 boys and realize the pee had nothing to do with my sister’s parenting skills. Boys just pee everywhere. At least they bother to go in the bathroom. Hubs and I are convinced we won’t get the pee smell out unless we re-tile. It has to be embedded in the grout.

  44. I’m mother of two boys..the more they grow up the more they bring anger n play with my temper,,,,I give load of advice …at the end they say come on mom,, I know what ur next statement is… Please give me some freedom.. Every day I repeat same thing .,they never dare to do by their own,,,don’t know y,my Lord have to guide them forever …I can’t help that’s for sure…but the article above made me to feel that I’m not alone….thank God,.haha

  45. I can relate to every word! I also have 3 boys, ages 5, 3, and 1 and it’s never a dull moment here!!! But there’s nothing more special in the world than being their special lady and Queen of my castle.

  46. Mother of 23 yr old twin sons here. Sons are survivable. I’ve got one lawyer & one scientist. So think unwinnable arguments and things growing everywhere (freezer, cupboards, hot water cupboard, window sills etc). Naked, peeing everywhere (although a table tennis ball in the toilet helped greatly with their aim) and constantly hitting, nudging, poking etc etc. is all par for the course. As is the smell of gym clothes for several years. I had my laundry in the bathroom for several of these years & thought it would help with them getting their clothes in the wash – you know, strip off to get in the shower so the clothes go straight in the washing machine instead of on the floor in front of the machine – but this was sadly a pipe dream of mine. Sigh.

    However, they are still cuddly and are happy to give me lots of hugs and kisses in front of their friends. We have relationships that are the envy of their friends.

    Love them cos sons are just so amazing! (and house-train them for the sake of their wives).

    I ordered twin sons & am grateful on a daily basis for God’s grace in giving them to me. What a privilege to be Mum of

  47. Mom of boys should know that there are no hard and fast rules. I’m a mom of three (newly born, 3, 7). Go easy at times. Yelling won’t help. My boys love craft activities.

  48. Mom of 4 boys here…8, 7, 7, & 4…and I can relate to everything in this article…nailed it! Loved reading this. It brought a smile to my face. I love my boys and wouldn’t change a thing.

  49. Oh my goodness, I laughed so hard that I cried reading this. It is so true!!!! I have three boys, ages: almost 5yrs, 3yrs & 2 1/2 months. Everything is a gun or bow & arrow at our house & they love to play good guy/bad guy & cowboys. They couldn’t whisper if their lives depended on it 😉 love love loved this read!!!!

  50. Mom of 4 boys here…ages 8, 7, 7, & 4…so glad to know that this is normal and I am not the only one going through it. Loved reading this. It brought a smile to my face. I love my boys and would not change a thing. My husband and I did not find out the gender of our babies until they were born, and I have to say when my youngest was born and they said “it’s a boy” I am pretty positive I let out a sigh of relief…I wouldn’t know what to do if I had a girl…haha.

  51. I have recently realized that #4 (about water everywhere while bathing) can be a GOOD thing. Because #1 is true. Pee everywhere. That is, until bathtime. 🙂 After bathtime, I make the boys take their towel and wipe up the water.

  52. It’s such a relief to hear your responses and I am not being unrealistic. I have two boys (9 & 8) my older son will be 10 in a couple of months. Not really sure why this seems such an eye opener for me- 10 years are gone! Lately, it has become quite difficult to connect with them besides cooking, cleaning etc…I do not want to play basketball in the rain or Xbox all day! Does anyone else relate to my problem? How can I fix this problem before another 10 years fly by 🙁

  53. I have 2 boys ages 6 and 7 and a little girl that is 3. I will say that every comment and article is dead on to my daily life! My boys are constantly in their underwear fighting, messing the house up, breaking things. But my little girl will join in with them! Lol! If the boys strip down to wrestle, she will take everything off but her pull up and get in the middle of them and want to wrestle too! Lol! My husband and I both say that no man is ever gonna mistreat her or she will take them down and she has two big brothers to protect her!!

  54. One thing you missed is pets. Boys always have pets, whether it is a dog (for the whole family) or poor hapless creatures who are kept in captivity in their room, fish, turtles, frogs, toads, bugs, worms, tadpoles, spiders. Just about anything can be a pet. Some will be pets that you know about, and help care for, others will be “smuggled” in and kept in secret, until they get loose or DIE, (another hint here, if your sons are frantically searching the house, looking under furniture, and in every nook and cranny, there is a critter loose in your house, and most likely it will be one that will make you scream!) I have two boys, one 23, the younger is 18, the story of the mummified toad in the cookie tin is legend in our family!

    1. OMG! That is hilarious because my younger brother had a frog named Jumpy that somehow got lost and we found it in a tin lunchbox outside a few days later. Needless to say Jumpy was probably exactly how you described it!!

  55. You are right on. My boys do all of these. I have 4 boys ages 8y 7y 5y 2y. None of the 10 stop with age they just change with age.

  56. I’m a mom of one boy and one girl, this article is so true. My son is now 16 and has become the “protector” of mom. Watching him grow up with his sister was just as it was described: noises, smells and pee everywhere. Now that both my kids are teens it’s turned into a contest of who can yell the loudest before mom says something. I cherish the time I spend with my kids and memorize the times they make me laugh.

  57. Sjoewee I take my hat off to all of the mom’s I have only 1 boy and 2 girls. And it feels like my girls are much worse than my boy. They bicker about anything and everything. My son thought the other day for it to be funny to jump from the top bunk bed to the next door bed. He showed it to he’s sisters and jumped on top of his tittle sister. I had the shock of my life as the girls repeated the same action again and again. Until I put them in a time out telling them how I was going to take their playstations away. Until even that didn’t work anymore as to taking the pocket money away for the next 2 months. Only for them to say but mom you know we work in the house you still need to pay us even if we were bad. (Son 7, Daughters 4 and 21 months) but yes all of the above mentioned happens in my house on a daily basis my poor hubby is so irratated as the house is always messy. Not that I don’t try to clean.

  58. I have an 8 year old son and a 5 & 4 year old daughters…my son is wonderful to an extent he has become very emotional about things I sometimes feel like I have 3 girls…then he reassures me he is a boy by constantly putting objects he finds on the ground in his pockets or wanting to wrestle with his sisters…the nakedness has always been an issue with him as soon as he walks in the door after school the clothes come off and walks around the house in his boxers all the time…oh nevermind the boy eats more than I do in a sitting..

  59. Boys will be boys, and I love my boys! I have twin boys that will be 4 in Feb. Girls make life pretty and perfect whereas boys make life fun and adventurous. This Thanksgiving my sons were on a big tire swing with their 7 year old cousin. She was worried that it was too scary while my boys were screaming “higher!” They climbed a fence she was too frightened to climb. They may be messy, loud, crazy but you gotta love boys :-)!

  60. I am the only girl and sixth in line out of seven children in my family. I thought having 6 brother, being surrounded by all boys, all the time was normal. Much to the chagrin of my mother, they taught me so many important life skills that would serve me well while raising my own two sons. Thanks to them, literally, NOTHING grosses me out. They instructed me on the fine art of belching like champ. I could recite the alphabet while burping before I could even really speak!

  61. I also have 3 boys (9,7 and 3). Though I do sometimes wonder what it would be like to have a girl I wouldn’t trade my boys for anything! They are so much fun! So much cuddles! So much crazy! So much love! I thank God everyday for my life…and sometimes ask for a little less noise and mess! 😀
    That being said…
    1. Everything is a weapon! Seriously, everything!
    2. Clorox/Lysol wipes need to be kept right next to the toilet! I go through so many just wiping before I sit! 😛
    3. They believe pants are optional, but I’m working on that! Mine don’t run around naked (thankfully!) but I find myself saying every.single.day! “I will not have a conversation with you until you have pants on!” A girl needs to set boundaries!
    4. Pasta and Rice are cheap belly fillers! They eat like they’re trying to keep weight in the sumo wrestler league! (Which makes the actual wrestling in the living room quite interesting!) My 9 year old has been known to polish off 4 slices of pizza and ask what else there is to eat. My answer is always “get a job!”

  62. Six boys – 21, 19, 18, 15, 11, 9, 1. Have you ever heard of parcout (not sure if I spelled that correctly)… that is my boys! They climb everything!! Even my one year old. They jump off of each other to get into/onto the trees and structures they can’t reach. If we go to the park, they jump from the top of one thing to the top of the next. Their dad gets more nervous than I do. I am so amazed at what their minds can come up with! And anything can become a weapon with a little imagination. No naked issues here, but that is probably because they have sisters. They can turn anything into a competition I have spy games found on pinterest to occupy them this weekend. They are so clever! And they hate to lose at games!! They will pee anywhere outside!! They just turn around and go. They love to explore. And the preteens are very perverted. You definitely have to have an open mind when you have boys! AND THEY ARE ALWAYS HUNGRY!! I am AMAZED at how much they can eat!!!

  63. I have 3 boys (6,4,2) and I am so thankful for this article!!! My mom makes me feel bad for all the above but she raised 4 girls and 1 boy sao she doesn’t get it! Infeelnso much more normal now 🙂 happy new years!! I second all the comments about boys being hungry all the time-i a!m dreading the teen years!! Lol

  64. I have a set of twin boys ages 3, I totally agree with the pee everywhere lol potty training we done it at 2 and I was so excited until it seemed like there was pee everywhere then not just in diapers but my entire bathroom has fallen victim at some point, physical my boys are really physical I have already broke up fist fights over who gets to sit in front in the bathtub and I have a girl while she has been much easier to raise and some drama my Hayden takes the cake with drama the word no sets him in a tail spin lol I told him he couldn’t go home with his grandma last night so he procdees to fall in the floor and scream to the top of his lungs I’m a mean mommy lol but I love them they are awesome in so many ways they are so loveable and I can be ready to pull my hair out and one of them will look at me and smile and it’s over

  65. Two things I want to share:
    1. Be prepared to check pockets – always. I have learned the hard way that lizards do not like to go through the wash cycle – and because I usually need to be reminded, neither do frogs.
    2. My mother-in-law passed this on to me, she received it from her mother-in-law. Your baby boy will someday be somebody’s husband and somebody’s father. The best gift you can give your future daughter in-law is raising your son to be respectful to women!

  66. ALWAYS enjoy & cherish them because one day you turn around & their grown men who leave you to get married. Your mom role changes & it’s the hardest thing you will go thru when his wife becomes #1. It’s the best to see you’ve done a good job but it’s very hard to let them go

  67. I have a 4 year old boy and a 20 month old girl. This sounds more like my daughter than my son. My son is a sweet, gentle boy and she’s a crazy wild girl.

  68. <<< mother of 3 – my oldest (10) & my youngest (1 1/2) are girlz & in the middle (2 1/2) is my sweet boy. They are all completely different! My son & his baby sis tend to fall under most of this! She is infatuated w/ his weewee too! :/ but they are rarely apart (& my oldest stayz w/ her dad). Nice to know they aren't jus plain crazy! Lol

  69. @Adeline agreed. When I was child, I did play in dirt and loved long and high jumps but I wasn’t loud and didn’t look for any such opportunity . 🙂

  70. So agree.
    I have six boys (counting my husband, who Can be bad as them)
    I can relate to all of these. Don’t worry when they turn into teens
    (as two of my are) they become obsessed with privacy and
    Not being seen nude, so you have that to look forward to!!!
    However like girls some boys (my second eldest) turn into little
    Drama queens! They also decide they know better than you-
    How to cook, use the computer… You name it list is endless.
    I’m also on excellent terms with bicycle repairs and consoles ect
    As they do like to take them apart.
    But for all the times they drive you crazy – you wake up late one morning
    To your son saying ” I’ve made your breakfast in bed because you had
    A headache last night ” or they buy you something from the shop you like just because.
    I would definitely not change being a mum to boys as they can be the most sweetest, loving

  71. I raised girl, boy, boy, girl. You forgot the constant trips to the emergency room, having to make superhero capes for my boys to save my poor towels, and of course the forts in the living room. They would especially build the forts when they were “cleaning” up for grandparents who were arriving any minute from out of state.

  72. Oh if your a mom of boys there is no greater love!!!
    I am a mom of 4 boys 19, 7 year old twins and my baby is 5.
    I have 1 22 year old daughter, I am much closer to my sons.
    My boys are everything that your are and some days it seems to much to handle 😉
    But most days they amaze me by their thoughts and the things they say.
    I am their mom and to them there is nothing better there is just something amazing about the way
    a son loves his mother.
    They make me feel special everyday and extremely loved, my boys have no problem expressing their affection to me and I
    love that they still want to cuddle with mom.
    To me there is no greater love than a mothers love for her sons and her sons love for her!!!

  73. All of the above is so true and does not go away, even the nakedness! I’m a mom of 14 year old twin boys and have to say I love being a boy mom. Makes life so fun and spontaneous.

  74. I can relate to all of this as a mother of 3 boys. 3, 23 months and 6 months. Our house is always loud and yes no matter how much you clean and clean somehow the house is never ever “clean”. Yes I have had it snow inside, yesterday actually (Styrofoam everywhere). I worry when they are quiet because you know they are up to something!!!!! Life with boys, I must say is never ever boring.

  75. Yes!!! To each and every single point, yes!!!! Especially the naked one – I only have one son but he runs around naked regularly yelling that he is having a bootie party. And he has no problem having his bootie party with a house full of people. Like you, I wouldn’t change it for the world. And it takes everything in me to resist the urge to break out in raucous laughter! Great post!
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  76. I agree with you about the eating. My son came into this world nursing every hour until he was 18 months old and eating table food. He still eats constantly and is so skinny! The pee all over the bathroom is also true. My son also takes two showers a day. Twice the dirty towels but at least he is clean. And he is full of love!

  77. Every word -TRUE! We have 3 sons – the most frustrating, exhilarating blessing having the gift of their raisong. The messiest grew up to be the clean one. The clean one is now the slob. The hyper one is now a wise, calm 30yr old who drops by weekly to see if I need anything. He & his wife come for meals on Wed nights & then drive us to Bible study. They usually come over for Sunday lunch after church. They have all worked their way- put themselves through college, one achieved his Masters degree. Yes, we made mistakes,Had disappointments, but if you love them unconditionally – be firm, be fun, be fair – let them make mistakes & decisions for themselves & OWN the consequences of those decisions good or bad. Don’t rescue them. A scraped knee now might save them more dire consequences down the road. Pain is one the only teachers they respect. Teach them to laugh, cry, play, get dirty & PRAY. Give them something to believe in that is bigger & greater than our understanding. Don’t ever give up.

  78. MrsC5. Such wise words. I would tell every parent to not rescue their kids. Let them fail at a young age so they learn before things really count! And most importantly, believe in something bigger than themselves. Those things will carry them through along with your love!

  79. My first son was 20 months old when my identical twin boys were born. They are now 17, 17, 19! As I read every item on the list I said AMEN! My oldest has been able to tell the twins apart from day one! It was nothing for me to ask my 2yr old which twin I was holding because I honestly did not know!!! All 3 of their names start with the same letter so I am constantly going down the list of names and finally just say ‘whoever you are!’ My twins were little goats once they could walk. I turned by back for a minute and found them sitting on top of the entertainment center with 2 bottles of baby powder. They had covered everything! All I could see was their little blue eyes! The ER became a well know place for knots on heads and stitches! ( that never changes bc I was in the ER today with my oldest…. A concussion this time!) Gross items never end… From always having to be the judge of whose poop was the biggest to them loving to fart loudly in a public place and then all three pointing at me! My life has been awesome with my three boys. ( I didn’t want any girls at all!) Next year all three will be at the same college together and my heart will break!

  80. Wanna add the pushing, endless competition, and ththe smack talk. Omg. The smack talk. But at the end of the day, the will protect each other but when it is just them, they will just talk nonsense with each other. They are preteen and teen. Can make a mom crazy. Lol
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  81. 4 boys here – 7, 5, 3, 4 mos. one thing I’d add: Boys like to stick random things in random holes. “Hmmm…this little lego looks to be exactly the right size to fit into the breast pump tubing…or my brother’s nose…or maybe the outlet…”

  82. I can so relate. My son,age 25, still likes to dismantle and build. And I still will come home from work and instantly know he fixed himself something to eat…just little things like wrappers left on the counter. Sometimes random objects will be found in the strangest places…did I mention he has ADD as well? Makes for a very interesting life…oh we have discovered we both look at a problem from opposite ends then argue about it before we realize we are basically coming up with the same solution…lol

  83. I can so relate. My son,age 25, still likes to dismantle and build. And I still will come home from work and instantly know he fixed himself something to eat…just little things like wrappers left on the counter. Sometimes random objects will be found in the strangest places…did I mention he has ADD as well? Makes for a very interesting life…oh we have discovered we both look at a problem from opposite ends then argue about it before we realize we are basically coming up with the same solution…lol

  84. And boys give the BEST hugs and kisses. Mine is 27 years old and I remember all of the ten things listed, but I still benefit from the hugs and kisses!

  85. I am a mom of 3: 10, 6 and 3 year old. I admire your easy-going attitude to living with boys 🙂 I wouldn’t even imagine how loud kids can be until I had my boys. And I would never know, how loud I can be, either 😀 They show me and broaden my extremes every single day. I would never guess that the most moving words in our beautiful language are “poo”, “pee”, “poop”, “burp” ,”penis” etc. etc.My boys do not run naked, but they hate and loathe their own and other’s feet! Don’t dare to sit with your feet on the sofa. They immediately make faces and shout at you. They also dislike my blue fingernails, and when I made my hair blond one day, they said: “Mom, you look odd, old and grey”. Welcome in my boys world 🙂

  86. I had 3 girls, 10, 9 &7 before I had my son, who is now 2. My hair instantly turned white…not gray but white! My house is forever a mess. And the things he does that embarrasses me…yelling BOOBS as loud as he could at a random young lady…running up behind an elderly man and sticking…yes sticking…his index finger up the poor man’s rear and running away, leaving me in shock that lead to uncontrollable laughter, tears and my face as red as a fire truck…having a is something else. It’s been a life changing experience! But when he rolls over in the morning, wraps his little arms around my neck and tells me he loves me and that Mommy is beautiful, I know the change is a good thing!

  87. OMG This is so true reading this as I am waiting for my 17 year old youngest son to come home. Dirty boys are nothing til you hit the greasy boy stage. My son and his “crew” have taken over my garage with their projects. There is half a truck on one side and 3 ATVs parts etc in the other bay. They will work till all hours of the night and eat me out of house and home. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I have an older son 27, whose been in Iraq and Afghanistan. He’s been a soldier since he was a boy. And a 31 yr old daughter. Who has 2 boys 8 and 3. She got what I wished for her. To have kids that were worse than her. LoL oh she has her hands full. Its crazy when we all get together. Love it. Wouldn’t change a thing. But yes everything you said is soooo true. Thank you.

  88. Oh, Addi, this article made me laugh! I am the mom of 4 boys. They are now 13, 15, 19 and 23. I loved reading all the funny things you’ve listed and it took me down memory lane. Some things they actually do grow out of or at least control a little better. My brother had girls, and my sister only had 1 boy, so when we would walk in my parents’ house for family gatherings, it appeared that we were the somewhat organized chaos, but I didn’t mind. I would like to add a few things to your list that I have observed. Of course, the loyalty that was mentioned by a reader holds to be true in our home as well. Boys hearts are tender at times especially at bedtime. As they become teenagers, it’s a bit of a challenge to draw them out. One word answers are just not enough for me. I have intentionally made the decision to drive them to & from school everyday through the years. For one, it cuts down on potential chaos (bus issues) and the 2nd, we have our best talks in the car right after school. Sometimes they compete to be heard, but other times I learn things from them about what they are thinking and how their day went. Favorite teachers can have such a long lasting affect on them. Those who take the time to listen. We homeschooled early on until 4th grade. I loved those years. I learned a lot about my boys. The oldest has a unique combination of being an athlete and an artist. He would sit for hours and draw. We bought him art tools to explore with. The 2nd was very wiggly and public school in those early years would have been a challenge for him. I was able to come up with ways that he could wiggles out while learning. We would have spelling tests that would allow him to make a basket in a small wastepaper basket with a soft ball every time he would get a word right. Amazing how that would stimulate & motivate him. The last thing I would like to mention is the their love for critters! I’m not much of a critter mom, but once the boys find that out, you’ve been had! They still laugh about the time they brought me a live bat in a jar in the house and I freaked! I tried not to, but didn’t succeed! This year my oldest came home for Christmas. He is stationed in Germany and is a paratrooper specialist soon to be studying to be a medic. I’m so proud of who he is. He brought home his German girlfriend who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. All of us were together on Christmas. At the end of the boys gift giving to each other on Christmas Eve. He proposed to Elena and included us in their special moment. She said “yes” and we all celebrated. I too wouldn’t change who they are. Boys come with different challenges than girls and you get through it and grow right along with them. Thank you for your article.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this with us Lisa. Congratulations on your family growing!! It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. I love how you said you drove them to and from school. That is a great time to just listen to what they have to say. I DEFINITELY would NOT have been able to handle the bat LOL!!

    2. I really enjoyed your comments! It is heartrending watching any child grow up, but you seem to have done wonderful! My boys are much older, except the youngest! My oldest 2 are in their early to mid 30’s and my youngest in his mid 20’s. but the loyalty is definitely there! I agree wholeheartedly! keep the faith and hope that your oldest gives you grandbabies!!

  89. I can totally relate to all these. Glad to know it is not just my boys. I have two boys, 2 and 6 and am pregnant with #3 (we don’t know the gender yet). A girl would be nice, but I know what to expect with boys.

    1. I can relate to all these, too. My husband’s family pressurised me to have a girl when I was in my 3rd pregnancy (if only I colud do something about the babie’s gender!), but I was very happy about the third boy, too. I like your statement “a girl would be nice, but I know what to expect with boys” – it’s a good, healthy attitude of a loving mother. And when I heard “You only make boys!” I answered “because we make the best boys in the world”

  90. You have described my life!! Mom of 3 boys, Aydan 11, Ethan 6, and Isaiah 3 (as I write this my youngest who is 3 just pulled a big booger and showed it to me, so proud, later kissed my cheek, NOT KIDDING!!!) lol
    My boys are all over the place, everyday. They exhaust me beyond my limit of strength. I too feel like people stare and wonder where did these jungle children come from lol!! I laugh at times… Honestly some times that’s all you can do 🙂 love my little monkeys!!! Wouldn’t change them for anything! Blessed to have them!!

    I’m so glad though that I’m not the only one out there. Sometimes you feel you’ll end up crazy!! Lol

  91. Poo. Need I say more up the walls everything. I only have 1 child at the moment and he is just over two. We fight to keep the nappy on, apparently poo is to be spread and smeared everywhere. We tryed toilet training for poo it just got worse with him. He would wiggle and poo on the seat or avoid going till I went to put a nappy on then poo as the nappy went on. Yes my floor in my toilet has been pooped on. Mattress protectors are a life saver, we wash it at least twice a week from morning poo or nap time poo. Some days twice a day including scrubbing poo of the walls. Shower as soon as it’s found to clean the boy then he has to be out of his room while I clean up the mess otherwise he is straight back to playing in the poo.

  92. I have two boys (4&5). For their birthdays (so close together we conjoin a big birthday with family) we got them bikes, scooters, and of course helmets. My oldest was riding down the sidewalk from our patio and the 4 year old was just sitting on his bike at the end of the sidewalk. The 5yo kicked his foot out and shoved it into the 4yo. He went flying into the cement step and bonked his eyebrow really bad. It didn’t break skin or break any bones thankfully. It just swelled like a mother. The next day it was literally black. So, the reason the 5yo kicked his foot out like that was from watching Charlies Angels and the motor cross death race. They do it in the air. We will not be watching movies like that for a while.

  93. You must know that they will be completely honest and not give any thought to others’ feelings. “I’m riding with Daddy cause he’s my favorite.”
    As a mom to 3 boys ages 26, 18 & 6, I never knew what “he’s all boy” meant until the third boy. Every day is a lesson and a blessing.

  94. Oh my goodness….I LOVED your article. I was literally crying (laughing so hard). I have four boys, 11, 9, and 5yr old twins. They jump, scratch, yell, stink and just act like boys. I’ve had to ask my hubby a few times, “is this normal?” LoL I’m so glad to know someone else is in my boat. My house is always messy and YES I do have people who wonder why it is that way. (they have girls). Keep up the good work mom of 3!!!!!!

  95. Was laughing hysterically reading this! Actually, my best friend had 4 girls in 3 years with my two boys in between and I find boys are loud at each while girls are loud at you, meaning never switch vehicles with you friend, lol! Then there’s the first year of little league when the little ones are in the outfield getting very bored… Nope, no sitting down pulling up grass. How about making a fist and banging to make sure that brand new cup works?!

  96. I have 3 girls and 2 boys and my girls are just as rowdy if not worse than the boys. Never a dull moment at my house 😉

  97. Lol, this is great!! I have to say that coming from a family that is mostly girls, having my son was a definite change of pace! I am grateful for my older daughter because I think having her as a playmate has dampened some of his boyness but he’s still a completely foreign being to me. He loves everything that you mentioned and will try to get away with as much of it as he can. I also find that he is very literal – if you tell him to put his plate in the sink he’ll do it but will leave his cup and silverware on the table!! I have to make sure to give him quick and exact answers or else nothing gets done. He keeps me on my toes, that’s for sure!!

  98. I can relate to most of those things. To add my personal experience, both of my boys on separate occasions peed into the drain by the curb in front of our house!!! The first thought came to mind was “Whose kids are they???”

  99. As a mom of 6 boys – I loved this!! Mine are mostly grown up now – I survived! I remember crying once and thinking that my kids hated each other because they were always punching etc. My husband just kindly reassured me that that is how boys show each other love! Ha ha. I am so grateful to my 3 new daughters in law though – starting to get some balance in the family! 🙂

  100. My oldest son at the age of 2 was standing with several adults of the neighborhood, I was included, and when I saw him put his hands on his hips I knew something was coming. He looked at our neighbor and said, “you sure are fat”! My second son, about 4 yrs of age, and his younger brother were using sidewalk chalk at the Christian Daycare. I arrived from work to pick them up and saw my middle son looking so proud at his sidewalk drawing so I took a look. Oh my goodness!! He had drawn an anatomically correct stick figure of a BOY. At the Christian Daycare!!!! Yes it was a stick figure all except what made the stick figure an obvious Male!! Big as life, it was a good drawing of that area!!! I asked, “why didn’t you put clothes on him?” Son says, “clothes are boring Mom”. Last but not least, my third son about 3 yrs old, was with us at a Chinese restaurant waiting for a table. I saw him keep staring at the hostess and just knew something was coming. He knew she looked different that we do and loud as could be, “Mom why does she have a flat face”? I wanted to crawl under the nearest table. All I can say is always be prepared!!!!!!!

  101. I must be the oddball here because I can’t relate to most of these! I have a son, 8, and a daughter, 5, and he has been WAY easier so far! He’s completely organized, and his room is always the cleanest in the house. I’ve never, in his 8 years, had to tell him to get his hand out of his pants. That’s something I’m thankful I haven’t had to deal with. Although the bodily noises do happen, a lot…!! Now my daughter on the other hand… she’s a mess. haha.

  102. I am a mother of three beautiful little girls. i am currently pregnant with my fourth child and just found out its a boy! I really am so excited about it and look forward to raising my son. I do want to say thank you for the heads up, I feel I am about to start a journey through uncharted waters!

  103. My son and his friend used to mix up weird combinations in the kitchen and then laugh when they threw up! I did find that when my son was a teenager he was always willing to go out to eat with me. It took him a while to realize he had to talk to me while we were there!

  104. This is sooooooooo true of my 2 boys, especially my youngest who is 4….pee everywhere, pulling down his pants to let us see his winkie, running around naked, taking things apart, all of the points are soo true

  105. I have four boys, 15, 13, 3, and 1. The oldest two are stepsons, so there are some extra issues in our family related to having a blended family. However, whoever commented about the drama is SO right! The 15-year-old has the worst mouth out of all of them. Also, boys climb everything. And I mean EVERYTHING! I am convinced my two little ones are half monkey. And just when I am yelling “Get down, you’ll hurt yourself!” they jump off and dissolve into giggles. I have a friend (with no kids) who comes over and hangs out with the kids and me a lot, and she is always going “Oh my gosh, doesn’t that make you nervous?” I have to keep telling her that I stopped freaking out a loooooooong time ago! Nevertheless, I love my boys, and wouldn’t change them for the world! I have a nine-year-old stepdaughter, who’s stuck right in the middle of all those boys, and I feel bad for her!

  106. WOW!!! Yes I agree to ALL of it!!! I am the mom of 3 boys…12, 10 & 8 years old. They are my loves! I wouldn’t change a day of it & can’t imagine it any different than it is! Oh the stories I can tell! The hardest part for me hasn’t been my baby turning into a toddler or going to school the first time. It is my oldest turning into a young man! I am not sure if I am emotionally prepared or if my heart is reading for what is to come.

  107. I am a Mom of three boys- every Mom of boys please beware, you will spend a lot of time in Urgent Care for injuries ( my youngest broke his front teeth off falling over the handlebars of his scooter, was struck by a car- Road rash on his chin and cried because he lost his chewing gum, fell off a bike and landed in gravel 3 hours picking stones from his knees and elbows, oldest dislocated his knee in gym, his shoulder flinging his back pack ) you get the idea, and get used to the idea they like to pee outside….in the yard, the church parking lot, walmart parking lot, it doesn’t matter, they are like like little puppies that have to leave a mark everywhere. I would not trade my 3 wonderful boys for 1 perfect blonde\blue eyed angelic little girl in a frilly dress. No Mom is more loved than the Mom of boys.

  108. I couldn’t have read this at a better time…sitting down wondering why my 2 year knows exactly how to push my buttons( we just had an episode). I have two boys ..1 and 2yrs old. They are so loud and constantly fighting. I feel they’ve started a little too early. Sometimes its hard to calm them down. I seem like a grumpy mom with my” sit! Stop! and the usual things. My neighbors complain of the stumping n running. I just read this at the right time as I was beginning to think I was doing something wrong. Thanks

  109. Teach them Rule #1 – Don’t Panic! (it’s a good one for you to remember also 😉 Need to go potty and the bathroom is far away? Rule #1 – Don’t Panic. Swimming and you realize you can’t touch the bottom? Rule #1. Learning to drive? Rule #1. Watching you son get on the bus that will take him to Basic Training? Rule #1. See it will help them (and you) for the rest of their lives.
    And one last important one…
    NEVER wash their pants before checking pockets!

  110. I really can relate to this starting from number 1 until number 10! It is somehow funny especially that I also have 3 little boys aged 4, 2 and 1.

  111. This is a great article even for dads! I’ve adopted a nine- and four-year old brothers. They drive me nuts at times…but is because I’ve forgotten that I was the exact same way…and at times…still am!!!

    Thanks for the post! Enlightening, encouraging, and enduring! I love my sons!

  112. I have boys 26 23 9 and 6. Many days I look at my youngest two and think I don’t remember my older boys fighting like this. Then I remember establishing the rule no blood on the carpet. Shortly afterwards I come home and my then 12 year old looks guilty. Then I notice the box of bandages and spray cleaner. They kids were playing WWE ( only needed 8 stitches but there wasnt blood on the floor or leaking out the five bandages he had put on his younger brother) despite sitters and discouraging wrestling i seemed to lose baking sheets and

  113. The BEST quote I’ve heard which applies 100% to my 3 sons (and they agree LOL!) is:
    The Oldest Child – I make the rules
    The Middle Child – I’m the reason we have rules
    The Youngest Child – The rules don’t apply to me!!!!

  114. My 3 boys are 13, 11, and 6. All of those things were true when they were younger. My older boys do not attract the dirt as much now, but the smell of puberty is horrible. No matter how much my 13 year old showers, he smells like a locker room. Of course his room is also like that. All of this is just normal since I don’t have girls.

  115. Did anyone Mention Boys are obsessed with poop????
    They yell from the bathroom, “MOOOOOMMMYY, COME LOOK AT MY POOOP!!!”
    so gross. lol
    Mom of 2 amazing boys 11 years old and 3 Years old.

  116. well lets just say that I can relate!!! I have 3 boys 2 are just 2 yrs and 3 months apart and the 3rd was a lovely surprise! He is 11 years younger than the oldest and 9 yrs younger than my middle boy. And you definitely hit every single high point about raising boys. However, I will state that I was a fanatic when it came to cleaning the bathroom! I did make my kids sit on the toilet to do their business, because I told them they would do that, or they would be cleaning the toilet. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. Their rooms I would just wait until I couldn’t stand it any longer and then we could clean it together! I bid on a job at the factory that I work at one time. It was for dispatch for maintenance and when the supervisor interviewed me, he asked me if I had any issues working around men, especially the ones that I know worked in Maintenance at the time and I told him that I raised 3 boys, did he think a bunch of men would scare me? ha!

  117. OMG this is my house every day too!!! And I only have two very busy and inquisitive boys!!! LOL!!! Thanks for writing this. It is a great read!!

  118. Gosh. I am so glad I am not alone in this! I have to say, I was not expecting number 7 at 4 years old!!!! I have 2 boys and a husband. I am doomed for a constantly dirty and bad smelling house.

  119. I am a mom of 3 boys, also! They are all grown now, with kids of their own. All of your tales, and warnings, are soooo true, but I miss them–talk about crazy! Oh the things I could tell you, that weren’t even on your list–Cocoa Puffs in a nose, swallowed coins, bugs in pants pockets, eating snails (garden type), etc, etc. But you know what…I never had a son, even in high school, that didn’t want to be with their dad and I. I wouldn’t trade all those years for anything. We were/are blessed

  120. Oh my goodness I can relate to almost all 10 of the thing boys and moms should know. My son is 11 and he loves using the bathroom naked with the door wide open and getting out of the shower and coming onto the living room. He doesn’t care if me or the girls have company, he just runs in and out and laugh hysterically. Now my stepson lives with us and he eats food and leaves the dishes under his bed or behind the dresser. It’s crazy but when I asked friends who has teenage boys they said it’s “normal” teenage boy behavior.

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