10 Ways a Freelance Copywriter Can Make Money

Below you will find 10 ways a freelance copywriter can make money. Not sure what that job is? A Freelance Copywriter is someone who writes or edits copy for a living.

A client will tell them a topic and length and they will write an article, a press release, a brochure, etc. If you enjoy writing this may be an excellent way to make money on the side. You set your own hours and work from any location you choose. If you would like to be a Freelance Copywriter but aren’t sure where to start here are 10 ways a Freelance Copywriter can make money.

10 Ways a Freelance Copywriter can make money online


10 Ways a Freelance Copywriter can Make Money:

1. Social Media Manager for a small business. Write posts to generate sales for the business using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc.

2. Direct Response Marketing for a local business is basically sending emails and/or letters to the previous customers of your client to generate sales and income.

3. You can also design brochures for your client or send out weekly or monthly newsletters via email.

4. You can get work in a Not For Profit Organization or charity. They always need help reaching supporters and getting donations and funding.

5. Look for editing or proofreading projects. There are businesses that will hire you more as a second set of eyes than as an actual writer.

6. Your local hair salon or day spa may need a copywriter to write ads for them or even write blog posts for their website.

7. Create promotional packages or sales packages for businesses in your area. They give a business a lot of exposure and you can make a decent income doing this.

8. You can write evergreen content for bloggers. This is specific content that is always relevant and can be reused.

9. Freelance for an advertising or public relations company. Your clients will be more varied than if you just choose a specific niche, but some people need variety in their career and this works.

10. If you are more tech oriented you could be technical writer. What’s the difference? A copywriter would write an advertisement to sell a client’s new juicer, while a technical writer would be the person that writes the instruction manual with the directions on how to use the juicer.
When you are a Freelance Copywriter there are many different ways you can earn an income. If you are currently seeking a job check out elance or odesk for open positions. You can utilize your writing and editing skills in different fields and areas, making money for your clients and yourself. I hope these 10 ways a freelance copywriter can make money can help you if you don’t know where to begin.

10 Ways a Freelance Copywriter can make money online

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