20 Ways to Make More Money

Most of you know that I am always trying to find new ways to make money. Whether it is working from home or just trying to find a side job I like to know that I can find new ways each month to increase my income.

When I became a stay at home mom I had a hard time adjusting to the fact that I was not contributing any money for our family. A lot of people find that odd, but I have always worked more than one job from the time I was fifteen. And before that I would babysit, so that I was able to start saving money at a young age. So when I stopped working to be at home for my first son it felt odd to not be contributing a paycheck.

I quickly realized that I had to do something about it. Ever since then I am always on the lookout for new ways to make money.

One of the biggest ways that I make money each month is through blogging. I am now able to earn a full-time income through my blog, but I still do odd jobs throughout the month to make money. If you are interested in blogging you can read my tutorial on how to start a blog.

Luckily, there are a TON of different opportunities to earn money on the side. Go through the list below and find a job that will fit with your life. Not all of them may work for you, but take the time to check out each one below. You never know what will be a good fit until you try it!

Here are 20 legitimate ways to make more money. I have personally done a bunch of these jobs and can tell you that you can actually make money from home with these ideas.

20 Ways to Make Money:


1. Take Surveys & Watch VideosDo you want to make money doing online surveys? Find out how you can get started today.

I am sure you have heard about taking online surveys. Not sure if it is a scam or not? I have personally used a few companies to make money with online surveys. I recommend you start with Inbox Dollars. They pay you to complete surveys online and even offer $5 just for signing-up. You can also get paid for watching videos!

Here are a few other survey sites you can try to: MySurvey | Vindale Research


2. Swagbucks

This is a free website that offers numerous opportunities for you to earn money. One of the easiest ways is by searching the Internet. Instead of using Google for your search engine you can use Swagbucks and get rewarded with points for searching through them. You can also earn for answering polls, taking surveys and even playing games. I have used Swagbucks for a few years and love saving up my points to get Amazon gift cards. This is definitely not something you would do to make a full-time income but it is a nice way to make extra money each month.


3. Get paid to test websites & apps

Did you know that you can get paid for reviewing websites and testing apps. User Testing will pay you $10 for each website that you review. Each session is 20 minutes long and you will be required to complete a few tasks and record it. Your payment will be Paypal cash.



4. EbatesDo you want to make money shopping online? Find out how I made an extra $1,000!

So this company does not exactly pay you, but you will received checks for using them when you shop. I LOVE using Ebates. I wrote an entire post about how I make money shopping online with Ebates.

How this site works is you go to ebates.com and then find your favorite online retailer and click to their store. Once you make a purchase you will be give a percentage as cash back from ebates. It is FREE to use their site and they even offer a referral program and $10 gift card for signing up and making a qualifying purchase.





5. Make money doing laundry Woman Holding Laundry Basket Full of Towels

Yes, you read that correct. You can actually make money doing laundry. Now, I have to admit that laundry is that one chore that I absolutely HATE doing. I would LOVE to pay someone to do my laundry. Anyway, learn more about this opportunity and how you can get paid to do laundry.



6. Sell your clothes

I am sure you have used clothing in your closet that you would not mind parting with to make a quick buck. Did you know that there are a TON of sites that you can sell used and gently worn clothing and make GOOD money. You do not even have to do a lot of work. Many of the sites require that you pack up the box and ship it and then they will do the rest. Read more about selling your clothing.



7. Make money selling stock photosAre you looking for photography freelance jobs? Take a look at this of job ideas and where you can actually find work.

As a blogger I am always purchasing photos for my posts because I really lack in the photography department. I have been wanting to take a photography class for years now, but never got around to it yet. Anyway, you can make money by selling digital photos with sites like shutterstock and bigstock. There is definitely a lot of competition and you do not make a lot from each picture, but if you are good at what you do there is definitely an opportunity to make some extra cash.


8. Become a mystery shopper

You can actually make money as a mystery shopper. It is exactly what it sounds like. You will visit a store, restaurant, or other place of business and posing as a shopper so you can report on your experiences later. There are lots of major businesses that want to know how their stores are functioning on a day to day basis, such as how clean their workers keep things, how polite their workers are, inventory, etc. Read more about getting started as a mystery shopper and companies who will hire you.


9. Sell your stuff

I mentioned above that you can sell your clothes to make money, but you can also sell everything else you have on sites like Craigslist and eBay. There are benefits to using both sites. Personally, I have used Craigslist to sell items we have around our house because it was quick and easy. Often times, I will get people who are interested within an hour of posting.

Get started by making a list of items you could sell then read my tips and tricks for making money selling your stuff.


10. Blogging Start a blog slider ft

Most blogs start out as a hobby. This was the case for me. In the beginning, I did not make a lot of money from my blog. Now, I earn a full-time income and could not be happier. I LOVE blogging and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to work from home. It is definitely not something that will make you money overnight, but is worth it in the long-run.

If you are interested in blogging you can get begin with my how to start a blog tutorial and check out how much money bloggers actually make.


11. Get paid to shop

I like to use this free app called IBOTTA that will pay you for everyday shopping. It is easy to use and you can make money shopping. You can get rebates and cash back for scanning your receipts for items you are going to purchase at the grocery store.



12. Become a tutor

Are you an expert in a certain topic, or have a particular skill set? Capitalize on it by becoming a tutor. I recently interviewed a woman as a part of my Work From Home Interview Series who is a tutor and makes an extra $500 a month from doing it. You can also check out Open English and Tutor.com to look for work.



13. Make money as a Transcriptionist

You may have heard of Medical or Legal Transcription, and for the most part you need some specialized training for these positions, but there is also General Transcription. This is a great way to make money from home, but it is not easy. Read more about becoming a transcriptionist and how you can find a job.



14. Open an Etsy shop Do you enjoy making hand crafted items? Want to make your hobby a business? Take a look at how to earn money selling on etsy!

If you enjoy making handmade items {and are good at it!} you should consider having your own Easy shop. Although I am not too crafty, I do love buying homemade decor items from Etsy. You can read more about selling on Etsy and how you can make money doing it.


15. Sell your skills on Fiverr

Have you ever heard of fiverr? It is a cool site that you can either hire someone or post jobs that you will do for $5. Check out their site and list any jobs that you could do for $5. It may not seem like a lot of money, but there are people who get hired for hundreds of jobs per month.



16. Make money with your junk mail make money from your junk mail

I am sure most people do not think twice when it comes to recycling or throwing away their junk mail or emails. Well, now you can actually get paid for it! Instead of tossing it you can send it to this company and they will reward you with points, which can then be redeemed for gift cards. This is definitely NOT a way to get rich, but why not make some extra money with your junk mail!




17. Get paid to write an article for blogs

Enjoy writing? There are plenty of blogs out there who will hire you for writing an article on their blog. You can either inquire with some of your favorite bloggers or take a look at these:

Scary Mommy – pays $100 {read requirements}
The Penny Hoarder – pays $75 {read requirements}
The Krazy Coupon Lady – pays $50 {read requirements}
The Dollar Stretcher – pays $.10 per published word {read requirements}


18. Tweeting

Do you have a Twitter account? Even if you are not a celebrity you can still get paid to tweet. There are numerous companies that are willing to pay you for tweeting about their product or services to your followers. The more followers you have the higher the compensation. You can check out Sponsored Tweets to get started.


19. Customer Service Rep

Many large companies will outsource their customer service department who will then hire out reps who work from home as a custommer service agent. You may be surprised with how many companies actually do hire people to work from a remote location. Start with 1-800-FLOWERS.com, Amazon or check on Working Solutions for an open position.



20. Be an Online Juror

Can you believe that there are companies who will pay you to sit on mock juries because they want your feedback? Even though the cases are real your verdict is only used for feedback for attorneys and other consultants to try to figure out how things might go. Make sure you read through all the details and disclaimers. Earnings range from $5 – $60. Head over to Online Verdict to learn more.


More ways to make money:

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Here are 20 legitimate ways to make more money. I have personally done a bunch of these jobs and can tell you that you can actually make money from home with these ideas.

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  1. Selling clothes is a huge underground and very profitable way to make money. Before I became a blogger, I used to sell women’s jeans on eBay. Been selling on eBay for 18 years now and they always did well. I’d get jeans at yard sales or thrift stores for $1, sometimes even less, and could resell the good brands on eBay for up to $80 per pair. If you know what you’re looking for, it can become very lucrative. I have a whole section about selling on eBay on my site. http://www.sarahtitus.com/category/free-ebay-training/

    I know a lot of people sell children’s clothes on eBay too. That is really profitable. Especially brands like Children’s Place and Gymboree. The used clothes and shoes are worth good money and since they are well-made clothes, they stand up the test of time and sometimes still seem new, even though they are used!
    Sarah recently posted..How I Made $10,015 Last Month BloggingMy Profile

  2. This is great. Thank you for sharing! I recently started working to make money on the side and got a job as a content writer for a web-based business. It’s been great so far and I hope to continue in multiple different ways! I’m blogging about my journey to get out of debt here if you would like to watch our story as well: http://www.diyjahn.com

    Thank you again for sharing, Adeline. I love coming to your site and reading new and exciting ways to make, save, and budget money.
    Cassie recently posted..How to make your own beautiful burlap candles for less than $1 a piece!My Profile

  3. Great post. Thanks for the sharing this information. I use that online money making system too. The Fiverr is a great way to earn money online in the comforts of my home, and have fun doing it!

  4. Hi

    Totally agreed with you that the most convenient way to make money online is through blogging. As you are blogger you can use your blog as springboard to launch digital products & services that bring in income. Examples are ebooks, books, speaking gigs, products, ecourses, etc.

    Best regards for you and your readers

  5. I agree with you. This post is truly inspiring. I like your post and everything you share with us. I want to bookmark the page so I can return here. Really, you have done a fantastic job.

  6. Great post. I have another to add. If you don’t mind cleaning up and if you enjoy going for walks then consider providing a litter cleanup service outside retail, office and industrial properties. I’ve been doing this for over 35 years. Service your properties on-foot with inexpensive hand tools. Almost as easy to do as going for a walk!

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