My 2014 Bucket List


I seriously cannot believe that this is the end of 2013. This year passed in the blink of an eye. I made a 2013 Bucket List with some high hopes last year {haha}. Although I do not put a lot of pressure on New Years resolutions or life changes I do think it is fun to make a list of goals or things I would like to do this upcoming year.

2014 Bucket List

Bucket List 2014

Before I list my items on my 2014 Bucket list I want to show you how many things I crossed off from my bucket list from past year. My 3 main points from last year included a healthy lifestyle, cookin more and appreciating the small thungs. Here is my 2013 Bucket List:

Stay Healthy – I can say that I have been eating much healthier and do not focus on so much junk food
Worry Less – now that I look at this it is pretty dumb! How can I possibly worry less wheni have 3 young children?? Can’t cross this one off!
Cooking Lessons – this is something I would still like to do, but definitely did not get to in 2013
Write a Book – I have started a small eBook but it is nowhere near completed
Try Sushi – still have yet to do this. Just the thought of it makes me sick
Cook everyday for a month – lol, again I had high hopes for myself. I have been cooking a lot more but no where near every day
Run a 5K – since I found out we were expecting at the end of January this one went right out the window
Organize our closets – I am constantly organizing our closets, yay I can mark this off even though it is ongoing
Take a Zumba class – I can partially scratch this off… I went to a Zumba class when I was pregnant but was only there a few minutes. Does that count?!?
Learn how to use our camera – I have definitely learned a lot more about our camera this year.
Visit someplace I have never been before – hmm trying to think if I did this? We did vacation in a semi- new area.
Read 100 books – this was a little ambitious. I just counted and I did complete 51 books! I was actually shocked when I counted because that is almost a book a week which was surprising since I did have a baby this year.

As you can see I did not cross off a lot of the items from my bucket list last year, but I a, going to make another one this year and try to reference it throughout the year so that I can cross some items off. I am going to make the list a little bit more realistic. There are a TON of items I would like to put on a “life bucket list” but for right now I am going to focus on the upcoming year.

2014 Bucket List

1. Take a photography class
2. Read 50 books
3. Try a new food
4. Donate every month
5. Exercise
6. Have date nights with my husband
7. Organize 1 room in our house every month
8. Family Bike Ride
9. Learn to Sew
10. Vacation

I know my list might seem boring to some of you because it doesnt include HUGE exciting tasks or traveling, but to me these items are important. What are some of the things on your 2014 Bucket List?

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