25 Halloween Decor Ideas

Here are 25 Halloween Decor Ideas that you can use to decorate your home this Halloween! Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. Now that I have kids it is so much more fun! They love helping me decorate our home with both our Halloween decor items and our fall decorations.


25 halloween decor ideas

Are you looking for fun ideas to decorate your home this Halloween? Since I am not the most creative person, nor am I that handy, I love going on Pinterest and finding new ideas for decorating our home  It is nice to be able to have unique decorations that you can’t just buy at a store. Plus, it is a fun project to do with our kids!

Check out this list below and enjoy decorating your home!

 25 Halloween Decor Ideas


1. Spooky Spider Candle Holders
2. Halloween Crow Garland
3. Dollar Store Decor
4. Eery Table Runner Mural
5. Awesome Wreath and Tree – Spooky!
6. Creepy Halloween Display Trays
7. Halloween Sign Art Work Holder
8. Easy Bat Wall Makeover
9. Haunted Bird House
10. Pedestal Spider Web
11. Color Dipped Pumpkins
12. Tree Branch Chandelier
13. Creepy Hand Candy Bowl
14. Zombie Baby Head
15. Glass Shade Ghosts
16. Halloween Chalkboard Rocks
17. Vampire Bat Decorative Frame
18. Mad Scientist Jars
19. Eggshell Ghosts
20. Creepy Cherubs
21. Eyeball Topiaries
22. Easy Pumpkin Luminaries
23. Embroidered Wall Hangers
24. Duct Tape Deco Spheres
25. Painted Halloween Signs


Looking for more Halloween ideas? Here are some cute Halloween printables you can use to decorate your house and also check out these FREE Pumpkin Carving templates and decorations:

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Do you have any Halloween decor ideas or suggestions, please leave a comment below.

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