31 Ways to Save Money this Month

31 Ways to Save Money this Month

One of the hard parts about saving money is actually finding ways to save everyday. It is definitely easier said then done, but it is possible to really buckle down and save money every month. Print out our FREE 31 Ways to Save Money this Month printable to help you stay on track throughout the month. This calendar can be used for any month and offers 31 different tips to help you save money.

Once you print it you can hang it up and cross off the suggestions that you use each day. You can come back to reference this post to find suggestions for the tips listed on teh calendar.

Not all of the suggestions may apply to you so there are a few blank spaces that you can add in your own ways to save money during the month. Below you will see all the tips and tricks that are on the calendar for you to try.

Also, check out my Monthly Budget Spreadsheet so that you can figure out where you are spending your money each month.

31 Ways to Save Month this Month:

1. Buy store brand items instead of name brands
2. Create a $5 savings jar
3. Call your cable provider to see if they can lower your bill
4. Make your own laundry detergent
5. Pack your lunch
6. Check your monthly bills for mistakes
7. Meal Plan
8. Avoid paying out of network ATM fees
9. Add $5 to your jar
10. Sell unwanted items
11. Skip bottled water & use a refillable bottle
12. Make a budget
13. Pay monthly bills on time to avoid late fees
14. Use a rewards card
15. Use a prepaid phone instead of paying monthly
16. Replace all filters in your home
17. Wash your laundry in cold water
18. Recycle for cash
19. Use coupons & only shop sales
20. Add money into your savings account
22. Eat leftovers
23. Add $5 to your jar
24. Pay bills online to save on stamps & envelopes
25. Use a cash back website when shopping online
26. Plan a night at home instead of going out
27. Use a shopping list when buying groceries
28. Avoid convenient stores
29. Clean your house with vinegar
30. Make your own gifts instead of purchasing new
31. Buy in bulk to maximize your savings

PRINT: 31 Ways to Save Money this Month


Use this FREE printable that offers 31 Ways to Save Money this month!

Also, take a look at our 52 Week Savings Plan to save over $1300 this year!

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  1. I hate coupons. There are never any coupons for what I am buying. Then if I use one just because I have a coupon, am spending money on things I probably won’t eat anyway.

  2. Nice tips and printable! Our own journey learning to save money in hard times made me start my Frugal Living Mom blog to help people find things that they could get for free and put “frugal strategies” into their everyday lives. And I always love it when I see these kind of tips from other mommy bloggers, too! 🙂
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