4th Of July Activities For Kids

Below you will find some really fun 4th of July Activities for kids. Make sure you also teach them about the 4th of July with these cool ideas.

4th Of July Activities for Kids

Most people celebrate the 4th of July with a cookout, a picnic or a day at the beach. There is always a lot of food to enjoy and the weather is beautiful. Having some games planned for the kids will keep them busy and having fun all day. Here are some ideas for 4th of July games for kids.

4th of July Activities For Kids:

Fill up a bunch of red, white and blue balloons with water. Hide them all around the yard. Split the kids into 3 teams; red, white and blue. Have them search for the balloons with their team color. The team that finds all of their balloons first wins a prize or a treat.

Now, using the water balloons from the search, give each kid an equal amount of balloons. They can now have a water balloon fight!It’s best if they are wearing swimsuits for this, but the heat from the sun should dry their clothes quickly. The winner after all the balloons are gone, is the driest kid. Keep in mind though, you may not have a winner here because kids love getting wet!

Make an American Flag out of poster board. Then cut out white stars, enough that each child will get one. Blindfold the children 1 at a time and have them Pin The Star On The Flag. The kid who pins their star closest to the correct spot is the winner!

4th Of July Activities for Kids

Make or buy a red, white and blue pinata and fill it with red, white and blue candy. Blindfold each kid and let them take a turn hitting the pinata. When it breaks, all the kids get to collect the candy.

No matter what games you choose, try to put a 4th of July spin on them. Make sure to use lots of red, white and blue. Any outdoor games can be modified to the ages and levels of the participants, so get creative and most of all, have fun!

You can also check out some of our 4th of July recipes to try:

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4th Of July Desserts For Kids






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4th of july desserts: tricolor patriotic marshmallows


Let us know in the comments below of any other 4th of July activities for kids that you have done in the past.

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