5 Ways to Save Money Shopping Online

If you are anything like me, then you love to go shopping online. I do not always have the time to load up my kids to run to the store, plus I can do my shopping in my pajamas. It’s just so convenient.
On days where I am exhausTake a look at these 5 ways to save money shopping online. ted from running around with my kids, working from home, and running errands I know that I can still get that birthday present for the party that’s coming up without missing a beat. I have to admit I do prefer online shopping over in-store shopping. There are no lines, no crowds and it’s impossible to lose one of the kids in a clothing rack!

Below I am going to share with you my top 5 ways to save money shopping online.

A lot of people are under the impression that if you shop online then you pay extra for shipping and even higher prices because of the convenience. But, that is not necessarily true. Yes, it is definitely convenient but I have actually tested this theory by heading to a local store that I normally purchase from online to compare prices.

I was able to get the same deals online as I would if I was in the store. There are some occasions where I will get a really good coupon that can only be used in-store. In those cases I will weigh my options and see if heading to the local store is worth the small amount of savings.

You have to keep in mind that when you are at a physical store you are more likely to overspend on impulse purchases. I can tell you from personal experience that I head into Target for 3 items and leave there spending more than $100! Seriously, this is no joke. Target gets me every time. I cannot resist their office supplies and even the $1 section at the front of the store. Not to mention my boys begin begging for every item in sight. Somehow we accumulate a cart full of household things that we do not need.

Now, I will say that online shopping has caused me to become addicted to Amazon. I have Amazon Prime so I can order an item and have it shipped to me for free within 2 business days. It is absolutely magical, but …. it can also add up fast. The important part is being disciplined with your purchases. You need to know the difference between getting a good deal and just purchasing because it is on sale.

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This can be a HUGE struggle. You may want to make a purchase online because of the low price, but will you really use it? Do you actually need it?

Even when I shop online, I am always looking for ways to save some money. It’s a little bit different when you are shopping online, but  for me the basic concept is the same; save as much money as possible. There are a few different ways to accomplish your savings goals. The key is to utilize as many of these ways as possible to maximize your savings.

Don’t worry though, since everything is done online, it’s pretty easy to save. Here are my top 5 ways to save money when shopping online.


5 Ways to Save Money Shopping Online:

1. Comparison shopping. Don’t buy from the first place you look. Check out a few of your favorite store’s websites. Compare the price of the item along with the price for shipping. You may be surprised by how different the prices are when you look at a few different websites. Some sites offer free shipping when you spend a certain amount of money, and some sites may be offering an extra percentage off of certain products. Buy from the website which will give you the lowest total.

Figure out the savings for the coupon codes and the shipping to see which would be the best deal for you. Often times, I find that if I spend a little bit more money I am actually saving because instead of paying for shipping I can purchase one more item and get the free shipping.

2. Email lists. While you are visiting a website, most of the time a little pop up will appear asking you if you would like to sign up for their email list. Be sure to sign up because most of the time you will receive special discount codes and exclusive savings by doing so. If you are worried about getting too many emails, set up a separate email account that is only used for this purpose. {And if you feel so inclined, sign-up for my email list! #shamelessplug}

3. Social media. Like or follow your favorite stores on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Most stores are trying to build a close relationship with their customers on social media sites. They run contests and giveaways for their followers. They also post exclusive deals and coupon codes on their social media sites. This is a great way for you to get it during sales and bargains that those shopping in the actual store aren’t getting.

4. Coupon codes. I try to never ever checkout when shopping online until I have searched for and found a coupon code. My favorite site for coupon codes is Retail Me Not. I can almost also find a working coupon code on their site. If for some reason I can’t find a code to use on Retail Me Not, I then will do a basic google search for the store name and coupon code. Nine times out of ten there will be a coupon code somewhere online that you will find. When checking out pay attention, some websites will allow you to stack your coupon codes for even more savings.

5. Ebates. Sign up for Ebates now! Anytime you shop online, log in to Ebates first and find the store website you will be shopping on. Click through to the website you are purchasing from thorough the Ebates site. You are now eligible to receive a certain percentage of what you spend as cash back. Every time you shop through Ebates the cash back amount accumulates and you will receive a check or payment via Paypal. Plus they offer referral bonuses! This is a really great way to save. Ebates will send you quarterly checks with your cash back total.

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Shopping online is convenient and comfortable. It doesn’t have to cost you more for that convenience, you can save a lot of money when shopping online. Follow these 5 ways to save money when shopping online so that you do not have to blow your budget.


Want to save money shopping online? Learn how you can get discounts, free shipping and even cash back when you shop from home!

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  1. Hi Addi,

    The above mentioned tips will surely help to save money while shopping Online. And also buying products in online on special occasion and festival days helps to save a considerable amount of money, because in those days we can find tons best deals on almost every E-commerce sites.

  2. The above article is very resourceful in learning online tools of saving, especially around holidays time. I shop online quite often; but I wasn’t aware of the last tip where apparently you can even save more money.
    Thanks a lot,
    Living in The Future.

  3. I always suggest my friends use beauty products from Macy’s at affordable prices. I saved money with a good discount on purchasing a beauty blender sponge applicator from Dealhack coupons.

  4. I always suggest my friends use beauty products from Macy’s at affordable prices. I saved money with a good discount on purchasing a beauty blender sponge applicator from Dealhack coupons.

  5. These are some of the best tips that truly help people to find the collection and shop online at best prices. I have always found coupons helpful while shopping online and that is the main reason that i check for offers first then only place the order.

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