5 Will Drive: Jansen Quintuplets Learn How to Drive



5 Will Drive

I honestly cannot even imagine what it will be like when my boys turn sixteen and my husband and I have to teach them how to drive! It is an extremely scary thought. We have three boys that are very close in age, so I imagine it to be pretty stressful. Although I may think it will be difficult when they are learning how to drive it does not even compare to the Jansen Family QUINTUPLETS!

5 Will Drive

Right now, Elijah, Taylor, Miranda, Nick and Carter Jansen are learning how to drive. You can experience their driving journey through their site 5WillDrive. Learn what it is like for a family to teach 5 kids to drive all at the same time! You will be able to see their challenges and milestones along the way. If you are a parent teaching your child how to drive you will love following their journey and connecting to the Jansen’s quintuplets’ parents. Watch the video below and then head over to 5WillDrive to see more videos and posts about their driving journey.




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