50 Ways to Save a $1/Day


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Can you save $1 a day? Sure you can! A dollar may seem like nothing these days, but when you save those dollars, they start to add up. $1 a day is $30 a month, which is $360 a year. If you make some changes from this list of 50 ways to save $1 a day you can multiply your savings! Also, be sure to check out our 52 Week Money Challenge

50 Ways to Save $1/Day:

1.Recycle bottles and cans.

2.Buy store brand items instead of name brand.

3.Cancel your gym membership and work out at home.

4.Call your insurance companies and see if there’s a way to lower your monthly bill.

5.depending on the cost of your cable bill, you can drop to a cheaper package and save about $30 a month.

6.Switch to energy efficient light bulbs.

7.Turn down the heat or the ac and unplug electronics.

8.Stop using vending machines for soda and snacks.

9.Invest in a water filter and stop buying bottled water.

10.Stay in one weekend a month instead of going out and spending money. Dinner and a movie can easily run $30 or more for 1 person depending where you live.

11.Have your morning coffee at home instead of buying it outside.

12.When you are out with the kids bring snacks from home.

13.When you grocery shop, stick to sale items and use coupons.

14.Pay all of your bills on time. Most companies now charge a $30 late fee.

15.Before you write a check, be sure the money is in your account. Most banks charge a $30 fee for insufficient funds.

16.Eat breakfast at home and pack lunch to take to work with you or to send the kids to school with.

17.Instead of driving alone, join a carpool.

18.If you only use your cell phone, get rid of your landline phone.

19.Read newspapers and magazines online instead of paying for a yearly subscription.

20.Buy used video games instead of new.

21.Don’t pay for premium gas unless your vehicle needs it.

22.Cancel your internet plan and use free wi-fi hotspots.

23.Use a clothes line or rack to dry clothes instead of using the dryer.

24.Alter clothing yourself instead of paying to have it done.

25.Try to get one more wear out of all items that you have dry cleaned.

50 Ways to Save $1 A Day

26.If you go out for a family dinner every Friday instead of cooking, just stay home and cook on 1 of those Fridays and easily save $30 or more.

27.Don’t buy books or ebooks, go to the library or look for free ebooks online.

28.If you have multiple credit cards, call the companies and ask if they can lower your interest rate.

29.Quit or cut down on smoking or drinking.

30.Put all loose change in a jar or piggy bank and at the end of the month you should have approximately $30.

31.When you are eating out,don’t order extra bacon or cheese. Those extras are usually $1 or more each.

32.Take your kids to free events, like outdoor concerts instead of buying tickets to the circus or other paid event.

33.Buy things like school supplies, cleaning supplies and paper goods at the dollar store.

34.Have a budget and stick to it! Overspending can easily cost you more than $30 a month.

35. Stop seeing movies in the theater, subscribe to Netflix and eat snacks at home on movie night.

36. Make your own cleaning products, there are great recipes online for laundry detergent, dishwashing soap, furniture polish, etc.

37. Make your own beauty products. Sugar scrubs, facial masks, and other items can be made at home for a lot less than buying the expensive store bought versions.

38. If you spend a lot on prescription medicines and copays each month, consider signing up for a discount program. You can ask your pharmacist about this or look it up online.

39.Do you buy treats for your pet? There are tons of recipes online that use ingredients you have in your pantry to make healthy, homemade pet treats. They are so much cheaper and better than store bought!

40. Use your plastic grocery bags to line wastepaper baskets and trash cans instead of buying bags.

41.Get a membership to BJ’s or Costco and buy in bulk. Things like spices, diapers and meat are a great deal.

42.If your cat is not picky, use shredded newspaper instead of litter in their litter box and sprinkle some baking soda to help with odor.

43. Do you go to the salon for mani/pedis and blow outs weekly? Skip one week every month to save $30 or even more depending on where you live.

44. Professional coloring and highlighting is very expensive. Learn to do them yourself at home and save even more than a dollar a day.

Saving a little bit of money each day can really add up in the long-run. Find out how you can save $1 a day to help increase your savings account.

45.Before calling a plumber or electrician for a repair, see if it’s something that you can possibly do yourself. Ask friends, family, or Google for advice.

46. Have $30 a month taken out of your paychecks and put into your savings account. This way you don’t see the money and aren’t tempted to spend it.

47.Switch from a smartphone to a regular cell phone. Depending on what you are currently paying for, this can save more than $30 a month.

48.Try to avoid the ice cream truck during the summer. Instead have ice cream and popsicles at home for the kids.

49.Do you do a lot of shopping online? Joining programs like Amazon Mom and Amazon Prime save money on shipping charges by offering free 2 days shipping. If you order several times a month, you can save more than $30 a month.

50.Do you pay someone to mow the lawn, rake leaves, or walk the dog? Do it yourself. Save money, get fresh air and exercise at the same time!

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  1. Here is how I save money. Put the dryer on the lowest heat setting. Clothes still get dry and last longer because they don’t get cooked on high heat.

    We go out for a nice dinner about once a month. Our choice of saving is to get water to drink instead of sodas or other drinks. This is allows us to get a nicer dinner.

    Save money on the water heater by installing a thermostat with a timer. No need to heat water over night or during the day when no one is home. Decide how long you want hot water in the morning and again in the afternoon/evening. Even after the timer goes off, there is still a full tank of hot water if you need it. Or, you can hit the “On” button to heat water if you need it at other times.

    1. Thanks for sharing these great tips Sandra! I love that you buy water when you are dining out. To purchase a pop at some restaurants is $3 or even more. When you are going with a few people that definitely adds extra money to the bill.

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