6 Frugal Gift Ideas For Any Occasion

Here are 6 Frugal Gift Ideas that you can use for your next party or holiday.

Frugal Gift Ideas

It seems like no matter the day, week or month there is a special occasion happening. Whether it is a major holiday, a birthday, shower, anniversary or anything in between, gift giving does not have to be expensive. There are tons of frugal gift ideas to give that are both personal and thoughtful. These gifts will make your recipient will feel special and your purse will not feel so empty.

Frugal Gift Ideas:

1. Homemade beauty products like sugar scrubs and bubble baths are inexpensive to make. Put the finished product in a pretty jar with some ribbon and a gift tag. If you need a recipe, just Google it and you will find many to chose from.

2. Homemade heating pads are cute and portable. Fill a pretty sock or small pillowcase with uncooked white rice. Sew or tie off the end. Microwave for 1 to 3 minutes for long lasting heat.

Frugal Gift Ideas

3. Pillows are so easy to make and a great gift idea. Place your fabric with the printed sides facing each other. Sew three sides closed to form a pocket. Turn the pocket inside out and stuff your pillow. Then sew closed the last side.

4. Gifts in a jar are so popular right now. They are an adorable idea and they are so great because anything goes! Fill the jar with a theme of items the recipient loves. Tie the top with some ribbon and you’re done.

Frugal Gift Ideas

5. I love this idea for parents, grandparents, godparents, aunts and uncles. Get a large poster board, picture frame and finger paint from the dollar store. Dip the children’s hands and/or feet in the paint and put their prints on the poster board. Frame when dry for a delightful gift that will bring smiles for years to come.

6. Do you remember making little coupon books in school for your parents? I can remember writing “this coupon is good for one hug” in a mother’s day coupon book I made for my mom when I was in 2nd grade and it’s still a great gift idea years later. Customize the coupons to the recipient with the coupons redeemable for things like a back rub, a dinner out, a night of babysitting, or anything that you think they will love. This is a frugal gift idea that will always be a winner!

These frugal gift ideas can get you started saving money, while still being able to make someone smile on their special day. Keep in mind, it is the thought that counts. Think about the person the gift is for and be creative. You will come up with the perfect frugal gift idea!

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