7 Photography Freelance Jobs

If you have always had excellent photography skills and want to earn some money, you should try to find photography freelance jobs. You can make money doing something you love; taking pictures! I know this is not a job that everyone can do, but if you are a photography and are just getting started, finding photography freelance jobs is the perfect way to build a portfolio.

As a photography you have a ton of opportunities to make money. Freelance photography jobs are great because you can choose what types of jobs you take. You can specialize in a specific kind of photo session or you can do several different kinds. Not sure what to do? Here are 7 freelance photography jobs that may be perfect for you.

Are you looking for photography freelance jobs? Take a look at this of job ideas and where you can actually find work.

Photography Freelance Jobs:

1. Newborn sessions: you can be the one to capture some of those precious moments shortly after a baby is born. Not only can you take photos of baby and the parents together but you can also take photos of baby for the birth announcement.

2. Family portraits: more and more families are making it a tradition to have family portraits taken. People get married and have babies. The family grows. And you can be the one they call to memorialize those changes with your beautiful family photos. This is a great place to start because you can ask family and friends if you can capture their special memories for them.

3. Pregnancy Announcements: it has become the norm to come up with a really creative idea to tell the world when you are expecting. If you are also the creative type, this may be right up your alley.

4. Gender Reveals: Right along with pregnancy announcements, gender reveals are a really fun way for expecting parents to tell loved ones if it’s a boy, a girl or maybe even both! Who knows? Your photos may even go viral!

5. Birthdays: When taking photos for a birthday, you can have private sessions for the person celebrating their birthday. You can specialize in milestone birthdays like 1 year old, sweet 16, legal 21, dirty 30 and so on. You can also photograph birthday parties so you get to be a part of the celebration and take photos of the guests, cake and gifts also.

6. Showers: bridal showers and baby showers are special events for the bride and mom to be. You can photograph their special event to create a photo album with pictures that they will cherish forever.

7. Pets: the days where the dog wasn’t allowed in the house are over. Now, pets are treated like members of the family. They eat with you, sleep with you and love you like family, so why not treat them like family? That goes for photos as well. The list of people having professional photos of their pets taken is growing in leaps and bounds. If you are an animal lover, pet photo sessions might be the specialty for you.

Are you looking for photography freelance jobs? Take a look at this of job ideas and where you can actually find work.

You can start by asking people who are close to you for references or even offer to do a shoot for free. Here are a few places you can look for photography freelance jobs:




Freelance photography jobs can be fun and heartwarming for the right person. If you have the photography skills to start you are halfway there. Think of special moments in life, special occasions and events that people want to remember forever. These are times that a freelance photographer is needed; and that’s where you step in!


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Are you looking for photography freelance jobs? Take a look at this of job ideas and where you can actually find work.

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