7 Things Thrifty People Will NOT Do

Is your goal to live a more thrifty lifestyle? It can be hard to figure out ways to save money without having to make a lot of sacrifices everyday.

Throughout my own journey to live a thrifty life I have found that there are certain similar characteristics between other thrifty people and myself. There are just particular things that I will NOT do. Even though being thrifty can take on a different meaning in the end it is trying to live a lifestyle within your means. I try to save money where we can so that my family and I can spend it how we want to.

Do you consider yourself thrifty? Check out this list of 7 things a thrifty person will NOT do.

So, below you will find a list of things that thrifty people, like me, will not do.

Thrifty People Will NOT:

Thrifty People Will Not … Always Purchase Sale Items

Yes, I do purchase items when they are on sale, but I do not just buy them because they are on sale. Does that make sense? Sorry Mom, but I am throwing you under the bus. My Mom has a problem with buying items just because they are on sale. Even if she does not really like it she will still purchase it because its a great deal. A thrifty person will not waste money unless the purchase is necessary. I always think ahead and if I can get something for a great sale I will buy it if I know it will be of use. But, it has to be something I will actually use. [Not to mention I always try to make sure I am getting cash back!]

Thrifty People Will Not …  Use Coupons Just Because

I use coupons to save money not just because I have them. I know a lot of people try to save money, but the mistake they make is purchasing items that they do not actually need just because they had a coupon for it. You will end up spending money that you did not need to. This is especially true when you are grocery shopping. Just because you have a $1 off coupon does not mean you have to use it.

Thrifty People Will Not … Only Shop at Warehouse Stores

Even though buying in bulk can save a ton of money I know that you do not always get the best deals at these stores. Especially if you end up wasting some of the items because you do not use them before they expire. Your local grocery store runs sales that you can pair with coupons to maximize your savings.

Thrifty People Will Not … Pay Late Fees

As someone who lives a thrifty lifestyle I make sure I do not pay bills late and avoid other charges as much as possible. I utilize a monthly budget and even use a bill tracker for our payments so that I do not miss a payment or pay a bill late. I hate to just throw money away and that is what you do when you pay late payment fees. I completely understand that you may not always have the money to make the payment and that is why you are late, but I would highly recommend using a budget to help you manage your finances. You will be surprised to see where your money is actually going each month.

Thrifty People Will Not … Waste Food

This is a tough one for me. I hate to see produce go bad or throw away leftovers but it is something I struggle with when it comes to living a thrifty lifestyle. I actually used to be so grossed out over leftovers. Just the thought of reheating food made me sick, but I am slowly getting over it. Also, I try to come up with different recipes to use our fruits and vegetables when I know they are about to go bad.

Thrifty People Will Not … Pass Up a Side Job

It does’t matter what the work may be a thrifty person will jump on any opportunity to make some extra cash. I know this because I do it all the time. My whole life I have always had more than one job. I am always looking for a side job to make extra money to increase my savings account.

Thrifty People Will Not … Make Unnecessary Purchases

I am really good with keeping necessary purchases under control. Before I buy something I always figure out what it took to acquire that money and decide if it is worth it. I rarely ever indulge when it comes to buying novelty drinks or other items from convenient stores.

Do you do any of the items I mentioned above? What does being thrifty mean to you?

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Do you consider yourself thrifty? Check out this list of 7 things a thrifty person will NOT do.

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  1. Great post, thank you for the validation as sometimes I seem overzealous. Another thing thrifty people will not do is fail to return an item (within store policies) that just isn’t right. Sometimes I stumble on a deal for my gang and I buy it because a) it’s something we need and b) it’s a great price. I’ll buy it and bring it home but then my children don’t like it. Example watershed in August, 1 pair way too big, 1 pair too pink (for newly pink phobic daughter). Got receipts, will return.

  2. That’s a great article. I try not to buy too much produce at the warehouse. That always ends up badly. The fruit usually does ok, but I have to be intentional about eating the salad. I need to be better about budgeting right now, because I’ve had more spending money than usual, but I should still be good about it. I did buy a couple of shirts on sale the other night though, because they were $6 shirts from Target. Can’t go wrong with that! I’ve been trying to build my wardrobe, so lately, I’m snatching up good deals when I see them. But, I should probably reign it in a little.

    1. Hi Erin! I am a fool for a good deal at Target. Plus, they have cute clothes! I totally agree with having to be intentional about eating salad to prevent waste.

  3. A good one Addie. So true about thrifty people, another thing is, if you have a small family do not buy any kind of food item at warehouse stores. I have only me and my hubby so I do not because I know it will go bad.

  4. Oh My Yes I am a thrifty person .. all the above applies and then some ! I actually grew up eating left overs ..and to this day I personally think much of our home cooked food tastes delicious the next day after it’s had time to marinate in the flavors overnight. I only wish I could scoop up all the money my friends waste in late fees and money spent on items they don’t use or only use once and toss aside ..I’d be rich with all their wasted dollars ! I also save by purchasing only with my CC that gives me cash back once a year .. I purchase everything on it and pay it off every month .. then once a year I get a check for anywhere from $400- and up .. depending on what I spent total in the year. It’s a way to make money and especially if you are dedicated to paying off that CC every month.

  5. I’m surprised these were not mentioned in this article: I will never pay an atm machine to withdrawal MY money. That is just stupid. I will not use a credit card to purchase gas if the cost is higher. I will stop at the next one that does not charge more. I will not shop at huge warehouses like SAMs or bjs. Not paying 40 bucks a year to walk in your store. I agree the use of coupons for things you don’t need is a waste. Also when stores offer ‘must buy 8’ to get the lower price…..pass on that as well. They are just trying to get rid of old stock. It’s just common sense when it comes to saving money and getting a deal.

    1. Growing up, my mom would always pack a cooler full of sandwiches and drinks for all of us anytime we went on an outing! She also always insisted on using reusable waterbottles and filling them with water from the tap. Why buy water when you can get perfectly good tap water for free?! Am I right?! With 5 little ones running around, she always knew how to keep the expenses down!

  6. How about this….Thrifty people buy a second property and rent it out. You will never get the return your bank like you do having someone else work for YOU every month. If you get a couple properties you can concentrate all the rent on one property and pay it off in a couple of years.
    Also I have a room where I do keep things that we use regularly that I bought at a great sale price. Then I don’t have to buy them every week. I buy coffee when it is buy 1 get 1 free. I kept track of the sale and how much we use between the sales. Then I buy the same amount. That is frugal and how to take advantage of the sales.
    The best way to be frugal is to make your own laundry detergent. Making your own cleaners is very frugal. I make 10 gallons of detergent and it last over a year. I also make my own dish soap. All that can be found on the web.

  7. Excellent advice. I was part of a facebook group for a regional grocery store chain. People would hoard and clear shelves when special deals came along. They’d get the items almost for free. I understood where their mindset came from, but even toothpaste and shampoos have a shelf life, as do liquid laundry detergents (6 months). They’d buy enough to last years then post their finds on the page. While a few would share with family, go in with a neighbor to split the deal, or donate a portion of their buys, it was clear that the majority of others were nothing else than shopaholics, getting their fix while justifying the purchases as great deals, or having a mindset of ‘sticking it to the man’.

    I rarely went to that store, (its like a Walmart, but a far smaller chain), but I wanted to check out their rewards program to see if I was missing out on major savings, and they do participate with Ibotta. There were some deals worth the effort to purchase, but I found that a lot of their other commonly purchased items were more expensive than my local chain where I generally do groceries.

    Like any big box department stores, they place the health and beauty section at opposite ends from the grocery section, marketed that way so that we’re tempted by the end-cap impulse buys of all the other departments, that aren’t on our grocery lists.

    At the end of the day, I dropped out of that group. It left a sour taste in my mouth to see these behaviors, to the extent of having no problem with using the self-check out lines to complete five or six separate transactions in order to get their multiple deals. They would express anger with those in line behind them who grew impatient with their complex, time consuming orders, and argue with cashiers and service counter employees when their catalina rewards didn’t automatically print.

    What they seemed to fail to recognize is that a grocery store will make a certain percentage of profit, meaning that they’ll drive up the price of other goods to offset those on the loss-leader list. With the exception of manufacturer’s coupons and incentives, they’ll make up for their sales elsewhere. The store rewards programs and rebate applications costs money to operate, and those too are added to the price of our groceries – a penny here and a penny there.

    Couponing is great, but only if it is on items you were already going to purchase, in usable quantities, or on the occasional new item that you’d like to try. However, I also try to eat as few processed foods as possible, which are too often laden with hidden sugar, fat, and sodium, not to mention unpronounceable chemical additives. Coupons for the fresh produce, meat and dairy aisles are far more rare to find, though I do look for and use them when available.

    At the end of the day, I found my greatest savings is with making meals from scratch with simple, wholesome, fresh foods. I’d rather use my time doing that than wasting time, and gasoline, chasing all over town to five different stores to complete my grocery purchases. I’ve also learned the sales cycles at my favorite store and I check the weekly ads, stocking up on the non-perishable/freezer items, so that generally I need only buy when the prices are at rock bottom.

  8. I buy vegetables I clean them and then I steam them till they’re almost done and then I let them cool and put them in containers and I get about a good 12 containers small for the cauliflower mashed like potatoes with a little bit of sea salt and pepper and a pat of butter in each little container and I put them in the freezer with my meat that I put in containers and it’s all wrapped and I put in green beans after I cook them and I put them in the freezer in a ziplock bag after they’ve cooled and I put them in with the container I don’t want to waste any more green beans cauliflower broccoli I do it with all of my vegetables and I just love the taste it’s very good the only problem I had was with asparagus that came out soggy after you did it in the freezer and so I will never I get that I just get the small bunch and I cook them up and put them in the refrigerator if I have any left

  9. Great post, I agree with all of it except the side jobs. I’ve found it spreads you too thin and the time is often better spent focusing on advancing your full time job. Unless someone’s is willing to pay you a higher rate on the side than you usually make. Just my experience though.

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