9 Tips for Saving Money & Energy In Your Home this Summer

The summer months can cause your electricity bill to climb, especially if you live somewhere very warm. The good news is, no matter where you live, you can benefit from some easy but effective ways to save money this summer, potentially leaving more to spend on fun things rather than utility bills


1. Adjust Your Thermostat

Get into a habit where you set your thermostat to 78 degrees when you’re at home, and then turn it completely off when you’re away. That’ll ensure the air conditioner only comes on when you really need it.

9 Tips for Saving Money & Energy In Your Home this Summer

2. Use a Line to Dry Your Clothes

Summer usually means bright, warm days, and those are great conditions for drying your laundry outside on a line instead of tossing items into the dryer. When you must use the dryer, wait until you have full loads, and use a moisture-sensing setting if your appliance has one.


3. Spruce Up Your Pool

If you’re lucky enough to have a swimming pool, it’s a great way to cool off in a way that’s quick and worthwhile, but doesn’t involve running your air conditioning at full blast. Using a pool filter is necessary to keep the water in good condition, but switch the setting so it only operates four to five hours a day at peak times.


4. Replace Air Conditioner Filters Every Month

Hot weather makes your air conditioning system work harder. When the internal filters are dirty, it can cause the unit to run longer before the room reaches the desired temperature. Be proactive by changing the filters monthly. That’s an easy way to save money, because filters are readily available and inexpensive. Clean ones can mean your air conditioner does its job more efficiently.


5. Turn Off Lights When You Go Outside

Summer weather provides an excellent reason for people to spend more time than usual outside. Whether they’re hanging out near the grill while entertaining guests or playing with the dog in the yard, pleasant temperatures and more daylight can encourage individuals to only stay inside when itís absolutely necessary.

If that sounds like something to which you can relate, feel free to enjoy the outdoors, but not before switching off inside lights you don’t need. It sounds like a small step, but it can make a difference over time, especially when done consistently.

9 Tips for Saving Money & Energy In Your Home this Summer


6. Get New Lightbulbs

Traditional incandescent bulbs use a lot of energy to produce light and use up 90% of the energy as heat ñ thay’s a lot of wasted energy. There are three different types of energy-efficient lighting that you should consider: halogen incandescents, CFLs and LEDs. Generally, you’ll be able to find these in any hardware and home improvement stores


7. Consider Using Solar Lights

The longer days summer offers give you great opportunities to experiment with solar lighting. Some choices are powered by both sunlight and batteries, so they are very easy to use as well as energy saving. Try putting them around a pathway or near your deck so you can enjoy them during summer evenings.


8. Cover Your Dark Roof With White Coating

A study about roof colors found compared with black roofs, white ones do a better job at cooling the building, and they’re also better able to offset global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions. If your current roof isn’t white, don’t worry. White elastomeric coating does the job. After finding it at a hardware store, applying it is as simple as using paint rollers.

9 Tips for Saving Money & Energy In Your Home this Summer


9. Turn Off Unnecessary Appliances and Electronic Devices Before Going to Bed

Appliances and electronics that are needlessly left on while you slumber can cause you to have a higher energy bill, but it’s easy to mend your ways by being more responsible about how you use energy. Every night before you crawl under the covers, go into each room of your home and unplug any devices you won’t need until morning. It just takes a few minutes, but could reduce how much you pay for electricity per month.

Saving energy this summer isn’t difficult, and the tips above should help you get off to a good start. Whether you have a bit of money you want to invest into your home to save energy or just want to take some simple measures that don’t cost a thing, let the list you’ve just read serve as inspiration for taking action.

Anum Yoon is a personal finance blogger who manages Current On Currency. She’s also a huge advocate for the eco-friendly lifestyle, and often writes about the different ways people can contribute to the sustainability movement. Follow her on Twitter @anumyoon to read her updates.


9 Tips for Saving Money & Energy In Your Home this Summer

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  1. These are great tips, Adeline.

    Costco has LED’s for sale right now for an excellent price.

    We also cover our windows with very dark shades or curtains that help keep the heat outside where it belongs.

    We don’t have air conditioning, but fortunately we live in a place where the nights are cool (most of the time). When they are, we place fans in the windows to draw in the cool air. Sometimes it feels as though we have A/C.

    Thanks, again, for the tips. A few simple changes can go a long way. (Visiting from Sarah Titus)
    Heather recently posted..19 Ways to Cut Back an Already Bare Bones Grocery BudgetMy Profile

  2. Wow, these are some really great tips! I had never even thought about the white coating on dark roofs. But it makes perfect sense, because a white tarp would reflect a lot more sunlight. I will definitely need to look into that this summer. Thanks so much for writing!

  3. You know, it’s really interesting that using solar lights is on your list. I’ve been contemplating solar power more and more often lately. I don’t know if I’m ready to jump into having solar panels installed on my home quite yet, but I’d love to get some solar lights and even those solar batteries and things.

  4. Hi there Adeline, I wasn’t looking for precisely summer tips but I am glad that Google brought me here. Those are some actionable tips that should be put into use. There are some things that I have learned such as painting a dark colored roof white and I am surely going to give this a try. Thanks for sharing and keep the spirit.

    Cindy Hoffman recently posted..Why Every Industrial Business Should Have the Right Thermal Professional on Speed DialMy Profile

  5. It’s interesting that you mention to use a line to dry my clothes. I don’t think that I’ve ever done that in my entire life. However, my energy bill is getting really expensive. I’m going to try it for a month and see if it helps my bill. Thanks for the tips!

  6. I think it would be nice to have a white coating to go on the roof. I have never thought about the roof getting too hot but that would heat up the house really fast. I wonder what it would be like with a coating on it.

  7. I like your tip to get into a habit of setting your thermostat at a higher temperature during the summer and turning it off while you’re away. Even if 78 degrees is too warm for you, finding the highest temperature you can stand can help give your air conditioning a break. Using the AC as little as possible and replacing its filters regularly should really reduce your summer energy consumption. Thanks for the article.

  8. My utilities bill usually goes up quite a bit in the summer, so I’ll have to use these tips to help reign it in. Will the roof coating you mentioned also apply to metal roofing? Thanks for the helpful energy-saving tips.

  9. I didn’t realize how useful fans were until I lived a couple summers in Florida! Using fans actually helped us keep costs down on electricity, which was a huge bonus because Florida electricity bills can be outrageously high. I really like these other tips as well, and will be using them frequently this summer! Thanks!

  10. Great list! We’ve been using LED bulb at home and solar lighting, Now, I am thinking to incorporate Solar Panel at home to make it more greener than before. LED bulb and solar lighting is working, it saves me energy and money and I want to save more by installing Solar Panel.

  11. These are some great tips for saving money and energy during the summer! I recently got a new programmable thermostat that I can set when to turn on and off during the day and it has really helped us save money! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Great post! I like your second advice about using a line outside to dry our clothes in the summer! We don’t usually have a lot of laundry so this would be a great way for us to save some money and energy at the house! Thanks for the helpful tips!

  13. Quite an inspirational post. Saving energy this summer isn’t difficult, and the tips above should help you get off to a good start. Whether you have a bit of money you want to invest into your home to save energy or just want to take some simple measures that don’t cost a thing, let the list you’ve just read serve as inspiration for taking action. Thanks for sharing such an interesting post.

  14. Awesome! Thank you for sharing such an informative post. I want to start up saving more of my finances and starting with my bills. I will be living on my own soon and be paying my own bills soon. Anyways, great tip!

  15. Hi Addi. I love the idea of painting your roof white with elastomeric coating to keep it cool. That’s the prefect idea for someone who isn’t in the position to get a new roof. Have a great day.

  16. For me, I think in the long term than the short term. I’m blessed to have the opportunity to read your blog where I find the frugal way of saving energy at home.

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