The Absolute Worst Money Saving Ideas When Trying to Sell Your Home


If you want to sell your home then you are going to have to be prepared to spend some money on it first. The amount you end up shelling out will depend upon factors such as the age and condition of the property. However, what you definitely want to avoid is falling into any of these bad money saving ideas.

Paint Small Patches Instead of Entire Walls

It is entirely normal for a house to show some signs of wear and tear on its walls. This is especially true if kids live there, as they may have drawn over the original paintwork or bashed things into it. Painting the walls will help remove the damage and will also give the room a fresh feel to it. Having said that, if you get the idea of just painting over the damaged areas then you can forget about it. Even if you choose exactly the same tone of paint there is sure to be a difference between the new paint and the old stuff. If you have the time and money to paint the whole house then this is usually a great idea. If you don’t then you should work out whether you can paint the most badly damaged walls or rooms without affecting the balance of the house.

Buy Cheap Furniture

Maybe you have some old or broken pieces of furniture that you feel need to be replaced. Alternatively, there may be some big empty spaces in the house which need to be filled. This is fine, but don’t fall into the trap of buying cheap and nasty furniture. This will be a real turn off for anyone who goes to view your property, especially if everything else in the house is of a higher standard. Don’t forget that you will be taking the furniture with you anyway, so paying a bit more for something of a higher quality makes perfect sense. You should also bear in mind that the best idea is to find pieces which have a broad appeal. You want to stage the house to look good to as many people as possible, so try to avoid bold or unusual furniture which is likely to divide opinions sharply.

Don’t Use Storage Facilities

Perhaps you have the opposite problem from the one we looked at in the last point. Some houses are so cluttered with furniture and belongings that viewers are unlikely to be impressed. One of the key things you want to happen is for the potential purchasers to be able to picture themselves living there. This is something which isn’t going to happen if the place is crammed full of furniture. If you have a friend or relative who can store some of your belongings then this is great. Even if you don’t have anyone to give them to, you will find that storage facilities aren’t too expensive and are a good investment.

Use a Cheaper Realtor

There are some very good reasons why the best realtors charge more than the ones which aren’t so good. Having access to someone who has far more local knowledge and offers a more professional service will turn out to be a good investment. By choosing a quality firm you should be able to get a better price for the property and might sell it a good deal quicker too. Any extra money you spend on doing this should be easily recovered through a good, fast sale which lets you move on to the next phase in your life with the asking price you were looking for. If you are still thinking of saving cash on doing this then read this post to find out more information.

Ignore the Things Needing Fixed

Every home needs a few things done to it. Of course, the simplest solution is to say that you will leave them for the person buying it to fix. After all, who is going to let a few broken tiles or dripping pipes put them off their dream home? Well, you might be surprised at how relatively minor matters like these can make a viewer start to reject the property in their head. With a bit of luck most of these jobs will be quick and easy to fix. If you aren’t particularly good at DIY jobs then you could look online for hints and tips on how to carry out the jobs you need done.

Have you ever realized that your home wasn’t selling because of a bad money saving idea?

Written By: Ellen Carter is an interior designer who knows the importance of spending some money in order to sell a property

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