Advice for Virtual Assistants Who Want to Make Money

Blogging can be extremely overwhelming. Like any other business there is always a never ending to-do list. Luckily, I have found some really great people to help me successfully run both of my blogs.

If you have been searching for freelance work, or are a blogger in need of help then check out my friend, Mandi, from Moments with Mandi. I recently had the chance to get some great advice for virtual assistants who want to make money from Mandi. Not only is she a blogger, but she runs Blog Assistant Media where she provides some really amazing services to bloggers.

Do you want to do freelance work to earn money working from home? Check out this advice for virtual assistants who want to make money!

A Virtual Assistant, otherwise known as a VA, can offer a variety of jobs and tasks that are done online. These jobs can be done from a remote location, and are often times done on your own schedule.

Have you ever considered becoming a VA? Check out Mandi’s advice for virtual assistants who want to make money:


If you are a new VA and want to work solely with a certain niche (say, bloggers), you’ll want to narrow down your skill-set to specifically fit the needs of bloggers. You cannot be a “Jack of all trades” as many bloggers have certain tasks they want to outsource. Find a focus (are you a great writer? Do you love social media and understand how to best promote their content to build their traffic? Are you great with graphic design?) and offer services based on those. It’s okay to not know and do everything – you’ll have more success when you can be a reliable and knowledgable resource that they can share with their fellow bloggers.


Build your portfolio and resume. Every time that you land a client, make sure to include them and key points of your work with them in your resume. Be sure to ask if you can use them as a reference and what information is okay to share with future clients. Build a solid list of references, you WILL be asked if you have them and they WILL be contacted. That said, always be a professional when working with clients and when contracts come to an end. Your opening and your closing of a client relationship will be just as memorable as the work you did for them.


Don’t be afraid of places like Elance. Yes, you will find time and time again that some jobs are just too low-paying, that’s typical of sites that allow job postings from around the world. Search for jobs with specific keywords, even filters, to narrow it down to jobs that fit your criteria. You can build a fantastic resume with side jobs from places like Elance. Some of those side jobs could even turn into long-term commitments, so don’t knock it before you try it!


Be organized. Set yourself up for success with systems, invoicing, time tracking – whatever you need to turn your work at home job into a successful business. It’s not necessary to spend a ton of money on these needs – there are many free time tracking apps for your browser or smartphone, Google Drive and Docs are free to use, Dropbox will be a HUGE part of your business if you need to do any file sharing.


Find support from other VAs. There are several great Facebook groups for Virtual Assistants that can become a wealth of information and general chit chat and support. Pop in with your questions, concerns, and hear from VA’s who’ve been working the industry for years. Their knowledge is perfect for VA’s just starting out.
She knows firsthand what it takes to be a VA and how to successfully work from home. Thanks Mandi for this awesome advice for virtual assistant who want to make money working for bloggers.
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Have you ever done any VA work? Please share your advice or tips below!
Do you want to do freelance work to earn money working from home? Check out this advice for virtual assistants who want to make money!

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  1. I’d be curious to know more about how she broke into the world of VA. At the insistence of a blog-freelancing coach, I set about asking some up and coming bloggers if they needed some help / a VA. I sent out, I think, some really great emails, noting what I could do. I got several interested parties, but when I quoted my rate I got some interesting responses. Basically, all of them said they could pay someone overseas WAY less. Of course they could, but there is no way I am working for $2 / hr. Yet, I personally know of three personal finance-y VA’s, and I’m sure they are getting paid more than that, because they use it to build a full time income. It’s been very confusing to me.

    1. Hi Kirsten! I started my VA journey NOT working for bloggers actually. I was hired on by a meal planning service to help with customer service, emails and it rapidly evolved into social media and marketing and was really the “foundation” position that led to more. From there, I worked a lot with the Elance platform and was VERY picky about clients because like you said, some people are willing to pay $2 an hour and they don’t understand the difference in paying for quality versus paying to save a buck. I worked with a personal trainer and a couple other solopreneur folks which helped build my resume and my skillset. I didn’t start working for (and I don’t really like saying “work for”, I work WITH, we are a team) bloggers until 2014 when I realized that my passion was there. Seeing moms who think they are “just a blogger” go from that mindset to running a business and bringing home actual income that matters.

      I pretty much said – I’ve been blogging since 2008, I know this and this, and I WANT to help you. Not “I can” or “I like” – I WANT. I WANT my work to help someone succeed. So by putting that out there into the universe, things started happening! Word of mouth and referrals are THE best method of marketing for VA’s.

  2. Hi Mandi! I read your article and am very motivated to get started. Other than Elance – which I will look more into tonight, any other tips for starting a VA job? I would like to start my own business, but if I need to be hired by someone first to establish myself then that is fine too. I teach full time, but am looking for a side job – possibly to go full time work from home! Please let me know your thoughts!

    Thanks So Much!

  3. So, I guess I need to start my blog before I try to delve into the world of VA? I am much like the previous poster…..full time teacher….looking for extra income. I don’t even know what the qualifications are to be a virtual assistance. I have my master’s in organizational management. Lol I don’t know if that helps or hurts.

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