Are You Raising Well-Mannered Kids?

What does it mean to be raising well-mannered kids? When you think of teaching your kids manners what do you think of?

Are you raising well-mannered kids? Take a look at these 10 manners every kids should learn.

Have you ever been in a situation where your child has done something and you just cringe? Raising kids is tough, but raising well-mannered kids is a challenge. I like to think that my husband and I are instilling manners into our boys, but there are plenty of times when we are at the playground and my kids are blatantly rude to another child. This is the cringe-worthy moment I was just asking you about. You know, when your child takes a toy from another child or even hits them to get out of the way. Ugh! So frustrating.

Not only do I feel embarrassed that it was one of my children who was acting this way, but it makes me second guess myself. Am I not teaching them basic manners? These are the important moments where it is my job to show them the correct way to act. Yes, they should not be treating other children this way, but it gives me the opportunity to teach them how to be polite without being mean to another child.

This made me think? Have I ever stopped to teach them manners, or have I only corrected them and told them what was right. I realized that my husband and I would just discipline our boys and tell them what they were doing was wrong, without teaching how or why it was wrong along with the correct way. As I thought back I have always told my boys about being polite and nice to other people, but I never took the time to teach them why. I found myself always saying “If you do not have anything nice to say then do not say anything at all,” but I never told them how it could hurt someone by calling them mean names or saying something negative.

So, I have put together a list of manners that I am going to focus on teaching my boys. Even though these manners may seem simple, as parents, we often overlook the fact that kids actually need to be taught simple everyday gestures so that they are kind to everyone.

Raising Well-Mannered Kids: Manners Your Child Should Learn

  1. Always say Please and Thank You
  2. Do not interrupt when others are speaking {unless it is an emergency}
  3. If you do need to get someone’s attention say Excuse Me.
  4. If you are unsure if you are allowed to do something always ask for permission.
  5. Keep your negative comments to yourself.
  6. No name calling.
  7. Clean up after your mess
  8. Wait your turn.
  9. Hold a door open to help another person.
  10. Cover your mouth/nose when you sneeze, burp or cough.

If you are looking to get started with teaching your kids manners here are a few books that we have enjoyed:
Excuse Me: A Little Book of Manners 

Please and Thank You Book 

Feet Are Not for Kicking


Are you raising well-mannered kids? Take a look at these 10 manners every kids should learn.

Are there any manners you would add to the list above? I would love to hear some of your advice for raising well-mannered kids!

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  1. Love this!! We start manners at 8-10 months when we start teaching ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ signs. My kids are only 1 and 2.5 but they both say “please and thank you” a lot. Also, my 2.5 year old has picked up the cutest habit of saying “may I [blank].” People laugh/ comment all the time especially in public because it’s so surprising. There’s this toddler in the cart in line at the checkout and she blurts out “may i press the buttons please” with SUCH urgency. Haha.
    This is not to say we have perfect children. Oh Lord no.
    But I think somehow starting so young with ‘please’ as a way to indicate they wanted something (a food, to be picked up, a toy, etc…) somehow has helped build a foundation.
    We’re not very far into the parenting journey so i’m sure we’ll get our fair share of embarrassing manners stories along the way 🙂
    Sorry this got so long! Glad I found your blog – can’t wait to read more!

    1. Hey Renee! I love that you are starting manners young. I feel like I am constantly trying to reinforce this to my boys and I often hear from people “They do not need to say please and thank you they are just kids,” but to my husband and I, it is important. I totally agree that starting young creates a good foundation. It is probably ADORABLE to hear your two year old say “May !” Ahh so cute! My oldest is only five so we are not much farther than you either.

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