Baby Gear On A Budget: Real Moms Advice


If you are pregnant and are trying to find baby gear on a budget it may be overwhelming. Just take a walk into any baby store and you will see the millions of different options and items you can purchase for your baby. Below you will find out from some of our Frugal Fanatic moms what baby gear items you may need without breaking the bank.

Baby Gear On A Budget - Advice from REAL Moms

Baby Gear On A Budget

I have received a bunch of different emails asking what baby items I prefer and have used for my children. You can read about our top 10 baby items and what we pack in our diaper bag. It can be difficult not knowing exactly what to expect or understand what you will need for your little one. Below you can see what real moms use and what items they prefer for their baby. The items that they list are their necessities or the items that they used the most.

Keep in mind that you can stick to a budget when planning for a baby. It may seem difficult but you do not have to have a perfect nursery or every item on a registry list. This will help you to maintain your budget. I can honestly say that in the first year of my kids’ lives the only times they were in the bedrooms were to sleep. We hardly ever spent time in their besides reading a story, so it will not matter to them if everything does not match or if you did not buy expensive items.

Frugal Fanatic Mom’s: What items do you need and what can you skip?

Stephanie L.: Swaddling blankets and a pacifier was what we really needed, you can definitely skip out on video monitors. They aren’t necessary.

Jess K.: Baby monitor. We bought a set that weren’t the cheapest or the most expensive and they worked great. Skip out on the baby mobile. Most of them break very easily.

Lynn L.: We loved the dress pajamas instead of putting our kids into the regular ones that covered their feet. In the first few weeks you will do a lot of diaper changes and these make it quick and easy. I think you can skip out on all the expensive designer clothes. Your baby will not only spit up on their clothes but they grow out of them very quickly.

Laura S.: A bouncy chair was a lifesaver for us. My son slept really well in it and we also used it when he started to be spoon fed. You do not need to waste money on a play mat or activity mat.

Kristen T.: Our stroller/carseat combo got a ton of use. Skip out on the stuffed animals. They only take up space and your baby will never play with them.

Sarah M.: I think you definitely need a boppy pillow especially if you are breastfeeding. I suggest skipping out on the expensive nursery bedding. Your baby will never use the comforter and half the items that come in the package are not necessary.

All of the items they listed were in addition to the essentials like diapers, wipes, etc.

Baby Gear On A Budget - Advice from REAL Moms

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What items would you suggest as baby gear on a budget, please share in the comments below.

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  1. We bought Hot Wheels on Craigslist for 1/3 of the price of new. A little ammonia solution to clean it up and everyone was happy. Also, we save toilet paper tubes and when you get about 20 they are so fun to play with and draw on.

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