Baby Gender Myths – Are They True?


When I was pregnant everyone had their own baby gender myths to determine if the baby was going to be a boy or girl. Find out what some of the gender myths are and where they actually came from.

Baby Gender Myths: Are they true?


Baby Gender Myths

Since the beginning of time, expectant parents got anxious to know if they were carrying a boy or girl, and many helped develop the myths that we all know and love about predicting a baby’s gender. But is there some truth to them and how did they get started? Here are five of the most popular myths and what their success rates actually are, and why.

Heart Rate Prediction
This is one of the fairly new myths because people haven’t always been able to listen to the baby’s heartbeat, but the myth says that if the baby’s heart rate is less than 160 beats per minute you’re having a boy, while a heart rate of over 160 beats per minute means you’re having a girl {around 12 weeks of pregnancy}. This baby gender myth was accurate for me in all 3 of my pregnancies. My boys were all in the 150’s.

But is it accurate? Studies have shown that fetal heartbeat could be used to correctly predict the gender 91 percent of the time in male fetuses and 74 percent of the time in female fetuses. However, other studies don’t support this. The science behind the myth, though, is that female fetuses grow faster than male fetuses and need to have an increased heart rate to do so.


Maternal belly shape
This myth says pregnant bellies that are high and oblong carry female fetuses, while bellies that are low and round carry boys. This myth came from the English, who believed boys were carried down low because they need more independence, while girls needed more protection. There have been no real studies to determine if this is true, though, and no real science behind it, either, except that developing fetuses with different hormones may shape a mother’s body differently.

This is one of the myths I always heard when I was pregnant. Many people would come up to me and say that the way I was carrying meant that I was having a boy. I was told since my stomach was very pokey that it had to be a boy. Well, I did have 3 boys!


Activity level of the baby
This myth says that if the baby is very active, you’re having a boy. The theory was that boys are more energetic and independent than girls, but the science may indicate that mothers would actually feel girls first, since they do tend to grow faster than boys. This, of course, is all suited to the mother and if she even slows down long enough to feel any baby flutters.

I cannot tell you if this is has any accuracy to it because I only had boys.


This myth says that boys are salty and girls are so sweet- well, in the cravings department, that is. There’s no real evidence on this and it is merely thought of as an old-wives tale. In fact, many doctors dispute that women even have cravings at all when pregnant. This is definitely not the myth to choose the nursery paint color on.

I have to say that I do not think this baby gender myth is accurate. I had completely different cravings with all three of my pregnancies. My first pregnancy I craved sweets 24/7, my second pregnancy I hardly had any cravings, and my third I actually craved salads and veggies.


The Ring Test
If your wedding or engagement ring goes back and forth, it’s a boy, but it if it goes in a circle, it’s a girl, or so this myth says. Tie a ring or needle to a string and see which one you get, but don’t rush out to buy anything just yet! The pseudo-science behind this says that micro-muscle tremors will cause the ring to move in a particular direction- and that really does happen! Spooky? Maybe, but it doesn’t mean the muscles have a pattern for different genders. There’s no science to prove it, but there’s also none to disprove it.

I wish I would have tried this one when I was pregnant. If anyone has, please share in the comments below and let us know if it was accurate.

Guessing your baby’s gender can be fun. I enjoyed hearing all of the different baby gender myths when I pregnant, but I would not select a paint color for your nursery based upon any of these myths.


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