Baby Room Cleaning Checklist

Baby Room Cleaning Checklist


Spring is in the air, which means time to start preparing for Spring cleaning. I love when the weather starts to get nice and we can have our windows open to let all the fresh air circulate through our home. It makes me want everything in the house to be fresh and clean.

Cleaning your entire house can be overwhelming. Many people tell me that they become so overwhelmed and are unsure where to start that they end up not doing anything at all. I am a huge list-maker and I love having a plan. Having a cleaning checklist is a great way to help you have an idea of what needs to be done. Now that we have a baby in our home again I thought I would share our baby room cleaning checklist with all of you.

Even if you keep your house clean it is always good to do a deep cleaning on individual rooms. You do not want to forget to do your bedrooms or baby’s room. We hardly spend any time in Evan’s room so it may not look like it needs to be cleaned really good, but in reality there are numerous tasks that need to be taken care of. I like to keep up on our seasonal items and clothing he grows out of. It is nice to take the time to go in and declutter and organize.

free printable baby room cleaning checklist

If you have a baby in your house then print our free baby room cleaning checklist to help keep you on track. You may not have all the items listed here or you may add anything extra in the miscellaneous section. Feel free to print it as many times as you need!

Baby Room Cleaning Checklist

Print: Baby Room Cleaning Checklist

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  1. The task of house cleaning might sound a tad too mundane but it pays to keep a house spic and span. Cleanliness at home helps in improving quality of life in terms of better hygiene and orderliness. A cleaning service either for an office or home can make the place look as good as new.

  2. I’m so glad that this post came with a printable because I really need some guidance in keeping our baby’s room extra clean this coming spring. Thank you, Addi!

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