Baby Shower Finger Food Ideas

Are you looking for baby shower finger food ideas? Below we have made a list of some simple finger foods that you make for a baby shower. Whether you have a huge guest list or just a few close friends and family you will want to make sure that your menu is perfect for the special day. Since it is a baby shower it is nice to incorporate the theme with finger food options!

Baby Shower Finger Food Ideas

Some of the best food for a baby shower is the kind that requires little to make, little effort to clean, and little mess while eating. In other words- finger foods! For some cute baby shower finger foods, check these out.


Baby Shower Finger Food Ideas:

Baby Shower Finger Food Ideas: Fruit Kabobs

Fruit Kabobs

It is what it says it is- fruit on a kabob skewer. You can mix and match fruits and vegetables for a unique taste, or you can stick with just fruit. For extra fun, provide small, plastic cups of plain yogurt for dipping. You can even add cheese pieces in between the yogurt to give a mix of flavors. Place them all on platters, but don’t just leave the platter plain. For extra impact, lay a bed of spinach on the platter. Even if no one wants to eat the spinach, it will still look nice. You can also make a Watermelon Baby Carriage for a cute way of adding fruit to your menu.

Mini Sandwiches

Depending on you baby shower theme you can incorporate it into your food. Make sandwiches out of various things (peanut butter, chicken salad, lunch meat, etc) and use flower shaped cookie cutters to cut the sandwiches or animal face cutters to cut animals or anything else that goes with your theme. Then, decorate the outside with fruits, vegetables, and even food coloring to make cute little finger sandwiches that compliment your theme.

Cheese, please!

A cheese platter is always fun, especially when you pair it with crackers and meats, but if you want more than just a cheese tray try a cheese ball of fruit. Take two 10-ounce blocks of cream cheese, still cold, and mush them in a bowl with fresh berries. Roll the mixture around until well blended, shape into a ball, and then place in the refrigerator until time to serve. Spread a bed of lettuce onto a tray and then place the cream cheese ball in the middle. Then place graham crackers or semi-sweet crackers (overlapping) around the ball in a circle. Place small plates next to it that people can use to hold the cheese and crackers instead of having to dip into the large ball.

Baby Shower Finger Food Ideas: Crackers with Cream Cheese & Jam

Cracker-beds and jam

Take large, flat-bread crackers and cover them with cream cheese. Place on a large tray and serve different types of jam with them. You can vary from sweet jams to spicy jams to give a variety. If you don’t want to bake regular cheese, you can smear plain cream cheese on the crackers and then sprinkle with cinnamon, brown sugar, herbs, or spices. It’s truly whatever you’d like and whatever will go great with the jams you have.


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