Baby Shower Games: Special Diaper Message

Fun baby shower games will keep your guests entertained at your baby shower. A great way to do this is by picking something unique or sentimental. Here is a great game for you to play at your next baby shower: Special Diaper Message!

baby shower games

Baby Shower Games: Diaper Message for Mom

Are you looking for creative baby shower games? Here is an idea that everyone can not only participate in but will enjoy!

This game allows your guests to be creative and provide a cute message for the mom-to-be when she is changing all those diapers especially at 2AM!! Some people do not like to do a lot of baby shower games, so this one is nice because it is something that your guest’s can do right at their seat while you are opening your gifts.

Baby Shower Games: Diaper Message Supplies

  • 1 Diaper per guest, preferably a size 1 or size 2 {just in case she has a bigger baby and does not wear newborn size diapers}
  • Permanent markers

Baby Shower Games: How To Play Diaper Message

You will need to provide each guest with a diaper. You can either place 1 diaper at the guest’s seat along with a permanent maker, or have a basket with diapers for them to grab one and take to their seats. {make sure it is a permanent marker so that it does not bleed onto the baby’s clothing} Encourage the guest to write a message or draw a funny picture. Once completed, you can collect them and either share some of the messages with your guests or save them for when you are changing your little one’s diapers.

baby shower games

Here are a few examples:

  • This one is for Daddy to change
  • This diaper sure does stink

baby shower games

The mom-to-be will definitely enjoy reading all of these messages when she is constantly changing her new baby’s diapers!

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What baby shower games have you played, please share.

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