Baby Shower Ideas: Ways to Save Money

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Looking for Baby Shower Ideas?

If you are hosting a baby shower you are probably trying to come up with some creative baby shower ideas to make it special. One of the best ways to save money on planning an event like this is by taking some time to make your own homemade decorations and food.

I have been to a lot of baby showers and got so many different ideas for when the time would come when I would be planning one either for myself or for a family member or friend. Not only can it be fun to make your own decorations but the mom-to-be will definitely appreciate the time and effort you put into planning the event. Here are some ideas to get you started. You can customize all of these to the gender of the baby or keep it neutral.

Baby Shower Ideas:

  1. Make A Diaper Cake – Here is an example of a diaper cake. These are great because you can add so many little baby toys, soaps, washcloths and other items to make it look cute. You are also providing a much needed item: diapers! Find out step by step directions to make you own diaper cake. baby shower ideas
  2. Diaper Bouquet – I love this easy DIY project because it is so simple but can add so much to the baby shower. You can make several of these to use as centerpieces on the table. The best part is the mom-to-be can take all the diapers home. This is much better than buying flowers that will not last long at all. Here are easy directions on how to make a diaper bouquet. baby shower ideas
  3. Watermelon Fruit Salad – This is one of my favorite baby shower ideas because not only is it cute, but your guests will enjoy how you were able to incorporate the food into the baby shower theme. Again, these are extremely easy to make and having a fruit salad is a nice light food option. If you are interested in making a watermelon baby carriage find out how with these easy steps.  watermelon baby carriage
  4. Diaper Baby Carriage – Here is another item that you can incorporate the baby shower theme or the baby’s nursery into. This is a perfect gift to give because it includes blankets and other baby items. Learn how to make a Diaper Baby Carriage. baby shower ideas

5. Baby Shower Games – Here is an easy and fun game that you can play at a Baby Shower! Write a special message on the diapers for the mom-to-be!

baby shower ideas

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Have you ever planned a baby shower? What baby shower ideas do you have, please share.

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