Baby Shower Invitations: Hosting a Baby Sprinkle

baby sprinkle


Are you hosting a Baby Sprinkle?


What is a baby sprinkle? A baby sprinkle is a great way to welcome a new baby to a mother who already has children. Just because they have had Baby #1 or Baby #2 does not mean they should not be showered with gifts and fun presents from your friends and family. Most moms will already have the neccessities for taking care of a newborn so this is a nice way of getting together with friends and family to show their joy for the new baby.

A baby sprinkle is less formal than a regular baby shower. To make it more personal you can keep the guest list small. I hosted a baby sprinkle for my sister when she was pregnant with her second child. It was a great way to shower her with love. Since her first child was a boy it was nice to have a celebration with girly decorations and presents!

I wanted to make sure that our guests knew that it was not a baby shower, but a baby sprinkle. Here is the baby sprinkle invitation wording I used:


BABY SPRINKLE Invitation Wording:


Pins, Diapers, Bottles Galore

{Mom’s name} and {Dad’s name} are having one more,

Big Brother {Older Sibling name} would be happy to share,

But this time his things won’t do,

They need Pink rather than Blue!

            No need to Shower this Mommy again,

We just have to Sprinkle with odds and ends!

Please join us to celebrate Baby {Last name} #2


It is short, sweet and gets to the point. You can alter it to fit their family scenario. Everyone who came to the baby sprinkle absolutely loved it! They enjoyed getting together with our family and celebrating the new baby!

baby sprinkle

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You can also check out these sites for some baby shower favors, baby shower invitations, baby shower gift ideas!

Have you hosted a baby sprinkle, please share about it in the comments below.

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  1. Thank you sooooooo much for every idea you have posted. I took everything as I am not sure what I’m going to do. In these times when things cost so much its nice that you offered these items without charge. I do appreciate everything

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