Baby Shower Memory Game

Playing the baby shower memory game is a fun way to see how good your guests’ memories are!

Baby Shower Memory Game

If you are planning a baby shower then you a probably trying to come up with some fun games to entertain your guests. Playing the baby shower memory game is a great way to incorporate some cute baby items into the shower. Below you will find easy to follow instructions to play the baby shower memory game at your shower.

Baby Shower Memory Game Instructions:

Gather a few small baby items such as baby powder, diaper, bottle, wash rags, soap, etc. You can put the items into a basket or set them up onto a tray. Be sure to display at least 15 items.

Now that your guests have arrived at the baby shower you can bring out the tray of items and let them look it over for two mintues and then remove it from the room. Give each guest a pen and paper to jot down as many of the items from the tray that they can remember. The person who can remember the most amount of items WINS the game!

Baby Shower Memory Game

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