5 Businesses You Can Start At Home For $50 Or Less

Are you ready to make money at home?  

After years of working from home, I want to share with you 5 businesses you can start at home for $50 or less. These are all legitimate at home business opportunities.  

If you are looking to make money at home but don’t have a lot of money to invest, don’t stress these options are easy to get started.  

5 Businesses You Can Start At Home For $50 Or Less

After years of working from home, I want to share with you 5 businesses you can start at home for $50 or less. These are all legitimate at home business opportunities.

Freelance Author: If you have great grammatical skills, a passion for the written word, and access to a laptop and Internet this is a great way to earn money. Doing freelance writing or ghostwriting is a fun and easy way to make money for many individuals.

The only start up cost you have with this come with having a good Internet connection and a computer or tablet. If you are reading this, then I can assume you already have some kind of Internet connection.

A computer can be expensive, but you can easily begin this using a computer at your local library for free, or even a tablet you have picked up on sale. The possibilities are endless and affordable.

Freelance Author job possibilities:

  • Print or magazine publications
  • Online magazines or blogs
  • Ghostwriting for an author
  • Writing jingles, lyrics, or slogans
  • Creating ad units, sales pages, or promotional materials

Housekeeping:  There has always been a large need for individuals willing to clean homes for others.  If you don’t mind a big of dirty work, this is a great business you can start at home for $50 or less.  

It usually only requires a little bit of money for printing advertisements, business cards, and some cleaning supplies.  Some individuals will invest more to buy business insurance.  This is a great investment, but is more than the initial $50 budget, so may an option for after you establish.

Housekeeping job possibilities:

  • Basic weekly or monthly deep cleaning in homes
  • Cleanup of new home builds to remove sawdust, dirt, and grime from construction
  • Deep cleaning projects for specific needs
  • Remodel cleanup to remove debris, discarded supplies, and dirt
  • Sorting, organizing, and storing decorations after holidays
  • Special event before and after cleanup needs
  • Laundry services
  • Errand services for buying groceries, picking up prescriptions, dropping off mail, packages, and similar tasks

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Product Sales:  Direct sales products are probably the most popular way you can make money at home for little to no investment.  We’ve all seen the groups, promotions, and social media shares from our friends for everything from makeup to cleaning products.  

Every company has a different investment option, and many of these companies also offer low investments where you don’t own inventory.  For someone great in sales with a large circle of friends, this is an excellent at home business option.

To be successful in product sales, you do need to have a somewhat outgoing personality.  There will be a certain level of rejection you will face from clients that are not interested in the product you have to sell.

A thick skin may be important depending on the product you have to sell.  You’ll also need to be willing to get out there and promote your product in your circle of friends as well as community.  Depending on the product, this can be done on social media, in local moms groups, at church, or even at the gym.

Popular product sales/direct sales programs with low investments:

  • Avon – $10
  • Legging Army – $19 and up
  • Rodan & Fields Skin Care – $45 and up
  • Usborne Books – $25 and up
  • Jewelry In Candles – $29 and up
  • Plexus Worldwide – $39 and up
  • DoTerra  – $39 and up
  • Team Beachbody – $39
  • Young Living – $49 and up
  • Discovery Toys – $49 and up

Childcare:  If you have a love of children and space inside your home, childcare can be a wonderful business to start at home.  This, however, is one of the few businesses on this list that is limited due to space and local state regulations.  

While you may be able to easily build an at home childcare business for less than $50 out of pocket,you’ll also need to learn more about your state regulations.

To be safe in beginning your home childcare business, check with your individual state Department of Health and Human Services.  They will be able to give you a listing of local and state guidelines on what constitutes the need for state regulations with a home based childcare.  Some states don’t require a business license or inspections if you have fewer than 5 children at one time.

Other states require regardless of the number of children in your care.  Always double check with your local laws to be safe.

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Virtual Assistant:  This is probably one of the more popular choices in recent years.  Becoming a virtual assistant can cost absolutely nothing up front if you already have a computer and Internet.  While there are a multitude of classes available to help you learn the In’s and out’s of various business aspects, it is not necessary to begin in being an assistant to others while working from home.

A virtual assistant is simply someone who does various tasks for another individual or business online or from a telecommuting position. This can include menial tasks like cleaning out email inboxes and responding to emails to more invasive projects like web design and graphic design for logo’s or new business needs. What you do as a virtual assistant really only depends upon your own skillset and the client who chooses to hire you.

Places to find virtual assistant work:

  • UpWork is the most popular option as an online resume and job site.  Clients post gigs you bid on and upload your resume for their perusal.  Alternately, you can setup a profile and upload your resume for potential clients to check out.
  • Freelancer is a great forum full of potential jobs.  Signing up for an account and scanning the website and job boards on a regular basis can lead you to various opportunities that are ideal for your niche skills.
  • Guru allows you to create an online resume where clients can locate you for potential work.
  • Virtual assistant boards on social media can also be a great source of work.  There are multiple Facebook groups devoted to networking and connecting.  Whether you are looking to connect with a specific client base like bloggers or website owners, or looking to connect with other virtual assistants, this is a great free place to network and learn.

These ideas for businesses you can start at home for $50 or less are all great ways to make a real income that can be totally life changing.

Not only are they all flexible for your needs and family, but they have huge potential to help you make any amount of money.

You can begin a home business just to make ends meet, or to fulfill financial freedom goals all with just a few dollars out of pocket up front.

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  1. The best business I’ve started for no money at all is renting out stuff I already own. My tent paid for itself in 3 rentals! I’ve looked through the attic and garage to find more things that I already own to rent out. It’s simple and easy and a great way to make some extra money without any investment.

    1. i love this idea. I have some questions though. Do you have a form of release that you make the renters sign? are renters responsible for any damage? do you give them a time limit? charge more for longer lengths of time? how do they make the payment? cash, check? credit card with a Square? id love to learn from your experiences

  2. I’m really into working from home, which we can have more free time and have better time management. Doing freelance author job such as online magazines or blogs is the best choice for me. Thank so much for your sharing!

  3. Hi, I found your blog while searching for some budget related stuff. I must say you have a great blog and you have written amazing, helpful stuff. Gonna bookmark your blog.

    1. Hi Crystal, you can advertise your services on the local directories, forums, Facebook groups. You can reach out to people locally who are searching for these services. In case of a freelance writer, you can search for opportunities online (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Upwork, Fiverr etc).

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