How Can Schools Save Money? Learn What You Can Do To Help

How can schools save money? With many schools struggling to afford all their expenses it is hard for them to find ways to save money themselves. Often times teachers are spending their own money to make sure their students have what they need and in some schools students are even sharing text books because the school can’t afford enough to go around.

It is a sad situation but it can be improved. As a parent, and a previous teacher, I know how important it is for schools to have the supplies they need to educate our future generations. But, there is that common question of how can schools save money? There are a lot of ways that you can help! I have listed 7 ways that communities, parents, students, and even teachers can participate to help their local schools.

How can schools save money


How Can Schools Save Money?

1. Have teachers join the Scholastic Reading Club. When students place an order the teacher earns rewards such as free books for the classroom. The books are handpicked by experts to fit the grade level and interests of the students. Each month students receive a new flyer with a selection of books that support what they are learning in the classroom. They had this program in place when I was in school. I remember how much I LOVED getting that order form and looking through all the new books for purchase.

How can schools save money

2. Box Tops for Education is one of the largest school earnings loyalty programs. Parents and students collect box tops from participating brands and give them to the school. The school sends the box tops to the program and each one is worth ten cents for the school to buy whatever they need. The money is sent by check twice a year.

3. I am sure most schools do this, but it can also be done at home as well. Recycle and reuse supplies whenever possible. Papers that were printed by mistake can be used for scrap paper. Empty containers can be re-purposed for crafts. Teachers have a knack for turning trash into treasure and this is an excellent way for schools to make money. Think of how you can also do this in your home to help out your child’s school. Any extra supplies you have could really help out.

4. In our area, a lot of the school districts are saving money on technology by upgrading to less expensive computers. Many schools spend a lot of money on having classrooms full of desktop computers, which are much more expensive to have than a basic laptop. Consider the different options and find out if your school can cut back by having basic computers in the classroom.

5. Offer students use iPads instead of textbooks. Even though this option will definitely have a big price tag in the beginning it will definitely pay off in the long-run. Schools spend a lot of their budget on textbooks, especially with new and revised editions being printed every year. Having students use iPads to access eBooks can really cut costs each year. Not only are eBooks much cheaper, but often times you have access to the updated version without having to spend more money.

Even with tough times and low budget school districts there are  always ways that you can help schools save money. Education is extremely important and children should have a wonderful environment to learn in, with nothing lacking. Can you answer the question and leave a comment below: How can schools save Money?


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How can schools save money

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