Candy Recipes: Santa Candy Sleigh

If you are looking for a fun holiday craft you can easily make a Santa candy sleigh. These are perfect for teacher gifts and you can personalize by picking their favorite candy to use for the sleigh. Below you will find both the supplies you need and the step-by-step directions.

Santa Candy Sleigh

Santa Candy Sleigh

This Santa Candy Sleigh is super adorable and perfect for the Winter Holidays! They are a great way to give out party favors or maybe even just used for decoration. The best part about these is that you can customize them based on your likes and candy preferences. If you like fruity candy better, you can use fruity candy, if you like chocolate better, you can use chocolate. Make it your own.

Candy Sleigh Supplies:

  • Candy Bars {variety of sizes}
  • 2 Candy Canes
  • Ribbon
  • Bow

Candy Sleigh Directions:

  1. Place 2 candy canes side by by side to act as the “snow runners” on the bottom of the candy sleigh
  2. Start with your largest candy bar and place it on the top of the candy canes
  3. Continue with all your other candy bars placing them from largest to smallest to the top of the sleigh
  4. Next, take your ribbon and tie it around the whole sleigh as if you are wrapping a present. This will keep it secure
  5. Place a bow on top
  6. Enjoy!
Extra: You can wrap the candy bars to make them look more like presents on the sleigh. You can even place a chocolate Santa on to the front of the sleigh!

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What holiday treats do you like making? Have you ever made a candy sleigh, please share in the comments below!

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