Need A Clean House In A Hurry?

Looking to get a clean house in a hurry?

Clean House Fast

It never fails that your house is a mess when you get a phone call from a relative saying they are dropping by for a visit and they will be there in an hour. As soon as you hang up the phone and take a look around your house, panic sets in and you begin rushing around trying to get everything cleaned up before your guests arrive. Thankfully, there are some ways to clean house in a hurry without the need to panic first.

Get a Clean House FAST:

Start with the rooms your visitors are likely to be in the most, such as the living room. Pick up anything that is left lying around and if it is easy and quick to put it away where it goes, do so. Vacuum the carpet if necessary. If not, skip that step until later when you have more time. Quickly run a dust rag over the furniture and the TV.

Next, head to the bathroom because it is likely your guests will have to use it while they are visiting. Clear off the counter and quickly wipe it down with a wash cloth or a disinfectant wipe. Clean the mirror, if necessary. Check the toilet to make sure the inside of the bowl is clean. If it is not, scrub it out and then wipe down the toilet seat and the outside of the bowl with a disinfectant wipe. Take a quick look around and see if anything else in the bathroom needs cleaned that cannot wait until later and then quickly clean it. This step should only take a few minutes to do but will go a long way.

Head to the kitchen next and if there are dishes in the sink, put them in the dishwasher. If you do not have a dishwasher, you will have to wash them by hand, which takes more time, but a clean sink is much better than having a pile of dirty dishes. Go ahead and run a sink of hot, soapy water and put some of the dishes in there to soak while you clear off the counters and wipe them down. Take the trash out if it is full and then run a broom across the floor. Wipe up any obvious spots with a cloth for the time being. Now go ahead and wash the dishes you left soaking in the sink.

Get A Clean House Fast

By this point, your guests will probably be arriving any minute. Take a look around and see if anything else needs cleaned up in the rooms where your guests will be. If your bedroom needs cleaned and you just do not have time to do it, make the bed and then keep the door shut. There is probably no reason for your guests to go into your bedroom anyway.

Spray some air freshener or light a couple scented candles to make your house smell nice and then go get yourself ready to entertain your guests. Give yourself a nice pat on the back for getting your house cleaned up in a hurry without panicking.

It also a great idea to follow a cleaning schedule because your housework will quickly add up. If you do not stay on top of it you will be left with huge mess, plus it is easier to have a clean house when someone decides to pop over unannounced. Let us know what tricks you do to have a clean house in a hurry, please share in the comments below.

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