Cloth Diapering Basics

Below you will find a great guest post from Angel about Cloth Diapering Basics. Here are a few tips to consider when you are using cloth diapers.

Cloth Diapering Basics
So you have made the decision to cloth diaper- great! Now what? If you are at a loss as to what you need to do next, check out these 3 tips that every cloth diaper novice needs to know to make their experience the best and easiest it can be.

Cloth Diapering Basics:

Always have enough cloth diaper washed and ready
One reason many people go to disposables is that they do not have a cloth diaper ready for action. Make sure you have at least six clean diapers at all times. Make a laundry schedule for your diapers and stick to it, and if your child has had a particularly messy diaper day, don’t hesitate to hand wash a few and leave them to hang dry in the bathtub to ensure you always have some ready.

Wash them properly
You can and will ruin cloth diapers if you don’t wash them the right way- and you can ruin other clothing items, too! Make sure all velcro tabs are closed and prefolds and inserts are removed from shells. This will get them clean the right way. Wash shells in cold water to keep them from fading and prefolds or inserts in warm water. Do not use chlorine based products on cloth diapers! This will make them less absorbent.

Pack properly
You are out and about and you need to change your baby, but the diaper you have is not put together and a wiggly baby makes it hard to put it together. Try this three times in a crowded bathroom with other people asking you every sort of question you can imagine about cloth diapers, and you will want to give up on the adventure. But do not let a little lack of planning do you in! Properly pack the diapers. Put them together and ready to go, and carry wetbags for soiled nappies with you and you can avoid a lot of frustration… and messes!

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