Co Ed Baby Shower Games & Ideas

Co Ed Baby Shower Games

Co Ed Baby Shower Games & Ideas

Co-ed baby showers are becoming quite popular. Daddies are getting in on the fun of a baby shower, too. If you are planning a co-ed shower for someone or for yourself, and you are at a loss, check out these tips and a few ideas on games to play.

Choose a Neutral Theme
If a theme is important to you, go neutral. This goes for colors, too! It doesn’t matter if the little one on the way is a boy or girl, you can find themes that fit both. If the parents like sailing, try a nautical theme. If they like movies, try a Hollywood theme. If they are into gaming, pick a theme around that interest. Whatever you decide, make it something both parents will enjoy.

Pick Neutral Decorations
You aren’t going to want to do cutesy decorations at a co-ed shower. Choose more grown-up decorations, but make them about the baby. For example, if you choose a nautical theme, don’t go with fish and sail boats, but try something more like real fish, seashells, or even fishing rods made for adults. Don’t think “baby friendly,” but rather “adult items” that go with the theme.

Food and Beverages
This is not an event for finger foods and fruit baby carriages. Make plates of appetizers similar to what you’d find at a football party, New Year’s Eve party, or a bar. Hot wings, chips and dip, and even mini tacos are all great ideas and easy to make. Ask others to pitch in and make it a potluck. When you do the food, also include the drinks. You don’t have to exclude alcoholic drinks, either, if the mom-to-be is fine with people having a beer or two while they celebrate the baby’s impending arrival.

Co Ed Baby Shower Games:

Baby shower games are fun, but with guys and girls the normal baby shower games could get awkward. Try one of the following to make it fun for everyone.

Measure the Expectant Parent’s Belly: In the traditional game, mom’s belly is measured (width wise) and people write down their guesses on a piece of paper. The one closest to the actual width (in inches) wins a prize. For a co-ed shower, measure dad’s belly, too! Dad’s have been known to gain weight with expecting moms, so make it humorous and see if dad-to-be has gained some inches, as well.

Guess the amount: This is where you fill a jar full of some candy and have people guess the amount of candy in the jar. The closest person wins the jar. This is an easy and fun game that you can incorporate both men and women.

Pass the diaper: Play a relay race where people divide into teams and they pass the baby diaper with a series of obstacles or instructions to go through. The first team members to get the diaper in the waste basket by following all instructions wins gifts cards to a coffee shop or local store that everyone likes.

Dirty Diaper Game – This is a hilarious co ed baby shower games that everyone will enjoy! All you need to do is grab a few candy bars and melt them into a diaper for your guests to guess what is in the dirty diaper. Read all the details on how to play the dirty diaper baby shower game.


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