Connor First Day Preschool: 3-Year Old


Today was Connor’s first day of 3-year old Preschool. I honestly have no idea where the past 3 years have gone?!? He has been anxiously awaiting this day for weeks. Luckily he was very excited or it would have made it much harder to send him.

I debated for awhile deciding whether or not he should go to 3-year old preschool, but decided it was best for social experiences and learning that he does not get at home. He woke me up this morning yelling “Its a School Day!” and could not wait to get ready.

Connor helped pick out his outfit the night before and could not wait to leave the house. I, on the other hand, was a nervous wreck! I know it sounds bad, but a small part of me wanted him to want to stay home with us and not go. I know this is just the beginning of his independence and I need to get used to it, but he will always be my little baby.

first day preschool sign

Print: First Day Preschool Sign

Once we arrived at the school he could not get out of the car fast enough. He was proud to show his little brother which way to go to his classroom. He quickly kissed me good-bye and never looked back 🙁

Although I shed a few tears in the car, I am extremely proud of our little man and look forward to what this new year of experiences will bring.

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  1. Hi there! I was wondering if by chance you would share this sign with me. I used it at the beginning of preschool this year, but I would really like to take a picture of my daughter at the end of the year with a “last day” sign. Would you be willing to share? Thanks!

    1. Hi Stephanie! You would not be able to edit the sign because it is save as “first,” but you can make a replica in PicMonkey! That is what I used to create the First Day of School sign!

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