Creative Baby Shower Ideas & Themes

Find out some creative baby shower ideas and themes from this guest post by Angel.

creative baby shower ideas & themes

Creative Baby Shower Ideas

If you are throwing a shower for an expecting mother, and you’re at a loss for a good, unique theme, we’ve got you covered. These themes are not only really cute, but they are easy to do and inexpensive. Below you will find creative baby shower ideas to go with the different themes.

Girl Showers

Flowers or Garden

Fill cheap clay pots full of wildflowers or fake flowers and place them around the tables as centerpieces. Make a baby shower cake in the shape of a watering can (either like a flat sheet cake or an upright cake depending on your particular skills) and place fake flowers around the base of it. In a punch bowl, fill it with punch and place floating tea-lights in the shape of flowers in the punch. Hang large paper flowers at various heights over tables and in corners to fill in space.

Tea Party for Mom

Throw the mom to be a vintage tea party. Visit a consignment store and buy tea cups in various styles and patterns. Buy one large tea pot for each table at the party, or if you are using one long table place a tea pot at every fifth seat. Make finger foods and set them on various trays of differing heights, sizes, and shapes on one long buffet that is covered by a vintage or lace tablecloth. Place pillar candles at various heights throughout the buffet and drape them with pearls or lace. You don’t have to light the candles to make this look good. Request that everyone dress in vintage tea party clothing.

Fruit and Sweets

Welcome a sweet new baby girl with a fruit and tart baby shower. Make each guest an individual fruit tart for their place setting and serve with fruit flavored tea or juice. Fill glass vases full of lemons, limes, oranges, and apples and place white Gerber daisies at the top of the vases. Serve trays of fruit and cheese, as well as pretzels or crackers to dip in a berry flavored cream cheese spread. Make a cake that looks like an apple with the words “The Apple of Mommy’s Eye” on it.

Boy Showers

Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

For a cute baby boy themed shower, place a toy train on a food buffet and serve cookies or other foods cut in the shape of planes and cars. Fill a toy dump truck full of fruit, or a toy tug boat full of pretzels. Make a cake that looks like a cartoon map with the words “Oh the places he’ll go…” written on it. Use toy boats, trains, planes, and other automobiles as centerpieces that the mom can use as toys for baby later.


Nothing is cuter than a well-executed nautical theme. You can make it baby-ish, but to make it unique go vintage. Choose vintage beach-themed artwork to display on tables, and fill tin pails full of sand and seashells. Make a round cake and color it like a beach ball, surround it with crushed graham crackers to make it look like the beach ball is sunk in the sand. Serve a buffet of fish (tuna cakes and crab balls are cheap to make) and chips with lemonade and teas. Hang a large cardboard anchor, spray painted white and adorned with an old, frayed rope above the buffet for a focal point. Stand fishing rods in corners to fill in space.

Snails and Bugs

Little boys are made of snails and puppy dog tails, right? Get mom-to-be ready for this by hosting a nail and bug shower. While this may seem gross, it can actually be really cute. Make a dirt cake with fake gummy worms in it and a punch that has fake snakes swimming in it. Decorate the table with dump trucks filled with fake spiders, and serve a picnic style meal complete with fake ants as guests.


Sometimes the parents don’t find out the gender of baby ahead of time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t throw a fun shower.

Geometric Designs

Instead of a typical shower theme, do one of geometrical designs. Make cakes in various shapes and colors, and use wooden building blocks as centerpieces (bonus- mom can take them home for baby). Hang a mobile of brightly colored 3D cardboard shapes above the buffet, and serve foods in various shapes on trays of different sizes and shapes.

Polka Dots

Do a basic polka dot theme. Do everything in polka dots, even the cake! Adorable centerpieces can be made of tall vases filled with polka dotted flowers and tied with polka dotted ribbons.

Paintbrushes and Paint Cans

Fill old tin cans with a few cheap paint brushes in various shapes and sizes and use them as centerpieces. Make a cake that looks like it was painted on or in the shape of an artist’s paint palate. Hang a mobile of old tin cans and paint brushes at differing lengths above the buffet. Make food in a variety of colors to serve for this theme.


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  1. I always use baby shower as an opportunity to find something that will truly unique for the new mom and dad which can surprise them with something they never even knew, get happy and existed!

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