How to Decorate Your Home for Free

Whether you have just purchased a new home or feel your existing home is in need of an update, today I am sharing some great tips on how to decorate your home for free.

Yes, for free!

Want to decorate your own for free? Check out these top tips to help you think outside the box and decorate your home without spending any money. #3 is definitely a cool idea….

Being able to update little things throughout your home with personal touches without spending tons of money isn’t as hard as you would imagine.

It simply requires thinking outside the box and using things you already have on hand to create a fun and unique look in home décor that reflects your personality.

I absolutely love rearranging or adding new decorations to the rooms in our home. Even the smallest changes can make a huge difference.

It just makes the room feel fresh and new without having to spend a lot of money.

Below you will find some tips to help you get started.

How To Decorate Your Home For Free

#1 Use items you already have on hand. 

This obvious suggestion for how to decorate your home for free may not seem like much of an idea, but in fact there are countless ways to upcycle items you already own to create amazing home décor that will reflect your personality and won’t cost you a penny.

  • Simply moving items from one room to another will make it feel new.
  • Sew old t-shirts or jerseys together to create a unique sports themed wall covering for a kids room.
  • Upcycle old kitchen utensils with spray paint and hang inside a frame for unique and appropriate kitchen décor.
  • Cover old throw pillows with scrap fabric made from sheets, blankets, or even old t-shirts to create unique colors and looks that are updated.
  • Cover boxes with wrapping paper, cloth, duct tape, or washi tape to transform them into cute storage bins for toys, office supplies, or clothing.
  • Use frames, windows, doors, leftover wood scraps, building supplies, leftover paint, and other items to create your own unique home décor. Things like door signs, small shelves, picture frames, and even entry organizers are easy to upcycle using online tutorials and items found around your home.
  • Arrange furniture and electronics so there is less empty space to decorate then embellish around those items with items you already have on hand.

The possibilities are endless with using things you already have inside your home.

Take the time to look at items you formerly considered junk and see how they can be repurposed as home décor.

Crates, boxes, totes, shelving, and even old picture frames can all be updated with a bit of paint or embellishments.

#2 Create your own artwork. 

Even if you feel you have no natural artistic talent, you can easily create your own artwork to display throughout your home.

There are tons of great ways to use simple items around your home to create art that is a way to decorate your home for free.

  • Create button artwork with old sewing supplies or buttons off of clothing that is being thrown away.
  • Frame kids artwork and place throughout your home for a pop of color.
  • Print your own unique quotes, slogans, or verses and frame throughout your home.
  • Use your own talents to paint, draw, or even cross stitch a unique piece to hang.
  • Use old broken costume jewelry to create a beautiful piece of art in the shape of a flower, sun, or other shape to hang.
  • Hang similar items together on a wall to create a natural collage. Things like crosses, flowers, wooden pieces, various ornate picture frames, or items all of the same color can be arranged for a unique wall décor.
  • Use flowers, paper towel rolls, bubble wrap, and similar household items to create unique textures with paint directly on your walls, or on fabric to hang in your home.
  • Use free offers through sites like Shutterfly to print photographs or create canvas art for just the cost of shipping or less.
  • Decoupage and modify items you already own to create new looks. Things like frames, lamps, vases, and even simple pieces of scrap lumber can all be made over using a bit of glue, fabric, and paint.

#3 Barter and trade.

One of the best ways to decorate your home for free is to learn how to barter or trade with others for things they have that you want. This can be something as simple as babysitting a friends child in exchange for their paintings, or as big as doing work part time for a local painting company in exchange for them painting your interior walls.  Learning to barter is a great way to provide your home with free décor without paying out of pocket.

  • Consider the items you want the most and find out ways to do work in exchange for those things.
  • Offer to babysit, clean, cook, or run errands for friends, neighbors and family in exchange for their skills in art or upcycling items.
  • Take on a temporary job at a local business to pay for the home décor they offer.

This usually works best when you are bartering with people you know well like friends or family.

However, in many occasions small businesses are more than happy to barter with you in exchange for products or services if you have something they need.

Consider what talents or skills you have and market them to the local businesses that could need them.

This works best with small businesses that are locally owned and operated.

  • Offer graphic design or website development for local businesses.
  • Offer social media outreach or implementation for local businesses.
  • Offer copy-writing, editing, proofreading, or even freelance for area businesses.
  • Help with cleaning, organizing, or local promotions for local businesses.

#4 Shop local swap shops for free items.

One of the best parts of the social media increase of recent years is the advent of local swap shops that allow you to buy or sell items without hosting a yard sale.

Another great addition to these groups are the frequent listings that offer items for free to the first person that picks them up.

Many times these items may be not so pretty, or even broken, but they can be the beginning of something great when you are trying to decorate your home for free.

  • Join a local Yahoo Freecycle email group and watch for items you can use in your area.
  • Check the local Craigslist Free items lists on a regular basis and contact as soon as you see something of interest.
  • Join Facebook or Google swap shops that offer free items to pick up and respond fast to claim before someone else does.

Remember when you are using sites like these to always make sure you are meeting in a public place and let others know your whereabouts just in case.  Safety is always a must.

It is easy to make your home a beautiful place of rest and relaxation that reflects your personality in décor when you consider these ideas.

You don’t have to go outside of your regular household budget to create something fun and unique to decorate your home for free.

Your imagination and a bit of work can create a home that is beautiful, unique, and decorated inexpensively.

Do you have any tips or ideas to decorate your home for free?

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  1. This is something interesting and informative. Everyone wants to decorate their home but in budget. You have shared great tips here. It will help me to renovate my old house with in the budget.

  2. In France, at the end of a flea market/jumble sale/car boot sale, people very often will give away items rather than repack them and take them back home.
    Likewise, when it rains, people will give you wet items from their stall that sometimes just need to dry to be usable again!
    Thanks for your post. I have used most of your tips and confirm they work!
    Regards from Northern France.

  3. It’s absolutely true that how to decorate your home for free may not seem like much of an idea, but in fact there are countless ways to upcycle items you already own to create amazing home décor that will reflect your personality and won’t cost you a penny. Very informative post.

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