How To Make Diaper Babies – Easy Baby Shower Gift Idea

Diaper Babies

Take a look at this cute diaper babies shower gift I made last week! This was honestly one of the easiest homemade diaper gifts I have ever made.

Normally I make diaper cakes, diaper bouquets or diaper bikes. Although those are all really cute I wanted to make something new. You can easily personalize this gift was small baby item to stick into the basket with the diaper babies.

Also, you can customize the colors of to match the baby shower theme.

 Diaper Babies

Diaper Babies Materials: {this is what I used}

Diaper Babies Directions:

Roll each diaper and wrap it with a rubber band like the picture below. It works best if you start by rolling the top of the diaper inward.

Next, wrap the diaper with a baby wash cloth.

You can pin it back if necessary, but I just wrapped the extra material underneath the diaper.

Next, use one baby sock to make it look like a baby hat on the top of the diaper.

You can then draw on the eyes directly onto the diaper.

And that’s it!

 Diaper Babies

 Diaper Babies


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Diaper Babies


Follow this step-by-step guide to make these adorable diaper babies for your next baby shower. They are a simple DIY baby shower gift!


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  1. Addi, this is a great idea for a baby shower. I am hosting a baby shower and will definitely take the time out and make a few diaper babies. I love it!!!! Thanks again.

  2. Adorable but the only comment or question, I have is this. How are the parents to be suppose to use the diapers or wash them if the have marker on them? I do have a friend, that is pregnant, with her first child, this would be great.

    1. My friend did this for her Baby Shower and she said she did not have a problem with the marker on the diapers since it is on the outside. Her son always wore a onesie over top anyway.

  3. This may be a silly question and show my age, but are these disposable diapers? It looks like cloth on the picture. Adorable idea!

  4. Very cute, but my daughter is using cloth diapers. Much cuter than when I was young. You get diaper covers with inserts to catch moister. Makes for lots of laundry. However, she will only spend on cloth diapers what she would have spent on disposables by two months. Plus you can use for more than one child.

  5. I would use small crafters eyes for this project instead of using a marker on the diaper and just use a small piece of tape that could be removed easily.

  6. Thank you for the idea. I just made this for a baby shower and it was the talk of the shower! So simple and easy to personalize to the guest of honor!

    Thank you again for sharing!!

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