Disney Pumpkin Carving Patterns


Your child will love these Disney pumpkin carving patterns. There are a bunch of different Disney characters that you can choose from. All you have to do is print and then use it when you are ready to carve your pumpkins!

disney pumpkin carving

Disney Pumpkin Carving Templates

Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love the cool weather and Halloween. One of our family traditions is to carve pumpkins. Now that our kids are starting to get into Disney characters I thought it would be a lot of fun to use a Disney pumpkin carving pattern this year. My older son will absolutely love the Lightning McQueen template and my younger son adores Mickey.

If you are looking for Disney characters to use to carve your pumpkins with this Halloween then check out the list below! You can easily print it out and then tape it to your pumpkin.

Also, check out these FREE Nick Jr. pumpkin carving patterns, celebrity pumpkin carving templates and other scary templates!

Disney Pumpkin Carving Patterns:

  1. Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Template
  2. Minnie Mouse Pumpkin Template
  3. Goofy Pumpkin Template
  4.  Winnie The Pooh Pumpkin Template
  5. Tigger Pumpkin Template
  6. Tinker Bell Pumpkin Template
  7. Kermit the Frog Pumpkin Template
  8. Rapunzel Pumpkin Template
  9. Lightning McQueen Pumpkin Template

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 Use these free printable disney pumpkin carving patterns that your kids will love!

What type of pumpkins have you carved? Have you every used a Disney pumpkin carving template, please share in the comments below.

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