DIY: Painting Stripes on Walls

Below you will find our step by step directions for painting stripes on walls. We decided to paint striped walls for our new nursery. Striped walls make for a great accent wall especially in smaller rooms. These bold stripes provide great contrast.

Learn how to paint a striped wall


How To: Painting Stripes on Walls

If you are interested in painting stripes on walls in your house it is actually not that difficult. If you plan out all the prep work before getting started you should not run into any problems.

Steps for Painting Stripes on Walls:

  • Our nursery bedroom was white before we painted it. We decided to go with Robin’s Egg Blue from Glidden but colored matched it to Behr paint. Since the white paint was not that great we ended up painting the entire room before marking off for the stripes so that we were starting off fresh.


painting stripes on walls

  • After the entire room was painted and it had dried we began planning out the stripes. I wanted to do thick stripes on the walls to have a more bold look as an accent wall. I wanted to have an uneven amount of stripes so that we could start with blue on the bottom and end with the blue on the top because of the white trim in that room. Since we have 8 foot ceilings in this bedroom we measured from the top of the ceiling to the bottom of the trim. Then we took that measurement and divided it by 9 since we wanted to have 9 stripes and that gave us the width of each individual stripe.
  • Once we marked off the width of the stripes my husband and I used his chalk box to create our lines for the tape.

painting stripes on walls

  • We then taped off each stripe. To make sure that we did not paint the wrong stripes white my husband put small pieces of tape in those stripes. It may look like a lot in the picture below but it really helped when he started painting.

painting stripes on walls

  • To prevent the white paint from running into the blue we started by sealing the tape with blue paint. For this step, you need to paint the base color, which in this case is blue, over top of the tape that way the white would not bleed under the tape.
  • Then you are ready to paint the color of your stripes.


painting stripes on walls

  • After painting 2 coats of the white paint for the stripes we then immediately peeled the tape off.

painting stripes on walls

painting stripes on walls

painting stripes on walls

I cannot wait to start decorating! You can check out the Olioboard I made for nursery inspiration.

Although it may have looked difficult from the picture painting stripes on walls wasn’t that bad, please share if you have ever done this DIY project!

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    1. After measuring for each stripe we used a chalk line from one side of the wall the other. You need to hold each end of the chalk line tight to the measurement markings on each side of the wall.

      1. Hi, what is a “chalk box” – do you literally mean a “box of chalk” like the kind teacher’s use on chalkboards? Also, can you explain in more detail what you mean by “chalk line” – do you literally mean the line of chalk you drew on the wall? What color and what type of chalk does one use for marking on a wall that you are going to paint on? I was also unclear about the step where you paint over the tape once you’ve placed it on your painted wall before you started painting the second color? I used “Frog Tape” to prevent bleeding and it did! So I was curious what you did in more detail to prevent bleeding. Thanks much!

        1. Hi Kathy! Sorry is this was confusing! Here is a link for a chalk box. It is also called a chalk reel. The wall was painted blue first. Once it dried and we measured for the stripes we taped them off. To make sure we had a clean line we painted our tape blue on the edges before painting the white stripes. This was to ensure that we would get a nice, clean line when we pulled the tape off. I hope that makes sense!

  1. What do you mean by painting the base color (blue) on top of the tape so that the white does not bleed through? Sorry I’m totally not getting it and need help! Haha

  2. So you painted the tape blue and then painted the white stripes? Did you let the blue dry over the tape and if you did how long?

    1. Yes, we took a brush and painted the edges of the tape blue so that there would be a clean line when we ripped the tape off of the wall. Since it was such a thin coat we just wait until it was dry to touch.

  3. My husband and I just used this tutorial and loved it!!!! Our little one now has a striped wall too and I’m in love with it! Thank you!

  4. I’m getting ready to try your technique on my granddaughters room. I’ve never done stripes, wish me luck. I’m curious about your opinion of a short wall opposed to a long wall. The room isn’t tiny but not huge either. Was afraid to stripe the longer one but it appears to me that your wall is fairly long. Would appreciate your input. Thanks

  5. Oh my gosh your tip about painting the base color over the tape first is BRILLIANT!! I’ve done stripes before but didn’t do this and they never come out crisp. I’m about to paint stripes in my laundry room and just read this tip and I’m so excited to try it!! Great article 🙂

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