Plastic Bag Holder – Easy DIY

plastic bag holder

Plastic Bag Holder – DIY

Do you need a simple way to store and organize your plastic grocery bags? Here is an easy DIY plastic bag holder that can be customized. For as often as I shop I am always accumulating plastic grocery bags. I do take reusable bags with me but sometimes they get filled quickly. I know this might now be the prettiest way of storing them but I needed something fast and I wanted to see how easily I could make one with the items I had on hand.

plastic bag holder

I hated looking at the bags just thrown in our pantry all the time! So, I needed a quick fix. Here is an extremely easy way to organize and store the bags that you have. I used an empty case of pop and spiced it up with a little color so it would look pretty šŸ™‚ This would also work great with a capri-sun box, tissue box, or an empty wipes container.

plastic bag holder

I was going to use fabric and cover it but I thought I would try the colored duck tape that I had bought in the past from our local craft store. This seriously was the easiest project ever! It took me about 5 minutes to make this plastic bag holder. I started with the top and then worked my way around on the box.

plastic bag holder


It would have been even easier if I would have used a solid colored print because I tried to keep the pattern lined up. There are so many different types of printed and colored duct tape that you can purchase. Using the duct tape also made it more durable.

Plastic Bag Holder Before & After

plastic bag holder

Let us know how you organize your bags? Do you have a cute storage idea or plastic bag holder?


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  1. I took a small cardboard box and made a hole in the top and put bags inside and set in a small empty cabinet in the kitchen.

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