Ribbon Bookmarks: Easy DIY Project

ribbon bookmarks

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Ribbon Bookmarks: How To

This is such an easy project: Ribbon Bookmarks. As you all know I am currently in nursing school and with that comes about 10,000 books! Yes, I am exaggerating a bit but believe me it feels like that many. I am using about three to four books for just section of the class. So I am constantly using those little sticky tabs or even ripping paper to quickly mark a spot. I may be having my nose in a book majority of the day but I still figured I could spicy it up a little and with that being said I decided to use old scraps of ribbon and paper clips to make bookmarks.



Ribbon Bookmarks Supplies


  • Ribbon Scrapes (the thinner style, preferably)
  • Paper clips (any size you want, I went with the medium and large ones)



Ribbon Bookmarks Directions:

  1. Decide with all your ribbons what colors or designs you want together on the same paperclip. I usually went with three or four pieces at least. But it is totally up to you. This is your creation!


  1. Take a paper clip and on the opposite side of where you would side the paper in pull a piece of ribbon through so the paper clip is about in the middle of the scrap.


  1. Tie a knot or two with that piece and continue until all your pieces are tied on. Also, remember if they are not all even once tied that’s okay, it gives it some more “personality” if  you will. Haha!!


Continue this process on as many paperclips you want. It’s a great way to keep your spot in your favorite book (or like me, my million nursing books).



Quick Tip: even tie the ribbon to pens on the part where you would clip the pen into a pocket. It’s a fun way to liven up some pens. Just keep an eye on them cause people might want to try pocketing them cause they are just that dang cute!



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